Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"Medison buying Brazilian Company"

So, I was doing a quick browsing trough Medison's corporate site medison.se to see if there was any changes, and I found the following update on their news-page:

October 8, 2007
Medison buying Brazilian Company
Medison is buying a Brazilian company. "The company has 40 employees and has a logistic structure that we've been looking for", says Valdi Ivancic. [more to come]

So, now suddenly they are buying a quite big company with the money they, according to Valdi him self, don't have? And they are solving the logistical issues by using a company in Brazil, when the computers, again according to Valdi, is manufactured in Asia? Sound like quite a round trip for customers in Europe. I wonder how the "up to approximately US$30" shipping charges are going to cover that...
As usual not one single verifiable detail. I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that ZDNet, CNET and SlashGear (all mirrored by several other blogs and news sites) recently has published articles about everything being a hoax?


Anonymous said...

Not to mention, y'know, if I had acquired a company -- though I must dispute your definition of 40 employees as "big", Tommy -- I'd at least actually mention their name. That is, if this wasn't yet another part of Valdi Fantasyland, and if people checked into the background of this "company", they would find it's just another figment of his delusions.

Yeahrightwhatever, Valdi. Thanks for the chuckle. Methinks this dramedy has been dragged out long enough, though. Please, just spring the punchline and let us move on.

Anonymous said...

So he updates the website for "news" about brazil, but he doesn't bother to update it with news for the 7000 customers waiting for a laptop. What a swell chap.

Peter said...

This is so...hmmm Valdish :-)

But it's really cool the guy can still keep the entertainment alive. This is EXACTLY the type of news we have been expecting for too long. I mean...something happening in a secret place of Brazil nobody can check and no photos or other details to support it.

Medison buying Brazilian company to solve the famous logistical problem...just PERFECT!

Now what is the status of the Medison laptop factory opened back in February?


Just a detail, all those Medison employees in Brazil...do they need salary?

I wanted to donate US$150 to these poor guys but still get the famous "Parameter Error".

Poor guys...

Anonymous said...

SHCE says--

Maybe he's found 40 Adolf Hitler clones living in the jungle waiting for their chance to rule the world with doctored PC's...or not. I'm about to fold this up. 2CO is still f***ing around with this. I've badgered them enough and they're still intransigent. They still believe. Valdi must have porno of the owners of 2CO or something. Poll please: Do I cancel the 2 I have on "order"?

Kriss3d said...

Well we all know Valdi stated from the beginning that he had the asian manufactured laptops be assembled in Brazil.
They were all ready with advertisers on the medison site which wasnt ready. Basicly he made a company.. made HUGE publicity and now he is starting to set up the business arranging for one thing at a time..

1.Make business
2. Get priceless publicity
3. Start selling laptops.
5. Select host to accomodate the
amount of orders and visits.
6. Get a bank to be man in the middle trader.
7. Start arranging for suppport
8. Aquire manufactor.
9. Aquire assemble factory
10. Aquire shipping company.

Though most other business would do it the other way around Medison lmtd. would do it this way. And.. hey.. if it work..

marketer said...

THANKS Valdi!!!

I was almost getting bored with nothing happening. But, I know how pathological liers work ... they can't keep quiet for to long ... they need to get the adrenalin of seeing people´s response when they are saying something grand ...

If this was true, given all the bad press in blogs from people like me, Valdi would publish the name of the company, even take some pictures and post on his web-page.

Valdi is sick, we all know that, but what amazes me the most is the people willing to stake their name and reputation now and in the future as being Medison managers.

Valdi, keep up the good work! If we don't belive you now, you just have to lie a little bit more ...

I know you can do it!!!!

amphibia said...

Why bother announcing you acquired company when the name is a secret.

Supposedly not to hurt the acquired company.

I know, doesn't make sense. That's the point. Chewbacca lives on Endor, as you know.

Anonymous said...

That's abstract as ever, heavy on valdibuzzwords, void of content.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope one of those 40 employees has entry level web knowledge enough to remove that broken Buy button from their front page.


steve jobs said...

