Thursday, August 30, 2007

Regarding the letter to 2co

Wow, what an overwhelming response! Thanks for all comments on the blog, mails and posts on different forums. I really appreciate all feedback!

Now, I would like to answer some questions and do a few clarifications regarding my letter. It seems like some people reads things that I didn't write, and other people doesn't read what I wrote but comment anyway. Let me first start with what I'm not saying: I'm not saying that Medison is performing an intentional scam, I'm not saying that 2co is an unserious company, and I'm not doing any doubtful or false claims. I don't believe that the questions is unjustified, but that is of course a subjective thing, I'm not claiming to be any kind of expert or know-it-all in this kind of matters.

A little clarification on why I wrote this letter now, why it might sound a bit harsh might be in place: The reason why I wrote this now is because that money has been withdrawn from buyers cards, without the security and convenience steps that 2co previously has written about. Suddenly, when the shipping notices was sent out without any tracking numbers, the previous requirement from 2co that Medison had to provide this was just thrown out of the window without any valid reason. I feel that the questions about this and the other things stated by 2co needs to be answered for customer safety. How long will 2co keep the money before they release it back if no computer arrives for example?
And the reason for the some what hard words and tones is that many people, including me, has previously been asking these questions without getting any valid answers, or that the validness of the answers drastically has changed after the last weeks event after the shipping notices.
Some people are also asking "Why now, why not wait until the deadline?", "Give them time" etc. My questions to those persons are: What deadline, give them time for what? The questions are still very much important even if some computers arrive, not all orders will be delivered at the same time. And how long time should people be expected to wait? The previous deadline two weeks ago? The new deadline tomorrow? The eight weeks Medison mention on their website? The three months that Valdi wrote in a previous announcement? Or even longer?

And last, I'll try to answer the question why I do this again. I'm interested in technology, I have previously been involved in uncovering big IT-scams here in Sweden, and I'm trying to do the general public a service. Why do someone help an old lady walk over the street? Why do someone try to stop a burglary of an unrelated person? Why do people do other stuff out of pure interest? Why do people write blogs? It's not my intention to get all deep on you, but this is how I feel, and I hope you get the point.

Anyway, let's just hope that 2co at least try to answer the questions, I don't see why they shouldn't our couldn't if they have pure intentions. Then all this wouldn't be an issue. Well, I'm not exactly expecting an answer on question #1, but the rest of them at least ;)

Open letter to 2Checkout: Time to take responsibility

To:, Inc

By: Tommy Truthseeker
August 29th
Gothenburg, Sweden

Dear Sirs and Madams and To Whom It May Concern,

Let me first state that everything told in this letter is based upon facts if nothing else is stated. If you have any questions regarding the source of information of any given statement, please contact me and I will provide the source.

This letter addresses the concerns and issues with, Inc (2co) supplier Medison Europe Limited (Medison) and/or Valdi Ivancic (Valdi) and 2co’s role, responsibility and handling of this matter.

1. The first question I ask why 2Co, as the serious company you claim to be, continue to have Medison as a supplier, after being notified about that the following about Medison and/or their CEO Valdi:

* The company and/or it’s CEO Valdi has at multiple occasions lied and exaggerated about their history, the products they sell and many more things.

* The company doesn’t have any valid contact options for its customers. No phone or fax-numbers. No monitored e-mail. No valid shipping or visiting address.

* They don’t answer any questions from the press after being confronted about a confirmed lie.

* A company who’s only employed person and CEO are applying for a head position at a Swedish county, this with a CV consisting almost only of lies and exaggerations.

* A company and person whose past in business only has managed to loose money and doing suspicious things.

* A company that violate several laws in the country that they are based.

* A company that several times have proven not to have the competence or possibility to pull of a project like this.

* A company that even can’t provide any information on what the final price will be, not even how much shipping are and how it will be paid.

* A company that can’t provide any information when their product will be shipped.

* A company that can’t even update their own website with correct information. For example, “Due to the unexpectedly high traffic to our support line past 24 hours it broke down” has been stated on their site for over one month.

Again, why oh why would ANY sane, serious company do business with a proven unserious and incompetent company and/or person like this?

My next questions are regarding 2Co’s previous and current handling of this matter.

2. For almost four weeks ago, one of your employees wrote on your forum: “We're definitely working with Medison to clarify the shipping issues. You'll see more information made available as it becomes available.” No new information has been given since then. Why is this?

3. Almost three weeks ago one of your employees wrote on your forum: “The order form *will* be corrected. Unfortunately, my point team on resolving many inquiries was collectively unavailable but you'll see the some presentment changes and clarification made soon”. Also the information that this problem existed was notified almost five week ago. This issue has not been resolved and it still says “Scandinavia – FREE” as only shipping option, when Valdi him self has stated that all customer must pay for shipping. Why hasn’t this been fixed as you stated it would be? How do you define “soon”?

4. When confronted about the fact that the recent shipping notices didn’t contain any tracking numbers for the shipping, you answered: “We do not need a tracking number to do verifications this is done by telephone”. When asked about if Medison would need to provide tracking numbers earlier, you reply was: “We will require tracking information in this case. Due to the large number of orders we will undoubtedly permit an alternative method for supplying 2Checkout with that information in place on having to individually enter tracking information for each order”. Why did you change your standpoint on this?

5. You previously stated:
“We've been really supportive and responsive to many questions but, at the end of the process, customers who ordered and have not already canceled will receive one of two communications from 2CO:
a). We're canceling your order, or;
b). Your order is ready to be shipped -- please reauthorize this sale”.
Now the shipping notices were just sent out without any more information and money was withdrawn. Why was this changed?

Let’s continue with some current customer concerns:

6. How long time do you estimate that the shipping will take? When will you start to contact customers that have had their order marked as shipped?

7. How do you handle customers in different time zones when calling for verification?

8. How long will a customer need to wait until they get a full refund if no computer arrives?

9. If a customer claims that they haven’t received any computer, but Medison claims that they have shipped it, how will you handle it if you don’t have any tracking numbers? Let’s say that 10 customers say that they have received computers and 10 say that they haven’t.

