Thursday, November 29, 2007

Finally some real Medison-news!

As some people have noticed there has been quite low activity on this blog the last month or so. I have just been waiting for some bigger news to show up, and finally something has happened.

Lets first recap what I haven't posted about:
* Redesigned Some new graphics but still broken links. Many references to 2co has been removed, but there are still some links and information around. For example, they use 2co's phone number as contact information.
* Valdi claims that they have bought yet another Brazilian company "The company has 80 employees and it is logical to add this kind of company to Medison", says Valdi Ivancic.
* They also claim that Atalho now is "a part of the company".

Now to the latest news. The Swedish magazine Computer Sweden got a Medison Celebrity sent to them for review. The computer has a Medison-logo and runs Ubuntu instead of Fedora. The writer seems generally positive and it seems like he has forgotten all the bad stuff that Medison and Valdi has done previously in this story. In the article Valdi also claims that they will start to deliver the computers around new year, but "it's a goal and not a promise".
Anyway, so far so good. Now to the interesting part. Later during the day PC För Alla also got a look at the computer, and they could quickly see that this computer actually is the exact same one as Medison showed at their press conference several months ago. Only difference is that they have removed the serial number sticker even more, and placed a Medison-sticker on it.

Oh, maybe there wasn't any news really. Just the same Medison-circus as always.

And just a reminder to all new and old readers: Stay away from Medison and Valdi, they are just energy vampires that won't do any good. At all. EVER.


Anonymous said...

I know many people have suggested you should end this blog, but I'm happy you're still reporting on this. This is the best and easiest place to find out just what is happening with these laptops.

Anonymous said...

To be frank I am just keeping up with the blog so that if by some miracle from the high heavens causes the laptops to begin production, I can be among the first to capitalize on their stupidity. After all, the EEE PC is now $400.

Bruce A. Johnson said...

I commend your efforts to bring to light as much as possible about the Medison Celebrity, and the infamous Valdi Ivancic.

I continue to follow this blog, and continue to be interested in the ultimate fate of the whole fiasco.

Bengus said...

It is interesting to see that the journalist just happened to forget all about MEdison.

For example that they have no real company (just a £1 po box company) and all of their previous lies/scams.

I have not forgotten that they actually tried to charge customers for delivering laptops (we have just shipped) before 2Co put an end to it.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

shce say:

It's the same damaged PC from months ago. PC fur alles even pointed it out. Valdi must have studied P.T. Barnum and Joachim von Ribbentrop both of whom stated that if you're going to lie, lie BIG. People find a bigger lie easier to believe. Seems to work for him...

Kriss3d said...

I would say that a reporter doing a review on a product such as a computer should not care if the company is suspiscious unless its directly PROVEN scam ( which medison isnt.. yet anyway ) but rather focus on the actual computer. So the reporters doing the review just did his job and didnt mind about the business but merely on the computer itself.

Aparently the swedish have one for review so thats at least news. And good news. Nobody can deny that at least. It does prove there are computers with the medison name on. So far so good. I for one still hope though i dont actually belive. But then again.. Its free to hope when i got nothing to lose by doing so..

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

Kriss3d: How do you spin it to a positive thing that they put a sticker on the EXACT SAME computer that they tried to sell for US$500 last spring, the exact same computer that they showed on their press conference several months ago, and the exact same computer they showed to 2co? They only got one fkin Clevo-unit, that they most likely got their hands on by illegal means. I just don't get it, they send that only computer for review, and suddenly it's something positive??

And even that the whole Medison-thing isn't a proven scam, they have tried to scam (remember the orders marked as shipped?) lied, and generally acting really stupid. They don't have any computers to sell, so why do a review on something like that?

(Oh, and if you haven't noted, I'm done trying to be a bit neutral, I'm biting as hard as I can now when it comes to Valdi and Medison.)

Peter said...

Good Tommy, but I'm not sure there is much to be neutral about really.

Medison is an obvious scam for a ton of reasons.


Please come back and show a product label with the needed public approval IDs and I might change my mind and believe in the excuse about lacking logistics.

No, forget it...that US$150 laptop business is totally impossible and irrelevant anyway.