Now that they solved the logistical issues, all that's left is to produce something they can ship.


bill gates said...

not quite so easy, steve

You first have to ensure that the product is expensive enough that it's worth all the hassle.

The WoZ said...

You capitalists!

What about the poor school children?

I'm eagerly waiting for the 2000 laptops I've ordered for the children in the school district where I'm living in California.

Anonymous said...

Before these 40 employees started assembling Valdi laptops, what were they doing?

I know... they were making these!

Peter said...

Yes maybe you are right. Those people shown on that link are producing Celebrity boobs.

I wonder what motivates all these guys to work for free since February (when Medison opened their world famous factory).

I mean seriously speaking, we wouldn't question that Valdi has a brand new advanced ISO9000 certified RoHS compliant streamlined production facility in Brazil beating everybody on cost efficiency through maximized automation and world leading production yields...would we?

LOL...let me laugh...

Anonymous said...

Medison is buying a Brazilian company. "The company has 40 employees and has a logistic structure that we've been looking for", says Valdi Ivancic.

TRANSLATION: I have bought a pigeon loft!

(must have got it CHEAP, what a COO)

I will stop, I have the will, must not.........

Anonymous said...

4 weeks, 5 days, 8 hour a day, 40 workers :
4*5*8*40=6400 manhour

300000 computers a month :

60/47 = 77 seconds per computer
Labor cost : $5/hour ?
Labor cost : $0.1/computer

Trygve said...

You know, they don't claim that the company they've bought *cough* is a Logistics company, only that it has the type of logistics Medison has been looking for...

In a manufacturing company it might mean 'Parts delivered as needed, with no local storage', 'full storage, just in case' and so on.

In the case of Medison, it's probably 'Parts? What parts? We don't need no Steeenkin parts to sell a product'...

Anonymous said...

If you have to be guessing someone's words as if the Messiah, he's not worth your attention.

If he has something to say and it matters to him, he'll find a way to explain himself. Otherwise, it's just dust in your eyes.

Vlad said...

Medison is a coming. Valdi is a second coming. Celebrity is The Labirynth. It's Ivancic code. Unleashed once it gives the power to materilize non-existing things. But it's a dangerous to play with fire.

Anonymous said...

"- Top program: U$ 2 million"

This made me think, there are no computers that is a fact but is he trying to scam a company to pay him 2 millions for an add on his page. 2 million is a big money in brazil he would live a long time on that. I would not pay 2 million to a company that never have delivered anything, byt you never know.

Dr Smart said...

Valdi must be a very very stupid person ... my educated guess is that he has an IQ of about 60 (at 59 you can eat by yourself).

The only people that are more STUPID than Valdi, is the so called managers in the Medison Scam, sorry Company ...

People that would be willing to buy something from Valdi are people that are even more stupid then him ... but since they can't eat by themself they soon starv to death ...

If I where Valdi, I would be very proud if I could retain a job as a truck driver ... but given Valdi's pathological lying he probaly never actually drove a truck, he has a friend whos father drove a truck ...

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Valdi ... the internet community is laughing at you and your so called company. And step-by-step you will go down ... the only success you will have in the future is the generous Swedish wellfare system .... ha ha

Anonymous said...

How many companies announce they are "Buying a company" vs "Purchased a company".

Wouldn't a normal business wait until they purchased a company and completed the transaction to make an announcement, just in case the deal fell through? That way, similar business wouldn't raise their asking price, and you wouldn't have egg on your face and look like an amature?

That's like selling a product before you actually have something to sell. Now who would do something like that... Crazy, I tell ya.

Peter said...

I don't think Valdi's IQ is that low.

Afterall, it's somewhat intelligent to try to be early in an area of business that seems to have significant potential.

But I agree otherwise. There isn't really much intelligence in how this idea was executed.

Valdi could have announced right at the peak of his fame, when some incl. the media still believed in it, that he was sorry for being unable to deliver the Celebrity product; and instead announce a REAL product with very similar specs but at a more realistic price of US$320. And to establish some baseling confidence he could provide a few samples to the press.