10. If a customer receives a defective unit or feels that the order doesn’t meet his or her expectations, how will this be handled, especially when there isn’t any way for customers to contact Medison? Will the customer need to pay for shipping for returns and/or service if this is needed?

11. From where are the orders shipped?

12. How many orders will you verify before any money is transferred to the supplier? Will you halt the payment process if just one or two persons claim that they haven’t received any shipment?

Last but most important question:

13. What would make you to stop your artificial life support of this whole mess? When the customers have waited xx months for their shipments? When the first customer claims to have received something else than a computer? When the second batch of computers isn’t shipped after xx months? When you get to know that Medison can’t handle returns or service of the sold units?

And please don’t just reply with the standard “the customers’ money is safe”, “we can’t comment on this or that”, or that “we have to wait it out” for an undefined period of time. This is bigger that that. The longer you keep your support of this alive, the more you show potential scammers how easy it is to scam people (not trough you, but in general) and are enabling other companies or persons to get hurt in the meantime in other ways because they think that this is 100% legit since you still are supporting it so strongly.

Please try to understand that I only do this in the interest of the customers and consumers in general. I have absolutely nothing to gain from this personally at all, I just do it pro bono.


Tommy Truthseeker - Medison Celebrity: Scam or just a bad idea?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2co comments again...

... but still doesn't say anything useful:

"I am willing to answer questions regarding, but I will not compromise our integrity. If you were a vendor of ours and I had a meeting with you, I would not put the contents of that meeting on the open forums. There is a privacy policy in place.
We do not need a tracking number to do verifications this is done by telephone.

2Checkout has not violated any international law, nor have we condoned any kind of fraud.

You as our customer are completely secure, you will receive your laptop, or you will receive a full refund."

I can't believe this. They say that they will answer questions, but they don't answer any? And suddenly they don't need tracking numbers, when they previously said that Medison was required to provide this information? Why do they change their answers all the time? I have previously thought that 2co was a somewhat serious company, but I'm really starting to change my mind.
Let's see if I can write up a new open letter with some interesting questions!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

... and then 2co spoke!

And they got new information, that only raises more questions:

"I have spent two days face to face with Valdi going over issues that are of concern. I am hopeful that those concerns will be addressed in the near future by Valdi.
2Checkout is aware that sales are now being marked as shipped in Valdi's account and will now start the verification process. As soon as we have verified that orders are being received I will revisit this post and issue an update."

I replied with the following post:
"Have you received any proofs at all that any laptops exsist except Valdi's own Clevo with scratched of serial number and Czech keyboard?Are you aware of that customers still don't know how much shipping are and that there are NO WAY for customers to contact Medison for assistance?How will you start the verification process? Have you received any tracking numbers? When are the first laptops scheduled to be delivered?
Again, the reason why we ask YOU this is because that there is NO WAY for customers to contact Medison, so please don't just say that that this will be adressed by Medison/Valdi, since there is no way of contacting them/him for a customer."

Let's see what happens...

...and then there was silence...

Seems like 2co has joined the club on not answering any questions regarding Medison. They haven't commented or answered anything about the shipping notices or anything else asked on their forums since Friday. I have asked the following questions on their forum without any answers:

"kirstin said: "The order form *will* be corrected. Unfortunately, my point team on resolving many inquiries was collectively unavailable but you'll see the some presentment changes and clarification made soon."
How do you deifne soon? Almost two weeks since you wrote that now, and over four weeks since Valdi said that everyone had to pay for shipping. The only shipping option on your order page is still "Scandinavia FREE""


"Is it possible to get an answer on if any orders has been marked as shipped or not? Just sound a bit strange to me since you earlier said:"We've been really supportive and responsive to many questions but, at the end of the process, customers who ordered and have not already canceled will receive one of two communications from 2CO:
a). We're canceling your order, or;b). Your order is ready to be shipped -- please reauthorize this sale.
THAT is what it all boils down to. "
A shipping confirmation without any tracking number doesn't match any of those alternatives."

I wonder why they doesn't answer with just a confirmation or denial at least, wouldn't be too hard?

Anyway, three days to go until the first Medison-computers will be delivered (Valdis own words) so I wonder what will happen next, and how Valdi will get words out any further delays...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Shipping started according to e-mail!

A few persons are posting that they have received the following e-mail:
"Hello *********

This message is to inform you that the following order has been shipped.
Order Number: ********
Order Total: 1038.5 SEK
Tracking Number: 00000000
Shipping Method: Scandinavia
Product Provided by:
Comments : Will be delivered to your home by Medison
Thank you for your order,"

The message itself seems legit, that's just how 2co's shipping confirmations look, and the "Shipping Method: Scandinavia" is the same as it says on 2co's order page.
However; no tracking number or shipping provider is noted, and 2co them self wrote "at this time no laptops have been shipped" just one day ago.
What this means at the moment is very hard to say, because the only thing someone with access to Medison's account at 2co needs to do is:

"To mark your orders as shipped, please follow these steps:
1. Log into your 2CO Account Homepage.
2. Under “Helpful Links” click on the “Mark” link by “Mark Shipping”.
3. Choose the format you would like to search by and click the “submit” button.
4. On the Shipping Page you will need to enter a tracking number (or other text, if this does not apply).
5. Confirm that the Shipping Method is correct
6. Choose to notify the customer or not.
7. Add comments, if you like.
8. Click the “Mark shipped” button."

This brings me back to a question I asked 2co three weeks ago:

Tommy: "You say that no money are transferred to the suppliers account unless that the order is "marked as shipped" in your system. What does this check mean, is it just a box to check, or do they have to provide a tracking number that you follow up in all orders by automatic means or other?"
2co: "We will require tracking information in this case. Due to the large number of orders we will undoubtedly permit an alternative method for supplying 2Checkout with that information in place on having to individually enter tracking information for each order."

2co has also answered this previously, when confirming the fact that shipping isn't free:
"All customers who pre-ordered will have shipping costs identified via re-invoice and be asked to re-authorize the order. Free shipping may still apply to the Scandinavian orders to which it was originally intended". This has not happened and Valdi has already confirmed before that shipping isn't free to Scandinavia either. The previously reserved amount has however now been withdrawn from the customers cards according to several persons.