Why are you playing these stupid games Valdi?

Anonymous said...

What was the deal with the orders that were marked shipped? Did they ever make a statement as to their reason for doing so? Is that the potential for making profit?

1. Make fake computer company.
2. Offer amazing deal!
3. Get lots of orders.
4. Mark orders as shipped.
5. ....
6. Profit!

Vlad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vlad said...

Valdi found couple of bux to print the stickers )) Honorable slither! I wounder if journalists have to return his famous scratched clevo unit

Peter said...


Please refuse to do a review of any Medison laptop unless there is a sticker with the mandatory approvals on it or you have other proof that your review will not pose a safety risk or violate RF radiation regulations.

And please don't break it because it's the world famous one and only US$150 laptop ever made.


Anonymous said...

shce says:
Does anyone remember a Monty Python bit where the straight-man is presented with a "fish license" and can only argue that "This isn't a fish license! It's a dog license with the word 'dog' crossed out and the word 'fish' written in in crayon!" Kind of like a Clevo becoming a regulation-approved Medison Celebrity. It's magic, you muggles!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the neutrality kept an air of professionalism and maturity about this blog, but this article makes it much more... asinine. I'm sure many of us would love to see you regard the computer with a bit more neutrality. It could happen. Even if it is just a few hundred, it could happen.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

The point is that this Medison-business and Valdi is so incredibly stupid that it doesn't matter if any computers will come or not. Anyone not realizing that must have some kind of problem. Really!

Peter said...

Very true Tommy.

Neither way, this is indeed stupid...

If Valdi can't deliver:
He wasted his time and all he got out of it was a bad reputation.

If Valdi can deliver the US$150 Celebrity:
The more he sells at this unrealistic price the more money he will lose!

If Valdi can deliver something else than a US$150:
Alright he got some attention but who dare to purchase anything from him after all these lies? No reputation is some times better than a poor reputation.

What is the REAL interesting question is WHY Valdi is doing what he is doing.

marketer said...

Peter, Valdi is doing this because he has an illness ...

In Valdi's sick mind he is the worlds best businessman ... Just read the Medison history on his website, it is full of lies and missrepresentations.

Valdi is doing what a lot of people with his illness is doing ... something. When he can't find computers to sell, he is redesigning his web-page - maybe writing some news that no one can check ... the buing of businesses in Brazil. If this was true, he would maybe taken some picture, put out the name of the business ... so sceptics like me can check that it is so.

The only people Valdi can fool is people that are less intelligent than him (the other Medison managers for example)....

When I was a kid, I played businessman ... i used one of my dads ties, and said that i was doing business ... i even had businesscards printed with my "make-belive" company printed on ... I wanted to be cool ... My excuse was that I was 14 years old .. not soon 38 like Valdi.

Valdi, you are not a businessman ... you can't fool me ... I saw that IKEA had an open position for truckdriver ... you should applay so you could make some serious money!!!

Anonymous said...

marketer, I tend to agree but I consider it more like an extreme case of a certain personality trait rather than an illness.

Valdi's idea of creating a company around sales of a low cost laptop running Linux isn't really in itself so stupid.

Kriss3d said...

Well Tommy i suppose youre right.
As others have mentioned here. The big question I'm also stuck with is:


Why does he do this.
He have multiple companies in his past neither of them could ever deliver anything. Yet nobody got scammed.

Scam = people being cheated out of money.

So far nobody have lost a dime ( at least as far as im aware of )

Sure 2CO got a kick in the sack as far as reputation goes by now.
Valdi.. well that speaks for itself.

Id like to know WHY he did it.

Peter: you failed to note the other option:

Valdi will eventually deliver an extreme amount of laptops and though he will not earn alot per computer the vast amount of orders would still make him a fortune.

I think this whole thing is.. well.. not exactly scam.. more like.. a big roaring WTF?

He doesnt stand to make any money what so ever in any case ( unless he can actually procure those famous laptops )he no doubt has put alot of effort into this..
Either he is the historys most failed businessman or he has some agenda making money for him thats currently unknown..
If he had put banners on his site he could have made quite a buck by now judging by the big hype around this and the daily visitings on his site..