In other words, use the ridiculously low price of US$150 to capture enough attention from the media and same target group of customers who would still buy a laptop at a price point of around US$320.

That could have been somewhat intelligent.

Anonymous said...

I liked the dyslexic guy. Bring him back!!!

dyslexix said...

"I liked the dyslexic guy. Bring him back!!!"

yuo bterr bbe carefyl what tiu wihs fror , eoospeically , if ti was haveing dysleixixm, badd eyy sgiht and poor mtor cntrl.

Peter said...

Did anybody hear about the rumours that Medison has a plan of acquiring Acer?

Personally I'm just waiting for this news.

Valdi Wahnsinn said...

You are right. We are now negotiating not only with Acer but also with Apple, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and Sony about taking over these companies.

Only in this way it's possible for us to control the pricing and help Brazil become the next leader in laptop manufacturing.

[more to come]

Anonymous said...


When do you acquire Microsoft? We want to get Vista for free!!!

Anonymous said...

Please note that Medison is now negotiating with UPS and FedEx for a possible merger between the three companies. "Both UPS and FedEx have the logistical capabilities we at Medison need to become the world's premier laptop provider in the name of democracy", says Valdi Ivancic, Swedish Prime Minister, US Presidential Candidate 2012, Japanese Emperor and CEO of Medison Europe Ltd.

Peter said...

Gateway now has the cheapest laptop in the USA available through Best Buy at only TWICE the price of the Medison Celebrity:


Isn't this an evidence of Valdi having purchased Gateway or not?

Valdi Wahnsinn said...

Yes you are right. Acer just acquired Gateway and we then acquired Acer and got both companies. This is why we can now offer a laptop at Best Buy for only US$ 300.

C-H Swahnberg said...

Due to the decrease in our sales and the decrease in our stock we have decided to take extreme messures.

Today we have entered into contract with Medison to but the top program for $2 million. We belive that this alone will increase our sales by at least 25% weekly. To further decrease our cost structure we also negotiat with Medison to change our existing personal computers to the Medison Celebrity.

I am also proud to anounce that Mr Valdi has decided to join the board of directors at Ericsson. We belive that Ericsson has not used the technique of going "step-by-step" enough. It is my hope that Valdi can teach our business to do so as chairman of our board.

I am proud to say that when Valdi becomes the Prime Minister in Sweden, we (Ericsson) will have a lot of opportunity gaining profitable goverment contracts ...

Anonymous said...

Wow, great news for Sweden's competitiveness. Now Ericsson can finally get the boost they've needed and learn from all the experiences of Valdi's world leading and famous techniques in low cost manufacturing and logistics.

Can't wait to see US$10 3G mobile phones from Ericsson. That certainly should be possible now with that caliber of experienced management!

Valdi I. said...

As we all know ericsson have used 85% of their profit on advertisement, so by cutting on advertisement we can sell the phone for US$10. We only sell it on the internet. To buy one you send us the money and we send you the phone in 6-8 weeks.

Valdi I.
Ericsson Limited

Anonymous said...

lets get serious, men.
no news yet?

Anonymous said...

It's over. Everybody go home.

Anonymous said...

I knew this is how it would end...

Anonymous said...

...The End!!!

truth&honesty said...

This is not the end ... it is only the beginning ...

I hope this blog will stay open and focus on helping people understand that Valdi is a big fake ... with the power of the internet at least myself with keep track of his business. I will dedicate some of my time to warn potential customer and partners for Valdi.

Why am I doing this you might ask, am I obsessed ... well a little bit maybe ...

I am a business owner that have started with two empty pockets. Because of hard work (and by going step-by-step) and honesty I have managed to make some money. What I hate most in business are bullshiters like Valdi that is not ready to do things right, instead he is lying and cheating ... I have always tried to deliver more than I promise, instead of the other way around.