All in all, I would say that this e-mail makes the whole thing look even more fishy...

Edit: The orders was marked as shipped Saturday morning Swedish time.

Friday, August 24, 2007 updated (Updated: not)

Update: Seems like I was too quick this time, I looked at the contact page and not the support page. Might not be any updates at all as usual then ;)

------ is updated. No big changes, one thing I have noticed is that it now says "The phone lines are temporarly closed" instead of the stuff about the "last 24 hours" that was there before. I wonder how long time something like that can be concidered to be temporary?

Another thing that has changed is that they have removed the e-mail address to infocare, their Swedish service provider. My guess is that this either means that Infocare finnaly has canceled the (non existing) contract all together, or that Infocare simply has asked them to remove the address until any computers actually arrives to be serviced. I have tried to contact the responisble person at Infocare but not been able to get any reply yet, but I will of course post here when I have any updates!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Investigating Medison's past

As you might know you find a quite much "brag" about Medison's past and current business on their site. One of their triumph cards that they tell to people that doubt them is that they have been in business since 1996 and have had a successful past. On their site they even put it like this:

"Today we are operating in Europe, USA and Brazil. Our company has reached not only a brand name, but also a name that stands for quality and science. We want to continue working with this business policy and we intend to come up with new revolutionizing products and ideas. We have the experience, the knowledge and the right people for it. We hope the next 10 years will prove our concept is unique and successful."

I decided to do a background check on their history and see what comes out as true or not.
Let's start with Medison Data AB, the company that started it all. What I can find out from public records and annual reports it really wasn't any big business at all. In the annual reports you can find criticism from the authorized accountant that the company didn't pay taxes and fees in right time or at all. The company went bankrupt in the start of year 2001.

Another company that is mentioned is Givi Sweden AB. The company was created by Valdi, but it seems like there never was any business in the company at all. It seems like that the company was winded up before any annual report was handed in to the authorities, because no information can be found form official sources between the creation and wind-up of the company.

The last company I can find any information in Sweden related to Medison/Valdi is Intelligentia International AB. Like the other companies no money was ever made and the company winded up without any economical assets. The last activity in the company seems to have been in 2001 or 2002 sometime. It it's last years the company got really hard criticism from the authorized accountant because that they couldn't provide any documentation on income and expenses, that taxes and fees wasn't paid in the right time or at all and that money was missing. He even stated that the company was obligated to do a forced liquidation because of several failed equity issuance's.

After 2002 everything seems blank in Sweden at least, which seems to be correct since Valdi, the CEO of these companies moved to Brazil. After that there is several references from Medison/Valdi to different companies in other countries, but I can't find any real information on these projects. However they don't seem to have any direct relation to any company bearing the Medison-name, and it seems to be very unclear what's done in Valdis name and in the name of Medison.

My conclusion to this is that Medison was started in 1996, but has not been in business since then, and none of the companies or projects I have been able to look up has been successfully at all. Rather the other way around.

Please note that my knowledge in business English isn't the best, so please ask in the comments if anything is unclear or if I need to do any corrections!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Wiki about Medison

There is a new Wiki dedicated to the whole Medison circus. It's not created by me, and it seems to be a good place for those of you that not always like the tone of my voice when posting ;)
The wiki can be found at:

Also, Medison has an entry over at Wikipedia.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Medison's forum closed

After the hacks or whatever it was, Valdi has decided to close down their forums, efficiently closing down the last option for contact with the company for buyers since they don't have any phone numbers or replies to any e-mail, or have a valid post address. It all ended with this message:

"Dear members of this group, The Medison Celebrity group has been hacked by one or more people. These people have been registring an account appearing to be the same as my hotmail address and have been posting threats in this group.
This group was started as a service to our members, customers and other people who wanted to discuss the Medison Celebrity laptop. Several topics who have not been about the Medison Celebrity laptop have been deleted over the time. Now, when the group has been hacked, and false information and threats are being spread out in my name, we decide to close down the serivce.
We can today not say if we will offer the same kind of service in the future, even if we would like to. In one way or another we still want to be open minded about giving this service to our customers.
We are regretful to do this, but we see no other solution at the moment. We do not want bad people to stop us from doing business and other people from buying a Medison Celebrity laptop.

Valdi Ivancic
CEO & President
Medison Europe Limited"

Valdis Yahoo-account hacked?

Or is his mind slipping? Judge yourself:

In, valdi_ivancic@... wrote:

Wait, no, I am very sorry. I did not say that. I just feel so much pressure from all of my customers from all over the world, that sometimes I say things that I really only mean to think. But really, I did not say that. Just like the computer that is the Celebrity for 150$US dollars is not the Clevo computer that everyone says. Please, just do not bother my family, or all those family of other Medison employees, no matter how imaginary they are.

As readers have pointed out in the comments, the first post was made with Valdi's original account, but the second one from a new account with a slightly different name... This only gets stranger and stranger by the minute.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Counter added!

I just added a counter to the right that shows when the next deadline for delivery is according to Valdi. Enjoy ;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Medecin Laptop - Part 2

No, I'm still not the author, and you can read the reasons why I post these videos on the blog in the other video post ;)

Valdi applying for head of tourism

So, when you just are about to launch a giant project as a CEO and selling thousands of computers worldwide, what is the best thing to do?
Apply for a job opening for head of tourism at a Swedish county of course!

This is at least what Valdi did in the beginning of July according to the local newspaper Blekinge Läns Tiding. The article goes on about the buzz on Medison and so on, but nothing new. Someone actually posted his full application in the comments on this site. The CV is public because it's sent to a official county address, and can be handed out per request by anyone.
You can read the CV your self here:

One of the most interesting parts is: "CEO & President of Medison Consulting. At the moment introducing a new laptop brand on the world market, Medison Celebrity. Prospecting sales of 200.000 laptops per month world wide."
Valdi previously said that the reason that their site is badly updated, has wrong information and that the computers were late was because of the giant response on their project. The orders that they have received suddenly seems like a pretty small number if you compare them to 200 000 computers per month, why should he then be surprised?
I guess he just misquoted him self in the CV...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recap: The computer

It seems like there still are some people that thinks that nothing is strange about Medison, or at least that there actually will be computers shipped. There are still news and blog posts about this incredible bargain, with no references to any of the strange circumstances that there actually are.
So I thought, why not recap the most annoying fact that has to do with the actual delivery: The computer itself!

