Thursday, November 29, 2007

Finally some real Medison-news!

As some people have noticed there has been quite low activity on this blog the last month or so. I have just been waiting for some bigger news to show up, and finally something has happened.

Lets first recap what I haven't posted about:
* Redesigned Some new graphics but still broken links. Many references to 2co has been removed, but there are still some links and information around. For example, they use 2co's phone number as contact information.
* Valdi claims that they have bought yet another Brazilian company "The company has 80 employees and it is logical to add this kind of company to Medison", says Valdi Ivancic.
* They also claim that Atalho now is "a part of the company".

Now to the latest news. The Swedish magazine Computer Sweden got a Medison Celebrity sent to them for review. The computer has a Medison-logo and runs Ubuntu instead of Fedora. The writer seems generally positive and it seems like he has forgotten all the bad stuff that Medison and Valdi has done previously in this story. In the article Valdi also claims that they will start to deliver the computers around new year, but "it's a goal and not a promise".
Anyway, so far so good. Now to the interesting part. Later during the day PC För Alla also got a look at the computer, and they could quickly see that this computer actually is the exact same one as Medison showed at their press conference several months ago. Only difference is that they have removed the serial number sticker even more, and placed a Medison-sticker on it.

Oh, maybe there wasn't any news really. Just the same Medison-circus as always.

And just a reminder to all new and old readers: Stay away from Medison and Valdi, they are just energy vampires that won't do any good. At all. EVER.