I think it is my duty to help others steer clear of individuals like Valdi ... Since I am retired I have some time to spend on Valdi ... and u can bet that I will ... I might even take a vacation in Brazil ... :-)

Peter said...

Maybe this is the somewhat predictable end of the story.

I've always felt about Medison as if someone came in from the street without experience trying to tell me that what I do in my consumer electronics projects costing perhaps in average 50 man years of engineering effort can be done by one guy who has no actual industry experience and the outcome can be sold at half the price.

And here I am spending many staff members just trying to squeeze a BOM a few Dollars down every year.

LOL...great entertainment though.

Anonymous said...

That's it, its over, this is where the story takes its end!

Anonymous said...

Where do I find a new and more entertaining scam on the
internet ?

Anonymous said...


Poker scam/scandal

Anonymous said...

I just had to get my wife out of one. She was foolish enough to order a free sample of a diet supplement, just pay shipping.

Well, 2 weeks later a full order comes, $89.99. No packing slip, no invoice return address said "Fulfillment Station" and address.

I called the number on the inside packaging and got an automated system directing you to a website that doesn't exist.

Today, I tracked down the shipping company in OK City, and they directed me to an 800 in Utah. 'Princess' told me from a script, that ordering the free sample enrolls you in a subscription (no details on the page of course), and that I could return the product, but I would still have to pay a $54 cancellation fee.

Tons of fun and no shortage of scams to track down out there. This company is called

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Search for "Medison" on the
following URL :


Are this Valdi's companies ?

19 700326-2016 1 Medison Consulting E Firma 10

556525-1096 Medison Data AB AB Firma 10 Konkurs avslutad

916575-3832 MEDISON Handelsbolag HB Firma 04 Avregistrerad

969622-6852 Medison Handelsbolag HB Firma 06 Avregistrerad

969627-7657 Medison Inlärning Handelsbolag HB Firma 06 Avregistrerad

969628-2749 Medison Media Handelsbolag HB Firma 06 Avregistrerad

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's sad to see crooks like Valdi escape the law repeatedly.

He is using a lot of slogans but should start to understand the slogan "Honesty is the best policy" first.

Valdi, you better study this one before you start something again:

Anonymous said...

Im officially un-bookmarking this site now. This is done with.

See you in the funny papers Valdi.

Anonymous said...

More info? or is it time to close the blog, tommy? If it is, anonymous was always glad to work with you. Thanks for your hard work... too bad though, it seems like you were right. We're disappointed, but we'll live.

Anonymous said...

Let's keep this blog alive as long as Mr. Valdi is not making a public apology of some sort and as long as he keeps deceiving people with his many lies on his web site.

Remember: [more to come]

Anonymous said...

Don't forget 2co, they kept this story alive much longer than it should and have still not told us when the deadline is.


Tommy TruthSeeker said...

There havn't been anything to write about recently. There is no reason to "close" this blog, if and when there is any news reagrding Medison/Valdi I will write about it.

Valdis mum said...

Statistics on medison search at google in 2007 shows, upp som en sol o ner som en pannkaka.

You can also see that sweden, denmar and serbia montengro are the one in the top seekers for medison.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, as of this moment, www.medisoncelebrity.com/ is shut down. This story may finally be wrapping up for real. Can others confirm that they cannot access that page either?


Anonymous said...

The medisoncelebrity.com page is back up. With a redesigned main page. All the rest of the nonsense is still the same. Unbelievable.


Vlad said...

With this main page photoshop made picture of on-case label Valdi tries to prove that it actually exist. So Valdishly fresh solution!!! :) Also "buy now" leads to page with shop under construction. Being not punished for his first fraud, Valdi thinks how to get the money without 2CO, but directly. What a slither!

Peter said...

Some half done update of the web site...yes, so Valdish...

I should have studied psychology. This is definitely a very special and interesting case.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA, I think he's using two different computers to take pictures of for his website... dear god....

Anonymous said...

Aftonbladet writes about this again


Anonymous said...