  • The computer Medison is selling as Medison Celebrity is manufactured by the Taiwanese ODM Clevo Computer Company. Clevo's name for the specific model is MobiNote M540V.
  • The above information was not revealed by Medison, because they refuse to say who the manufacturer are because it "could damage the manufacturers relations with other partners". Instead, this was found because the specifications on Medison's site are copied directly from Clevo, including misspellings like "2.2Kg with 6 cells Lithium-lion battery".
  • Clevo is one of the lagest ODM's of laptop computers in the world, and their computers are sold by everything from small local resellers to OEM's like Alienware and other large resellers.
  • Clevo's computers are generally considered to be high quality products in the more expensive segment, and not low priced budget computers.

Now, you would think that Clevo either would say that they were the manufacturer or not saying anything because they would be under a NDA. Now, here comes the interesting part, Clevo's answers has been things like: "Hi, We believe this customer is trying to mislead the customers in Sweden. None of people in Clevo is able to provide USD 150 for that machine. We have passed this to our legal team. They will take action for this. Thanks Best Regards, Constance Lin Sales Department. CLEVO CO., ". It's not the only time they have answered it this way. To the Danish website, they said that they believe that Medison is a scam. Another interesting quote from Clevo was "they got one pcs sample from our customer and not paid" that a poster on Sweclockers got as a reply.
Would a manufacturer really say those things about a partner, even if they were under a NDA?

Some other things that people have speculated about is that Medison could get the computers from one of Clevo's partners, or that they are from the spot market or likewise. On those theories I would just like to remind you that Valdi has said that they have orders of over 300 000 computers. That's nothing that you can get on the spot market or from a third party partner without the manufacturer knowing about it...

Some other details:

  • Medison claims that they do have margins on each sold computer.
  • Medison claims that they pay the same price for parts as everyone else.
  • Despite that it says "Specifiactions [SIC] on the laptop can change without notice" on the website, Valdi claimed on the press conference that everyone would get the exact same model as specified on their site.
  • The laptop that they showed at the press conference was the same unit specified on their website. It had the serial number scratched off, and had a Czech keyboard. This is the only demonstration unit they have.

So, if the manufacturer of the actual product say that they don't manufacture the computer for Medison, how does it all work out? And why won't they say who the manufacturer is, if the computers was supposed to be delivered today (as they were planned too) the buyers could figure that out anyway...

Delivery delayed for two weeks

As many readers have pointed out, Valdi has posted the following on Medison's "own" forum over at Yahoo:

Delivery of the first Medison Celebrity Laptops is delayed. New date for delivery is August 31, which means still within the promised time of 4-6 weeks.

Thanks for your patience.

/ Valdi Ivancic
CEO & President
Medison Europe Limited

I guess no one saw that coming?

Monday, August 13, 2007

First delivery tomorrow!

Yeah, a bit slow on news. With Valdi stopping his stupid press comments (and all other communication too?) nothing new gets out, and what gets out are already covered in this blog.

So, anyway, according to Medison them self the first deliveries should take place tomorrow according to their initial announcements. What do you guys think will happen?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Medison have a new shipping partner!

I noticed that Medison has removed the reference to EMEA Services on their site now since the deal was canceled. The new text reads:
"Shipping and handling is taken care of by our partner ___________ with its network reaching out over several continents."

Congratulations Medison, and let's hope that ___________ doesn't cancel the non-existing contract too!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

New legal information on Medisons site

Like some people already has noted, Medison has finally published new "Terms of use" on their site. The new terms doesn't give any clarity at all about the questions about shipping, taxes, warranty etc, just some random privacy stuff that can be found all over the net, at 2co's site for example. So just another quick copy/paste job.
Whats interesting is that Valdi, as late as of yesterday, said that they have been working together with a legal council to write new terms and other legal information. What happened with that?

Medisons service partner sceptic

A reporter at "PC för alla" has yet again spoken with Medisons service partner Infocare. They are quite sceptical towards Medison and have given them two to three weeks to come up with proofs that there actually are any computers. They also say that their condition towards being their service partner is that they won't need to take any economical risk at all, i.e. not have any stock of spare parts etc.

The most important part in this article is that it seems that not even their key partners has seen any real proofs that there will be any computers...

Medison stops talking to media

In a press release today, Valdi writes that they will stop talking with media since they have destroyed their relations with several partners.
Valdi, maybe you should put your cards on the table instead of speaking so much bullshit? That should lessen the speculations if you actually for once could say something that is true and that can be verified by facts.

The full press release:

"Medison Press Release August 9th 2007

We at Medison have been very generous talking to the media,answering questions when we have been able to do so and kindly asked to leave out people and companies who have no insight into the Medison organization and the Medison business plan.Unfortunately this has not been respected by some individuals and also some journalists. Their actions have lately even ruined important relationships for Medison.Therefore we see no other way than to stop answering questions temporarily from media and we see no better way to answer the critics and rumours than simply do our best, which is delivering our product to our customers. In the very beginning, that is what we intended to do all the time and the Medison business idea always was to do this for its customers.

Valdi Ivancic
CEO & President Medison Europe Limited"

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Todays articles

So, today Jnytt published two articles on Medison/Valdi with some semi-new stuff. Since the articles already are translated, I will just post the most important things and my views of them.

