Friday, January 4, 2008

"Medison Celebrity even more delayed" (Updated)

About 300 days after the announcement of the US$150 computer Medison Celebrity, and about 130 days after the last promised delivery date, Medison drops a bomb: The delivery of the computer is further delayed!
I'm sooo chocked!
The "news" comes from Computer Sweden, who has spoken with Medison's Nordic Manager Robert Klanjac. In the article he states that "they are making progress" and that they still have "logistical problems". He can't say anything more, not a new date or anything, but he promises that everyone who has ordered will receive their computer.
On the usual question about if they are scammers, he gives the usual answer that 2Checkout warrants that Medison won't get any money until they make the actual deliveries. But 2Checkout can't do anything about stupid and impossible business plans and notorious liars, can they?

Oh, and happy new year and welcome to another age of the Medison Circus!


The original article has now been updated with an quote from 2Checkouts Geno Arce who says that they haven't head anything from Medison at all for over three months now. He states that they must be able to trust their partners, and that any further partnership with Medison will be discussed with the company's board of directors.


Anonymous said...

shce says:

2CO's written Valdi off, haven't they? I STILL haven't gotten a straight answer on that front. Just 2CO b.s. Please note the main topics in 2CO's forums are 'medison', 'fraud', '150$', 'laptop', etc. Valdi's all they have to talk about...

Peter said...

Let's not forget the famous world-leading laptop factories of Medison with all their staff members!
And don't forget that according to Medison's own news, their first factory in Sao Paulo was already in production in February 20 last year:

Soon those fine guys working for Medison can celebrate their first one year anniversary as Medison staff members!

While I'm sure most people can wait for getting a laptop, I'm less sure those many factory workers can survive without money while endlessly waiting for logistical problems to be resolved.

But at a laptop sales price of US$150 they wouldn't be able to get any salary anyway, so who cares?


nitro2k01 said...

As usual, I have to remind everybody that the price is not US$150, but U$150 (United Dollars :D :D )
See for yourselves.

Peter said...

Yes, you got a valid point. I guess U$1 (Uzbekistan Dollars?) is equivalent to US$2.86.

Anonymous said...

U$ means United Medison Dollars.

Anonymous said...

ISO Currency list

Anonymous said...

With ambitions of becoming Swedish prime minister it's no surprise that Valdi has taken the step to invent his own brand new currency to be deployed world-wide through his market leading low cost laptop computing firm; of course backed up with a ton of global experience from Brazil all the way to Sweden!!!

The benefit of being able to control his own private currency is obvious. Theoretically he could reduce the laptop price to U$50 and just change the exchange rate to maintain profit.

And who other than the great Valdi has the global experience and power to make a truly global currency?

The Single Global Currency Association is targeting a global currency by 2025 so Valdi is taking the lead again!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Valdi and Medison is behind the TATA car from India that costs only 3000 dollar? Or is that also in U$ that can be converted to anything else? haha

Peter said...

Now I must admit Valdi came into my mind today positively!

The CES show in Las Vegas is the primary event for the latest consumer electronics and I just found this brand new video:

(copy-paste two times)

Perhaps this is not so bad an idea and perhaps this is truly Valdi's patent?

Who owns that patent?

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

That keyboard-thing is quite old, and has been discussed before. There is loads of patents involving displays on the use of dispalys on keyboards, and such keyboards has already been sold. Many patents are also made prior to Valdis patent, a patent that looks just like a re-used expired patent, re-registered just to try to lure of investors money.
Since Art announced their keyboard back in 2005, and it hasn't been written about any legal actions yet from Valdi / United keys, it would be quite safe to assume that the optimus isn't infringing on their patent.

What I do find funny though is the quote in the last article you link to, from Valdi:
"Art Lebedev has scammed about two million Swedish crowns from gullible people who think that they will get a fantastic keyboard for Christmas. [...] They think that they can get away with just good marketing and pretty pictures of a product that they don't have, says Valdi Ivancic."

That is sooooo hilarious in retrospective!

Peter said...

LOL, Valdi should be the last to judge Art Lebedev in this way...

Yes, I'm aware the keyboard idea has been a topic here before.

It is however the first time I've heard about it at CES - where I am right now.

Art Lebedev and Valdi Ivancic seem to share several things beyond claiming to own this keyboard patent.

1. Both are from the old Soviet Union.

2. Both are selling things before they exist and seem seriously lacking the experience and understanding of what it takes to commercialize an idea.

3. Both are using old Soviet era type slogans to promote their values/competencies.

However, Art Lebedev Studio is a real company with a real staff making real things happening. It's apparently a major design firm in Russia.

But being a design firm I doubt they can succeed turning their Optimus Maximus keyboard design into a commercial success. But perhaps Logitech or someone will buy their design, cost optimize it, start producing it and distributing it through their sales channels.

They are taking early pre-orders before they can deliver and from the demo shown at CES it's clearly not a product ready for production yet.

With the diversity of personalities there might be more than one similar to Valdi on this planet.

Anonymous said...

February 27, 2008
Medison Celebrity Laptop

Medison will start delivering the Medison Celebrity laptop during 2008.
[more to come]

Anonymous said...

I just tried going to their site and it's gone....woo so suprized lol...

Anonymous said...

Medison is one of the best in bull-shitting.

Kriss3d said...

Now they have just about 6 month left to start delivering the laptops.
I just wish i could order one now.
I mean.. I know im getting one within 6 month and im in no hurry right now so it would be nice with that guarantee since he flat out promised to start delivering them this year..

Anonymous said...

How's it going? Any computers yet?

Kriss3d said...

Doesnt seem like any computer has been delivered. Heck. Even if Valdi himself had taken the task of delivering every single laptop on a bicycle, he'd at least have quite a few out by now.

Seems like genuine vaporware.