Translation of the interesting part of the Aftonbladet article:

- We will soon put out a press release. I hope it will be next week, says the companys Nordic boss Robert Klanjac to aftonbladet.se.

Do the customers have reason to feel conned?

- Negative.

So they will get their computers?

- No comments. I have no comments about anything.

Peter said...

Medison is good entertainment.

But if you want an actual real low cost laptop, the Asus Eee PC is now becoming an option at a quite reasonable price of only US$400. I know some people thought this laptop would be much cheaper than that, but at least it's a real product!

Read about it here:

(This blog engine has a bug with truncating too long words, so you need to copy-paste this link as two lines)

Anonymous said...

The resent article in Aftonbladet about Medison says that the person that ordered the Medison laptop did not get a refound of his money. What does this meen? Is the Medison account still open at 2CO and the deadline not reached?

Time to tell 2CO that we have not forgotten?

marketer said...


Valdi is re-designing his webpage instead of delivering computers ... He is such a looooser, and his cusin Robert Klanjac (the Skandinavien manager) will not comment on how big a looooser Valdi is ... could it be that Robert is a looooser to...

Cut your hair and get some real jobs ... there are a shortage of truck-drivers in Sweden ... and Valdi has the experience ...

Anonymous said...

The article in Aftonbladet, someone could translate it,,,

They say they will have a pressconference next week, don´t think so...

Anonymous said...

He is a real looser who updates the site what´s the point? Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Press release, not press conferense.
Don't think they will show up in public any moore.

Peter said...

I don't think Valdi has a chance of becoming a truck driver again with this motto:

The road to success is through hard work and by going step-by-step

The "hard work" part is ok but definitely "step-by-step" doesn't work well in the truck business. He should at least change it to:

The road to success is through following the traffic rules and delivering the goods as promised

And another one that suits him well:

Be sure to load your truck before delivering the goods

And this one:

Be sure the products you load in your truck are produced before you load your truck with them

Just a few examples...

Anonymous said...

found on medisoncelebrity/support
"Regarding ORDERS and PAYMENTS through 2Checkout.com:

Phone: 1.614.921.2450 Main Number
Phone: 1.877.294.0273 Toll-Free (US and Canada)
Phone: 0.871.871.8283 United Kingdom "

What is it????

Anonymous said...

Phone numbers for 2Checkout.com

Anonymous said...

Have anybody pointed out for 2checkout that Valdi is still using their phone numbers in his marketing?

Anonymous said...

shce says:



Anonymous said...

try again --2 halves:


Anonymous said...

shce says:

go to the 2co forum. they're still wringing they're hands. What IS 2co up to?

Peter said...

I think everybody can finally judge how ridiculous all this Medison stuff is and the changes done to the web site recently just underlines it.

But can someone tell me why it took so incredible long time for some people to get it?

I'm not sure what 2CO's staff was dreaming about, but even the editors of the technical press were believing that someone with no experience and no money can walk out of the Brazilian rain forrest and start a business selling a laptop at a third of the market price.

Only chance I could see for Valdi doing this would be to hijack a truck full of laptops on it's way from one of the factories in southern China to Hong Kong. At least he has the truck driving skills and seems to not care about laws and honesty.

sadbutwiser said...

well peter, i can answer your question about "why they didnt realize the truht sooner".

the only answer is, Hope.

i think that 2co aswell as the ppl that ordered one, hoped it would be real, and hope blinded their eyes, maybe some even would refer it to greed.

I for one hoped, i didnt order but i hoped, but wasnt blinded enough to take the bait, although noone has lost their money, so noone has been harmed financially, but we all have been harmed emotionally. Unfortunate, thats not illegal, sham really.

Grats valdi wonka, for making me hope and in the same time bring me down to earth. this experience enlightned me, and i will keep on being the negative and almost miserable person i am today.

Anonymous said...

take a look at real one http://laptoping.com/acer-aspire-as3690-2970-299.html

just for $299

Darth Valdi said...