  • The quote that was reported as a misquote was misquoted. See the earlier post about this. Now Valdi claims that either he never said to "PC för alla" that he was misquoted, or that it was a misunderstanding, or that he "said the wrong thing". Tommy's notes: There is however no details on why he made the original statement, including the part with the server upgrade that never was needed since the low traffic doesn't need it. I have also had an conversation with the author at "PC för alla" and he claims that it is a 100% correct and exact quote from Valdi that they published.
  • Valdi again claims that they will pay VAT/sales tax in every country, but no other import fees or taxes. Tommy's notes: This means that the money they get from each sold computer to for example Sweden is $120, since our VAT is 25%. That should, except 2co's about 10% fee, also cover all other expenses in addition to the manufacturing price. Remember that Valdi has said that they actually earn money from each sold computer...
  • Shipping is extra and should maximum be €25. However, this price was used after discussion with EMEA Services, that no longer wants anything to do with Medison. Tommy's notes: There is no mention if €25 is only for Sweden or all countries.
  • Valdis answer to why not all fake partner ads where removed at once when they were notified about them, but rather first after every individual company contacted them and asked for removal is simple: Because they didn't have time! Tommy's notes: Wouldn't it be faster to remove them all at once, instead of waiting for all the calls and editing the page five times extra??
  • Valdi uses 2co's ability to cancel orders as an excuse to not have correct information on their own site from the start. They do not know when the site will be updated with correct information.
  • Valdi still doesn't know, with a week left to the first shipment, how or from where the computer will be shipped.
  • Some computers will be assembled by Mastiff Technology in Brazil. See below post on this.
  • Valdi says that the discussions on his and Medisons trust on the Internet takes up too much of his time, and considers to stop talking to the press. Tommy's notes: One start would be to fix the site, and to show something real about the computers...

Article 1

Article 2


Request for help

Hey everyone, I'm working on translations and research on today's articles about Medison, this will be posted later tonight CET.
In the meantime I would like you to help to find a company called "Mastiff Technology". It's supposed to be located in São Paulo, Brazil. This is the partner company that is supposed to assemble Medison's computers according to Valdi, but it's hard to validate if this company exists or not. Anyone who can help?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Medison's shipping company cancels partnership

"IDG/PC För Alla" now writes that they have contacted the CEO of EMEA Services that is stated on as their shipping partner. They say that they only have had initial talks with Medison, but now has canceled the partnership completely. This is due to "Commercial reasons". PC För Alla has tried to contact Valdi for a comment, but has been unable to reach him.

Update: Jnytt also verifies this, and adds a comment from EMEA Services CEO that Valdi was "chocked and sad" when he was informed about them canceling the deal.

They also write that they will publish an article tomorrow with an interview about the false hit ratings, and that interview was made before he got the words from EMEA Services.

Valdi misquoted... Again! (2 updates)

Forgot to post this earlier:

"IDG/PC För Alla" contacted Valdi about the quote in Jnytt about traffic and the fact that their own numbers from doesn't match. His answer to this is simply that he was misquoted, and that he never said those numbers. I wonder if the quote about that they had to upgrade their servers to cope with the traffic also was made up by the journalist, because with the actual numbers, there really isn't anything that needs to be upgraded, at least not on a web hotel that charges them $2 a month for hosting...

This is just one of the claimed misquotes. Some of the other has been that he never said that they had manufacturing plants in Brazil, and that the prime minister thing was blown out of proportion by the tabloids (check the transcript below and the election-page and make up your own mind if it's correct or not..).

Update 1: I saw that "Mats" translated the most important part in a comment to the earlier post about this:

"Valdi: -I must have meant hits. You can see in the statistics that we've had about 1,2 million hits. I can't remember speaking about unique visitors.
PC för alla: -But in the article where you are qouted you say that you've had 1,5 million unique visitors each day. And that you've had more than 10 million in a week.
Valdi: -What? I've said no such thing. And i haven't mentioned any weekly statistics at all.
PC för alla: -So you say you've been misqouted?
Valdi: -Yes I have."

Update 2: I just got a mail from the chief editor of Jnytt, and she writes that they have contacted Valdi regarding the misquote. His answer was that he "said the wrong thing" to IDG/PC För Alla...

More translations

Dan has provided us with some translation of Swedish news articles:



Translated transcript from the press conference with whe prime minister plans:

More fun stuff from

So, there has been some digging on, and some fun stuff has been found:
Valdis page he created to the election 2006 in Sweden when he was running for prime minister. Contains some fun stuff like "The campaign will only be a week long since the voting is on Sunday!"
Medison Clothes Shop
"In short Medison will be selling Armani, Dolce&Gabbana, Versace and DKNY among other big fashion clothes brands in the Number One Fashion City in South America." Make sure to visit the link to Medison Clothes Collection 2006...

Update: I forgot this one, quite interesting too:

Medisons real traffic

So, yesterday in jnytts article Valdi said that Medison received 1.5 million unique visitors each day. Today we can present the real numbers, trough the hosting company's own tools:

Let me put it like this: So far in august, has received about 70 000 hits...

Update: There is already a mirror of the webalizers available at if the statistics would be removed. And thanks plux for providing all the links and mirror.

Update 2: A reader made us aware of the fact that the page thanks.html that you should be redirected to when you have finished the order process only has received about 3500 hits. That doesn't look like any 300 000 orders to me...

Update 3: Jnytt has published an article about that the numbers from Valdi and the ones from the Webalizer doesn't add up. They have tried to contact Valdi for a comment but has not been able to get in contact with him.

Monday, August 6, 2007

More strange stuff from Valdi

In an interview with Valdi today in "Jnytt" we can find even more strange things coming out from his mouth:

  • They have until now received over 300 000 orders in different forms.
  • Their website receives 1.5 millions unique visitors each day.
  • They need to upgrade their servers to cope with the traffic.
  • Valdi sees Microsoft as a future partner to get money from, and he says "It would be strange if Microsoft would just sit and look at us when we sells hundreds of thousands of computers with Linux pre-installed.". Microsoft would pay Medison to be shown as a partner on their website so customers could buy windows directly when ordering the computer.
  • Orders made from Europe will be sent directly from the manufacturer in Asia, and orders from America will be assembled in Brazil and ship from there.

