Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"Medison buying Brazilian Company"

So, I was doing a quick browsing trough Medison's corporate site medison.se to see if there was any changes, and I found the following update on their news-page:

October 8, 2007
Medison buying Brazilian Company
Medison is buying a Brazilian company. "The company has 40 employees and has a logistic structure that we've been looking for", says Valdi Ivancic. [more to come]

So, now suddenly they are buying a quite big company with the money they, according to Valdi him self, don't have? And they are solving the logistical issues by using a company in Brazil, when the computers, again according to Valdi, is manufactured in Asia? Sound like quite a round trip for customers in Europe. I wonder how the "up to approximately US$30" shipping charges are going to cover that...
As usual not one single verifiable detail. I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that ZDNet, CNET and SlashGear (all mirrored by several other blogs and news sites) recently has published articles about everything being a hoax?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Someone still believes in Medison!

And that someone must be working there, since the FAQ on their site has been updated with some Q&A's:

Q: Why can't I buy a laptop now?
A: Just now you can't order any laptops because we are busy completing the delivery of the ones we have already sold. Once that has been done, we will resume taking new orders.

Q: How much does shipping cost?
A: It can cost up to approximately US$30, depending on where you want it delivered.

Whops, another lie in the first answer, as 2co already have confirmed that it was them who suspended Medisons account because Medison falsely claimed that laptops had been shipped. And I really like the wording in the second answer; "It can cost up to approximately US$30", what kind of answer is that? It costs maximum US$30... Or more! Why even write "up to" when they obviously don't know how much the maximum shipping are?
I really don't think that we need to worry about any laptops getting delivered at this stage anyhow.

Over to the people that have given up, Larry Dignan (executive editor of ZDNet news and blogs) has finally given up waiting for his order, writing "...this is a $150 laptop that will never come" in his blog. Larry has been quite active on blogging about Medison, and has until now been quite positive on that the laptops would get delivered in the end.

Another person who has given up is Martin Appel, editor at IDG/PC för Alla (Sweden's biggest and most read computer magazine), has done a Web TV chronical where he claims that he knows that no laptops ever will be delivered from Medison and that they will blame this on the media and bloggers. Actually, Martin wrote an article already in the start of August that he believed that no laptops would get delivered, and that Medison consisted of "Maniacs with wild grown plans and a big hubris". He's even harder than me with the words it seems ;)