They can never compete with Medison. Twice the price, and they do not have the global network experience and creativity for managing applied solutions that Medison has. Not to mention their lack of experience in coming up with Imac colours and IKEA furniture like Medisons Beloved Leader

Anonymous said...


Seriously, we've gone too long without any fresh posts. Sure, maybe very little has happened..but still, post it!

Thanks :p

Anonymous said...

Some lunatic like Valdi does not deserve all this attention.

He has absolutely no sense of doing business, making web sites or being honest.

Anonymous said...

Put the bastard in jail already.

The Process said...


happywillo said...

have you noticed yet that the images of the laptop/ layout of the product page have changed. A bit bizarre as we are wondering what/ who or where his potential customers are? Oh and if we are to believe the website, he is still completing the previous orders. see for yourself at www.medisoncelebrity.com

happywillo said...

a bit bizarre, but he now appears to have updated the layout and pictures on the product page. I wonder who he thinks he is selling his product to.
see for yourself. OH and he is evidently still completing orders

marketer said...

New design and new functionality ...

I wonder who is paying Valdi's salary ... to me it seems like he should have more pressing matters to attend to (like delivering computers) then trying to re-design his web-page ... My eleven year old boy could do a better job designing a web page ...

Now Valdi, you said in your press-conference and a little bit later in a press release that you would deliver the computers no later than August. What has happened? You also said that you could not lie because you would run for prime minister in Sweden, what happened???? It is mid November and no computers!!! So you did lie, maybe you have to become the Prime Minister of Norway now, or?

Valdi, you must be the most stupid business man in the whole world ... basically, you suck big time!!!! And what are you doing ....? Re-designing your web-page .... that is soooooooo smart. And for the Medison managers ... how stupid are you?????? I guess you will not run for any office in Sweden very soon .... I don't think you will get a lot of job offers with Medison Scam Company put on your ressume!!!!

How stupid can people be .... The road to success will not apply to you ... even if you go step-by-step very hard ....

Peter said...

Medison Celebrity at US$150 (1/3 of market price) never was real and never will be real. Valdi obviously has no skills, partners, experiences, money or reputation to change that fact. Besides he don't need to do much budgetting to realize US$150 as sales price is plain impossible.

It really doesn't matter what he did, will do or promised to do because everything was an impossible fantasy and big lie from the first second.

I just wanna know why he did all this nonsense.

jtcrump22 said...

I bet Valdi doesn't even read this blog anymore.

marketer said...

I am sure Valdi is reading this blog ... in his wet dreams he delivers the computers and post it here ...

One thing Valdi IS good at is dreaming ...

The road to sucess is to drive a truck and have grandious dreams ...

Hey Valdi! Did you get the job as tourist manager in Karlskrona?

Anonymous said...

Valdi dit not get the the job as heat tourism in Bleking.


Tommys CV must be amazing to beat Valdis!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes my keyboard is strang.
The job is "Head of tourism" no heat.


Kriss3d said...

Peter: Well thats the whole thing isnt it ? Unless you actually KNOW his businesspartners and suppliers you cant really tell that its impossible to make and sell a computer that cheap. Im not defending anyone here. Merely saying that it all depends on his sources of whether or not he can sell a laptop that cheap.
Personally i still do hope. But its easier to hope when you dont really have anything to lose about it. If he eventually starts shipping out those laptops he will be the king of laptops.. otherwise he will be known as a funny clown with no achivements. I dont have anything swimming so i dont expect it to happen yet if it does ill order a few myself for the family.

Peter said...

kriss3d, it's a matter of market pricing of the different components that goes into the BOM, costs of logistics and other overhead costs. Besides you only get the good vendor deals when you order high volumes and have a reputation of being a reliable manufacturer.

Getting down to 1/3 of the market price with none of that is plain and simple bogus. Sorry to say it. Keep dreaming!

Kriss3d said...

Oh i know all about that. And yes i still dream about getting my hands on a few medisons..
Valdi himself DID say that he wont make alot of money per laptop but was counting on making them on the vast amount of laptops he was planing on selling.. though he didnt expect THAT many orders..
So on that account he COULD have gotten some sweat deals.. Oh well.. i do hope but im not holding my breath..