These answers and claims just adds more questions than answers really. They have earlier said that they have a capacity of manufacturing 5000 computers per month, this would make the delivery time 5 years for the orders coming in now. And how are they supposed to upgrade THEIR servers when they are hosted by a company that charges 2 dollars per month for hosting? Could 1.5 million unique visitors really be true? Will customers have to pay for the shipping from Asia?

Over all, this article just publishes even more bullshit from Valdi, without one ounce of criticism towards the answers. Weak, very weak. And they even call the article "Medisons CEO against the wall"...

Update, someone posted a translation over at Medisons forums:

Saturday, August 4, 2007

A video...

(No, I'm not the author)

Edit: I do understand the criticism for posting this video. I posted it just before I went to bed yesterday and should have supplied more information about it.
The reason I posted it was that I try to collect all information regarding Medison here, whether or not it is "completely correct". As long as I have a source for the information I don't see any problem with it.
Now about the video, it really isn't as funny (and actually a bit true in a sad way) if you haven't listened to the press conference, which I guess most of you haven't since it's in Swedish. It's very spot on, and dealing with many of the strange things Valdi said. I really do believe that it's a good entry to the discussion.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Even more about shipping (and 2CO)

Valdi has confirmed on their forum that they will charge extra for shipping and that it will be done trough UPS globally. They don't know how they will charge for it, but either C.O.D. or payment in advance in some way (Hmm, some way to get money after all?). They still don't know how much it will be however.
2co has also changed their view somewhat and saying that Medison hasn't been clear enough about the shipping charges. They are still trying to figure this out with Medison, but in the meantime they say that customers can refuse the delivery if there is any charge for shipping, and receive full refund for the purchase.
Now, this opens up for another question: Since Medison don't have any initial economical assets, what happens then if loads of customers refuses the shipment and Medison is charged them self with double shipping for thousands of orders? Is the shipping partner aware of that economical risk?

New domains!

Thanks for the overwhelming interest in my blog! I receive loads of thank-you mails, and really can't answer them all if there isn't any questions but I read them all of course!

One reader thought that I didn't get enough hits (only 4000-5000 unique hits per day :p) so he registered some new domains pointing to this site!

We can now be accessed from the following domains except

Don't stop spreading the word!

Articles about the Medison press conference in English

I got a mail (or actually two from different people there) from IDG Sweden saying that they have translated two of their main articles about Medison to English. You can read them here:

Many questions surrounding the 150 dollar laptop
"Medison, a small Swedish PC company, claims they will sell a basic Linux-based laptop for only 150 US dollars. But the company has been called in question in blogs, forums, and news articles, because the computer shown on the company's web site seems very similar to a laptop from another producer. Two days ago Medison met the Swedish press to straighten things out."

Medison's founder: "I want to be Prime Minister"
"Medison's founder, owner, and managing director, Valdi Ivancic, has grand plans. Apart from selling the world's cheapest computers and opening factories here and there, he has plans to become Prime Minister of Sweden."

Read them both, it's really great stuff!

Thursday, August 2, 2007 not checking out

So, after Medison said on the press conference that shipping wasn't included to any destination, I went directly to 2Checkout's (Medisons payment provider) to ask how this works out. When ordering the Celebrity to their order system, it clearly says that shipping is free, so I thought "this must be some kind of joke, 2CO must surely get this straight".
Let me tell you, they do not! After some discussion on their forum, it turns out that there is no problem for their suppliers to lie about things like that and that the buyers has to take the hit. Sure, you can cancel the order now if you didn't understand that you had to pay at least 1/4 extra of the price, probably more, but how would you know that? Well, if you visit 2CO's forum now after I have asked the question or read this blog, but how many of the buyers does really do that, I mean most of them must believe that the deal is genuine and don't have any reason to browse sites like this?
And if they do send something else than the supposed laptop 2CO will of course refund your money. But not the shipping.

Whats more, it still says free shipping when going trough the order process, and no one knows the actual shipping cost. But that doesn't stop 2CO to take orders, they say that them and Medison will work the shipping price issue out, but then what?

And here I though that 2CO was a trustworthy company keeping the buyers money safe.
Could there be any more loopholes for Medison to actually get hold of the money, when other things can be duped so easily at 2Checkout?

Fair deal? I really don't think so...

Last summary from the press conference

Our friends over at Cint posted a complete audio recording of the press conference. I have written the most important points from it here:
  • Their competition uses about 50-60% of their budget on advertising.
  • Competitors have contacted them and want to collaborate.
  • The press conference was delayed because Valdi had to go to Copenhagen and have an important meeting with UNICEF.
  • The other persons in Medison are not really hired; they are just on vacation from their normal jobs in the furniture business and military.
  • Vista is no problem, you just need more RAM.
  • There is no risk of having the same name as another multinational company according to their legal councils.
  • The company doesn't have any economical assets.
  • The reason that they didn't believe that this would become so big is because they only announced the product and website to a small local website at first.
  • The reason that the project started is that their CEO didn’t have any income in Brazil and needed some way to gain money.
  • They are still in negotiations with logistics and service organizations, even that the first computers will be delivered the coming weeks.
  • VAT is supposed to be paid by Medison.
  • In total contrast to what 2CO says, Medison says that they are the sellers and only using 2CO as a payment provider. They claim that contract is between the consumers and Medison Europe Limited and NOT 2CO.
  • The reason they chose Fedora is that they hasn’t looked at the alternatives and doesn't know anything about them. They may change Linux distribution in the future if any company behind the distributions wants to pay for it.
  • Medison only have "virtual offices" since they are so few.
  • He is dead serious about running for prime minister. He will do this without being part of a political party and he will do this as soon as possible. It's important to note that this isn't an answer forced by the journalists; he talks in detail about it.

Last post for the night

Thanks everyone for hanging on tight and supporting with your funny comments. Seems like the news sites are slow with information now, but there will be more details tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Medisons CEO will run for prime minister!

In another article from "IDG/PC För Alla" it is said that Valdi, the CEO of Medison said (seriously) on the press conference that he will be prime minister in Sweden sometime.

Update since people seems interested in the matter:
Valdi don't believe that he has to be in a political party to become prime minister (or minister of state as it's proper name is in Sweden). He hasn't decided when to start campaign, it depends on his family and how Medison evolves. But it will be some day!