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

It's much more clear fo you look at his history and investigate what he has done previously. The history repeats itself all the time. All Valdis business plans has gone bad previously.
It starts with this great idea, that will make him loads of money. He gets people interest, and they invest money and time in the project. Soon the idea actually seems quite stupid, bad planned and so on. But Valdi keeps his face and says to everything will sort out. People that don't pull out in time will lose their invested money and no one will get their invested time back. Valdi makes himself uncontactable and moves to another location. After some time everyone forgets, and he starts a new project.

I have never thought this to be a scam towards the customers, I have been more towards the "bad idea" theory all the time.

Why do he do this? Who knows. Illness or just plain stupidity, you choose.

The idea in the later part of this story if ofc to make money from advertisers and partners, but it seems like most companies are smart enough to check the history of Valdi first, and sees trough his lies.

Anonymous said...

shce said:

Sorry Frank. I asked your question and got the usual garbage from Cliff at 2CO:

We only maintain our own sites. The site in question is not a 2CO site, so we can't comment on its contents and will not engage in speculation.

Regarding any questions about the relationship between Medison and 2CO, I will refer you to our previous statements, especially this one:

The negotiations between 2CO and any of its vendors regarding their account status is not public information.

If we have any updates to offer regarding this issue, we will do so.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, Valdi can time travel now. At the bottom of the new page: "Copyright by Medison Consulting 1996-2008", he's already into next year.

Peter said...


I didn't include the scenario of Valdi actually succeeding and making money out of a high volume production of this US$150 laptop.

You gotta understand that when the buyers at Acer, Dell etc. are negotiating pricing of the parts that goes into their laptops, they are in a much better position than Valdi or whoever Valdi would work with.

It's totally bogus to imagine that some inexperienced guy can drive pricing down further than those already established high volume manufacturers. In the electronics industry pricing is highly volume dependent and the key vendors use experienced sales people who have professional legal backup when negotiating the terms of conditions of any supply agreement.

I would have been somewhat optimistic if Valdi had shown some super exceptional signs of intelligence that would make me wonder if he had found some new undiscovered innovative concept of low cost computing that the many experienced people in the industry had not realized yet...

But all the signs I've seen from Medison and Valdi are exact opposite of marketer so well described with his story about when he was a kid...

Anonymous said...

"If he had put banners on his site he could have made quite a buck by now judging by the big hype around this and the daily visitings on his site.."

Kriss3d, are you giving Valdi free ideas ? Valdi is reading this blogg. In a few days his web-sites will probably be full of banners.

marketer said...

Kris, and others ...

To put a banner on Valdis page is like advertising on a porn site ... no company that likes their brand name would willing advertise on

I believe that Valdi has made his biggest misstake yet ... this Medison scam will be on the internet always, and when you have such an unusual name like Valdi, this will be hunting him for the rest of his life.

If I had a business partner that was doing business with Valdi, I would questions their judgment, and ultimatly stop doing business with them. So that anyone would willingly put their companies reputation on stake doing business with Valdi is very unlikely.

Anonymous said...


Like 2CO!


Karel "Jazz" Jansens said...

If Valdi keeps this going for long enough, he'll eventually be able to sell that laptop at USD 150 with a profit -- mainly because the hardware will be so outdated that it really will be worth that.

Now, to find buyers for a new, three year old laptop...

Peter said...

What really happens is that nobody cares about producing obsolete harddisks, RAM, CPUs etc. simply because it's not profitable to do so.

In the 80s you could buy a harddisk with a 5MB capacity. The production cost was higher than what it costs to produce a 1TB disk today (200,000 times the capacity).

However, what might be a possibility is to find limited quantities of obsolete parts from companies who have some unused inventory for whatever reason e.g. for warranty repairs.

Of Valdi could move to China and start rebuilding PCs out of all the e-waste that arrives over there.

But who cares anyway?

Afterall, don't forget that Medison is just a web site.

Winston Smith said...

"If he had put banners on his site he could have made quite a buck by now judging by the big hype around this and the daily visitings on his site.."

But he did put banners on his site! Unfortunately he forgot to ask the companies in question. When they heard about it and told him to remove the banners, he removed them one by one, while giving some lame explanation. Read all about it on e.g. this site.