Peter said...

kriss3d, do you always believe in everything you see or hear?

No factory, no laptop, no logistics, no partners, no vendors, no regulatory approvals, no money, no experiences, no successful delivery, no product review, no track record, no professional web site, no company office, no phone number, no honesty, no serious evidence of anything...

If you have a theory that Valdi found a limited quantity of cheap components and that was the basis for his idea, then isn't it incredible stupid to setup a factory in Brazil for assembling those few parts? Wouldn't that just lead to the world's most expensive laptop instead?


This laptop is exactly as real as Valdi's chance of becoming Swedish prime minister.

If you need a cheap laptop, my recommendation is to buy a used but real laptop from E-Bay. The honesty of 99% of E-Bay sellers seem way higher than Valdi's honesty.

Anonymous said...

Valdi has added a page with a link
to a brazilian web-shop ?



Anonymous said...

"Valdi has added a page with a link
to a brazilian web-shop ?



Atalho Equipamentos
Rua Henrique Sertorio 196
São Paulo - SP

Anonymous said...

Why did everyone stop writing after this comment?

Peter said...

Every time a professional company goes through a web site update they have some process behind it similar to this:

1. Define the changes to the web site.
2. Implement the changes to the web site (without making them public).
3. Test/debug the changes (without making them public). Make sure there are no missing links and everything works.
4. When the test has passed: release the changes to the public.

Doing partial/incomplete changes to a web site with missing links and so on is extremely unprofessional.

I don't know what Valdi think he was teaching in some universities in Sweden, but I can make a list of what wouldn't make sense for him to teach about.

So ask yourself why Valdi keeps doing all these meaningless incomplete changes to his web site?

Latest changes I just noticed are just simply further adding to his severe lack of professionalism.

What is the poor guy trying to do???

Anonymous said...

That Brazillian company has very few (0)* products for sale according to my browser!

Yep! would appear to have the required infrastructure for Medison!!!

Valdi just send me MY computer, I have tipex to sort the keyboard...........

* I'm too drunk to check whether the Clevo** runs sata drives

** AKA Medison MK1 (non production prototype)

I would like to point out that I am in no way affiliated with "Medison SE",

................................... especially as a satisfied customer

Uurrghhh I feel (or felt) sick.

Kronenbourg King

Anonymous said...

PS I am not a professional comedian.......no really!

Got to go to Sweden for that!!


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that Cliff at 2CO still are allowed to communicate with customers.
Is this the way to end the Medison story?
At least we could deserve is a proper explanation.
There are thousands who ordered, thinking ordering, etc.


From 2CO Forum

2CO Staff
Posted 11 hours ago #
Any deadline is obviously passed -or irrelevant./

Anonymous said...

Depends what you mean by 'communicate'!
I always found his comments evasive... Politician like ;-P

Hans said...

November 19, 2007
Another Brazilian Company
Medison is about to buy yet another Brazilian company. "The company has 80 employees and it is logical to add this kind of company to Medison", says Valdi Ivancic.
[more to come]

November 19, 2007
Atalho now a part of Medison
Medison proudly presents the Brazilian company Atalho Equipamentos as a part of the company. Atalho's commercial director, Jorge Farsetti, says this is a great opportunity for Atalho to grow outside the Brazilian market. Atalho's website.

Anonymous said...

shce says--

they've stripped some of my postings on the 2CO forums.

It would be more obvious that any deadline is passed or irrelevant if we were told what it was. I'd have stopped harassing them ages ago... why would you suspend an account like Valdi's if you could fire it into space instead. Valdi must have incriminating photos or something.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting shce,

Maybe we could go together all and start popping Medison threads at 2co.
I believe we are thousands who think we deserve some kind of explanation from 2co.