Medison charges extra for shipping!

According to Cint, shipping will be made by UPS from Holland. The buyer have to pay for the shipping, no amount specified. Afaik, this is in direct breach with 2CO's supplier terms. I have asked them about this and waiting for an answer on their forums.

Edit: Still no answer from 2CO on this as of Thursday morning CET. You can check this thread yourself for updates:

More from the press conference

IDG/PC För Alla writes that there was almost no news at the press conference. They still don't say who manufactures or ship the computers. They don't want to comment on the Clevo-story at all.
One thing was said however, and that is that their business model to sell cheap computers should be sponsored by selling ads on their website. An ad that should be published for one country for one month should cost 15 000 US dollars, and a bigger ad for all countries for a longer period should cost 3 million US dollars. They did not have any advertisers yet though.
The serial sticker from the computer was scratched away "to protect the manufacturer"...
They do still say that they have assembly plants in Brazil that "some" of the computers will be assembled at, but not all. Some will ship directly from factory.

News from the Press conference!

Anders Nyman at Cint just got away from the press conference. He says that the press conference was almost 2½ hours. He was able to ask most questions that the community is wondering about, and have the complete press conference on audio and will release it online tonight or tomorrow. In short he wasn't convinced that they actually will deliver any computers.

They had one computer, the pictured Clevo with Czech keyboard , to show. This was also the same computer they showed to a Swedish magazine in april when the price was three times higher.

Open letter to Medison and the related mass media

At 7 P.M. CET this evening, Medison held a press conference. This letter was sent to them and to the press:

At 07.00 PM this evening Medison will hold a press conference. They will have a Medison Celebrity laptop on display to prove that it actually exist, the problem with this is that it does not prove in any way Medisons ability to mass produce, and ship hundreds of thousands of them.But there are other problems regardless of their ability to deliver the product, they have broken many rules and laws here in the EU and have undermined consumer rights and safety for an online purchase. This letter will include essential questions that have to be answered before anyone is recommended to enter into purchase agreement, and we believe that it is suitable to ask them now and hope for answers in the forthcoming press conference later today, either by Medison answering them self or by the journalists using the questions.

1. What is Medison selling? The laptop in question is manufactured by Clevo Computer Company in Taiwan. This company, as the OEM, said that they have nothing to do with Medison. Therefore, if there are any laptops it must be of other specifications. What would those specifications be?

2. When a customer completes a purchase, it is done with inc, an American company. The purchase agreement is for example between a person in Sweden, and a company in the US, therefore the person doesn't have to pay VAT. Normally this tax is charged by entity importing the product to the person making the purchase. But Medison stated that the laptop is shipped from England, so what are the extra fees for having the laptop shipped from England? Who is importing the laptops into the EU, Medison, or the person making the purchase in some way? Some clarification on this matter would be appreciated.

3. On Medisons webpage they (Medison) state that "Taxes, fees, shipping and handling and any applicable restocking charges are extra, and vary." but when completing a purchase, there fees are not included as the total cost is always $150 no matter where they get shipped. Why is this information different? Which of them are correct?

4. Medison has said that they will be able to include the right keyboard layout with the help of the addresses on the respective orders. How will this work with countries that have several layouts, ex. Canada where both French and English is being used, or countries where it is unusal with antive keyboards?

5. The first laptops, as stated by Medison, will arrive in the middle of August this month. Presumably, for them to arrive in time, they should already be shipped from the factory. Is there any documents that confirm this initial shipment?

6. To not include purchase agreements, warranty information and other forms of agreements is against both European and Swedish law. When will Medison comply?

7. Why has Medison chosen a Swedish company for service? Will customers, for example in India, be required to send their laptops all the way to Sweden for service?

8. For almost a week, the support page on has said:"”Due to the unexpectedly high traffic to our support line past 24 hours it broke down. We want to inform you that we are currently working hard on getting a phone line back on air”, and Medison is not answering e-mails in a timely manner. When will this be fixed?

9. Why was Fedora the choice as Linux-distribution? This is not very known for being good for new users, with installing programs and so on. Which programs are installed as default?

10. Medison states on their website that upgrades and accessories can be bought through their partners, but the website where the accessories are supposed to be is empty, who are Medisons partners for this matter?

Apart from the questions above, there are some additional questions that should be answered so that the general public can re-gain confidence in Medison:

1. You state that the company has existed since 1996, but all traces of it here in Sweden show that it seized to exist as a company in 2003. Did Medison really continue operation until 2007? And in that case, how?

2. Medison has stated that it was a mistake that there were links and ads to several large companies on their webpage. Why didn't you remove all 'obsolete' adds at once when you was made aware of that, but instead you removed them one at a time after these companies contacted you about them?

3. Several of the companies and organizations that Medison claims to have worked with, have said that they never have worked with Medison, how is this possible? An example is the schools they claim to have worked with.

4. Wasn't Medison Europe Limited a bad choice for a company name when there already is a multinational company named Medison, that also have a subsidiary named "Medison Europe" in Holland?

5. If Medison is as big as you claim, and based in several countries, why is 2checkout dealing directly with the CEO as a private person not with Medison as a company?We hope that these questions can be answered in a good and confident way!

Best regards,

Öppet brev till Medison och media.