Anonymous said...

shce says:

Valdi likes to fill out profiles...

Anonymous said...

I work for Valdi and he is a good man. His factory is up and he is already churning them out. The factory is outside of Berkshire. My sister work there at the centre building. The colour of the notebooks are not as advertised the are glossy grey instead and they just recieved the mainboards for them which was why he was unable to manufacture them using the older model as everyone has come to realize... it's a different laptop that everyone was seeing. They will be out to people starting at the end of January. Those who have been patient will see that they have won and those of you who have been nasty I hope will not get theirs until all the other orders are caught up. Also he is not going to be using 2CO

If you want to see pictures of the factory post your email address and I will email them to you unless someone can tell me how to post them here?

Peter said...

I'm really wondering who was posting the previous silly comment. Berkshire is in the UK where assembly staff salaries probably are >20 times higher than in Guangzhou China.

Obviously UK is not the place to manufacture the world's cheapest laptop :-)

Besides, if someone really think there is some factory for Medison laptops in the UK, please give us the address or the coordinates to use for Google Map
Enter "Berkshire, UK" and zoom in on the Satellite mode. You will probably find more cows there than Medison factories :-)

Nothing will change the fact that:

Medison is just a simple web site.

If you need a a REAL one from a REAL company.

Unfortunately there are some REAL reasons why REAL laptops usually cost at least 2.5 times the US$150.

Anonymous said...

shce says:

Dearest Anonymous-

You are as full of shit as Valdi.

No 2CO, eh? Gee. Wonder why.

You have done your master no favours here.

Peter said...

Merry Christmas to you Valdi!

Sad some good dreams are not always coming to fruition...

A lot of us would have loved to see it succeed even most of us probably could not see the realism in it.

nitro2k01 said...

It's ironic that he enterred "Gravesend" as his location... :D

About the price... He never said that the price is supposed to be
USD 150. As this page clearly shows, the price is supposed to be U$ 150, not USD 150. This used to be U$D 150 ("United Dollartates dollars"?) but apparently they changed it to U$ 150 now. ("United Dollars"?)

Anonymous said...

Where did Valdi get that keyboard idea from ?

Did he get it from Optimus Maximus ?

ArtLebedev is in the T-shirt business too just like Valdi...

Datanova in Sweden want 17000SEK for the Optimus Maximus keyboard :

It seems that artlebedev has not delivered the keyboard yet....:

Anonymous said...

Just testing ...

Datanova Keyboard

Peter said...

That keyboard idea is fancy but it has a few major flaws in making it a winning technology:

1. Experienced users of PCs don't actually look at the key labels. Imagine that you have to read labels on keys before pressing them; PC operation will just be too slow.

2. Power consumption.
Wireless keyboards will need more battery capacity. You need backlight of the dynamically changing displays to operate in dark rooms = a lot of power consumption. This is less of an issue when all keys are fixed and you don't need to figure out their function by looking at the keyboard (issue 1 above).

3. Reliability.
Suddenly the keys are more prone to reliability issues. When a single display (key) doesn't work you have a broken expensive keyboard.

4. Price.
It's just way more expensive than simple plastic keys.

Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

"Datanova in Sweden want 17000SEK for the Optimus Maximus keyboard :"

What is the price tag on Valdi's keyboard ?

Peter said...

United Keys seems not to be very far with their keyboard...

Frankly speaking, the process from having the idea to bringing a complex product like this keyboard into mass production is long and expensive.

Most likely it would include several specially designed components like a miniature OLED display with driver that can fit into the keys.

Problem is that no component vendor would be much interested in making these very unique new components unless they are ordered in high volumes or the price is very high.

If I was Valdi, assuming the patent has enough merit, I would work with component vendors (OLED etc.) and a company capable of designing, developing, manufacturing, advertising and distributing it like Logitech or Apple - of course with some license agreement or other type of payment. Valdi could then later consider starting a serious company when having actual money to do so.

Apple is the best bet as they already filed for a similar patent recently.

Kind of interesting...

Anonymous said...

how the hell does this blog get a google page rank of 8!!!!!

It is not that serious!!