Anonymous said...

shce said:
this thing is over but I have this nagging feeling 2CO has something in this to hide or protect. What could possibly have been in this for them? I would have thrown Valdi under the bus in a heartbeat to deflect critism and protect my reputation if 2CO was MY company, wouldn't you? What would have been the harm to have closed all of this up gracefully 2 months ago when it was obvious Valdi was a fraud? They're even giving poor old Nightwater the run-around now and he's been their biggest supporter. I don't even want the damn PC's now. This is all for principle.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone registered to post on 2CO could ask them a very direct and easy question. Is this statement on several Medison pages still true: "2Checkout.com, Inc. is an authorized retailer of Medison Europe Limited" ?
If not, why are they allowing their good name to be used this way?


Anonymous said...

-sche, I agree.
If I had a company like 2CO, I would blame Medison for all and try to clear my name totally.
It is obvious that there is something behind that prevent 2CO to do so.
But, I guess sooner or later the truth will come out by some previously employee at 2CO

Medison have and have had links and logos to several companies, VISA, Master Card, TELE2, Infocare etc.
All except for 2CO, for no reason at all.
I think 2CO deserve to have there (good name?) to be used this way?


Anonymous said...

ahaha seems like that atalhoequip yet another Valdis scam site.. it offers pc133 memory..and obsolete shit like that..and i didnt found feedback..Valdi is the greatest.

Anonymous said...

There is also no mention of Medison on Atalho website whatsoever. I wonder if there is anyone that speaks the language that can contact them and ask?

Peter said...

I really love this greatest move.

It's definitely following the best and most entertaining Valdish style.

The usual missing links. E.g. click on laptop and it says "Products not found" or look at their employee photos and see the missing links.

Hey, their pricing of the few things they sell is not even close to competitive:

Harddisk example...

40GB 7200RPM SATA drive (no name): US$70.52

TigerDirect.com (40GB drives not available)
80GB 7200RPM SATA drive (Seagate): US$49.99

Motherboard example...

Asus M2N-MX SE: US$122.01

Asus M2N-MX SE: US$59.99

The exchange rate used was from this web site:

It looks like computer parts are much more expensive in Brazil compared to USA; or am I missing something???

So here we are, Valdi claims he has partnered with an expensive Brazilian company who probably don't even know a thing about Medison and Valdi's mission of establishing the missing logistics of a global laptop business selling at 1/3rd of the market price.

Yeah...let me laugh for a while...

Bundy said...

Tommy !!

Wheres the update, mate ??
come on, this must be worth adding to the front page. 110 comments to scroll though to read the latest gossip. This is hot stuff - for all us fiction lovers...

marketer said...

111 to scroll down ... actually :-) ... or?

Anonymous said...

"Valdi has added a page with a link
to a brazilian web-shop ?



The atalhoequip link is now changed. Your are not taken to the webshop when you click it.


I guess this means that our dear Valdi is reading this blogg.

Peter said...

This is really the most ridiculous attempt I've ever seen in trying to start a business. The silly, incomplete and pointless changes done to the Medison web site leads absolutely nowhere beyond confirming the level of intelligence behind all this insanity.

And now this Atalho thing...

On Atalho's web site:

About the company
Under Construction

It looks like everything Valdi is doing is forever under construction.

One person just can't build a super tanker alone even through Valdi's philosophy of hard work, patience and the step by step approach because before he is done with the project, the steel used is so full of rust that the ship is useless.

The metaphor applies to the specs of the laptop itself, the partnerships and his reputation as a supplier or vendor in the industry. Laptops are high-tech products and you just need a certain speed when you execute your business to make it real.

DMT said...

i'm from Brazil, and the prices in the atalho's webshop is correct. The price here in brazil is a quite expansive Compared to USA.
I called them, and they say that they had a lot of those Medison notebooks and are goin to start selling on the next week.
Goin to wait and see. I post here ASAP.

Anonymous said...

thank you dmt aka Valdi for info :-D

Anonymous said...


Oldlaptop shows up gain.. Medison is still alive..

Merchant Processing said...

If you ask me. I don't really think it's a great idea for madison to buy them

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