(Translation will follow later)

Ikväll klockan 19.00 så kommer Medison att hålla presskonferens om sin tusenkronorsdator Medison Celebrity. De ska då enligt uppgift visa upp datorn för att bevisa att den faktiskt existerar. Problemet med detta är naturligtvis att bara för att de visar upp en dator så bevisar det ju inte att det finns flera. Det finns också andra problem, oavsett om det finns några datorer eller inte. Medison har på den hemsida där de säljer datorn brutit mot många regler och lagar som är fullständigt underminerar konsumenternas rättigheter och säkerhet. Vi kommer i detta brev ta upp de frågor som konsumenter måste veta och få svar på innan man ingår ett köpeavtal. Dessa frågor måste besvaras, och vi tycker att det är lämpligast att gå ut med dessa frågor så att de kan besvaras i samband med kvällens presskonferens, antingen genom att Medison svarar själva, eller genom att journalisterna på plats framför dem till Medison:

  1. Vad är det egentligen de säljer? Datorn som visas upp på bild (och troligtvis även på presskonferensen) och specificeras på hemsidan tillverkas av Clevo Computer Company i Taiwan. Detta företag, som är originaltillverkaren och producenten av datorn, säger att de absolut inte har något med Medison att göra. Därför, om det nu finns några datorer, måste det röra sig om helt andra datorer med en helt annan specifikation. Vad är denna specifikation i så fall?
  2. När en kund genomför köpet så görs detta via det amerikanska företaget, inc. Köpeavtalet sluts alltså exempelvis mellan en svensk privatperson och ett företag i USA, därför så betalar man ingen svensk (eller utländsk för den delen) moms. Detta innebär i normala fall att kunden blir ansvarig att betala moms och eventuella avgifter till speditören när produkten importeras till Sverige. Nu är det dock så att Medison har sagt att datorerna skickas från England och då är frågan hur momsen och avgifter betalas. Är det av Medison när datorerna förs in i EU, eller av privatpersonerna på något sätt. Hur i så fall?
  3. På Medisons hemsida så står det tydligt att avgifter till betalningsförmedlaren tillkommer, och så även frakt och andra avgifter. När man väl genomför köpet så tillkommer det inga av dessa extra kostnader, utan det är bara de utsatta US$150 som konverteras till aktuell valuta som man valt. Varför står det olika på hemsidan mot vad som faktiskt dras, och vilket är det som stämmer?
  4. Medison uppger att de med hjälp av adressen på ordern avgör vilken tangentbordslayout som skickas, och att man får den som motsvarar sitt land. Hur gör de så med de länder där det används olika tangentbord, exempelvis Kanada där både engelska och franska tangentbord säljs och används? Likaså, det finns länder där det är väldigt ovanligt med tangentbord på deras eget språk, hur vet de köparna vilket tangentbord de kommer få?
  5. Medison har under de senaste dagarna sagt att de första datorerna kommer levereras i mitten på augusti. Det är bara två veckor kvar till dess så man får anta att datorerna är skickade från tillverkaren för att komma fram, speciellt om det skulle röra sig om skeppsfrakt. Finns det några dokument som bekräftar att dessa datorer skickats i så fall?
  6. Att inte ha garantivillkor, köpevillkor och liknande tillgängliga är ett brott både mot Sveriges och EU’s konsumentköplagar. När skall detta åtgärdas?
  7. Hur kommer det sig att Medison har valt ett svenskt företag för att sköta service? Kommer exempelvis kunder i Indien behöva skicka sin dator till Sverige för reparation?
  8. Det har nu snart i en vecka stått ”Due to the unexpectedly high traffic to our support line past 24 hours it broke down. We want to inform you that we are currently working hard on getting a phone line back on air” på hemsidan, och e-post verkar Medison inte svara på heller i rimlig tid. När ska detta åtgärdas?
  9. Varför föll valet av Linux-distribution på Fedora, som knappast är ett speciellt bra val för nybörjare på Linux? Exempelvis är det ganska avancerat att installera nya program, så följer det med några extra program installerade, och i så fall vilka?
  10. Medison anger på hemsidan att man kan köpa tillbehör, uppgraderingar och liknande från deras partners. Sidan som det länkas till är tom, så vilka är dessa partners?

Förutom de ovanstående viktiga konsumentfrågorna så finns det andra frågor som bör besvaras för att återfå förtroende för företaget:

  1. Medison anger att de funnits som företag sedan 1996. De senaste företaget som fanns registrerat med ett namn anknytande till Medison försvann 2003. Har Medison verkligen existerat under perioden 2003-2007, och i så fall hur?
  2. Medison har angett att det var ett misstag att det fanns annonser och länkar till ett flertal företag på hemsidan tidigare. Varför togs i så fall inte alla annonser bort på en gång när det uppdagades, utan en i taget först efter varje enskilt företag kontaktade Medison?
  3. Flera av de företag och organisationer som Medison säger sig ha arbetat med på sin hemsida säger att de aldrig har samarbetat med Medison, hur kommer det sig? Exempel är samtliga skolor som anges.
  4. Är inte namnvalet Medison Europe Limited en ganska dålig idé med tanke på att det redan finns ett stort multinationellt företag som heter Medison, samt även har ett Holländskt dotterbolag som också heter Medison Europe?
  5. Om nu företaget är så stort och har kontor i flera länder, varför har då betalningsförmedlaren i USA avtal direkt med Medisons VD?

Hoppas att dessa frågor kan besvaras på ett bra och tillförlitligt sätt!

Med vänliga hälsningar,

Our own domain!

Due to the incredible popularity of this blog (were receiving thousands of unique hits each day) I decided it was time to get a proper domain that's easier to remember and looks a bit more serious. So the new way to access this site is via

I also decided to start posting under a more personal name, so Tommy / Tommy TruthSeeker and Truth Seeker are the same person, just so you know ;)

And please stay put, there will be an open letter from me published here later this afternoon.

Press conference confirmed!

Anders Nyman at Cint has confirmed that journalists have been invited to a press conference (by Valdi personally) at 19.00 in Stockholm. Exact location is not public information.

So what have Medison been up to?

So, some people has asked what Medison has done the last week. Answering e-mails of course!

"Thanks for all the e-mails we are receiving every day. We actually keep getting 5-6 e-mails per minute from all over the world.
Your e-mails mean a lot to us and even if we still have to catch up on reading them all, we are doing our best answering each e-mail in person.
We hope you have patience awaiting our answers since we also keep doing our best to be able to deliver the laptops on time (4-6 weeks).
We are also working hard on setting up our phone lines again that crashed some days ago. Please stay tuned for more news and better service from us.
Best regards,Valdi Ivancic CEO & President Medison Europe Limited"

They receive up to 8600 e-mails per day, that they are trying to read and answer them all personally? Remember folks, their organization consists of five people.
I guess they just won't have any time for a press conference tomorrow?