Monday, September 10, 2007

New article with Valdi-interview

TT (Swedens biggest news agency) has written a new article containing an interview with Valdi himself! The article are getting published by many major Swedish papers and sites, one of them SvD. A short summary:

  • Valdis "best guess" is that the first computers will arrive in "a couple of weeks". (Tommy: So what about the orders that already has been marked as shipped??)
  • The problem with delivering the computers at this stage is purely a "logistical problem" caused by the "big demand". (Tommy: About 7000 orders according to 2co. Is that really a big demand for Valdi, that earlier wrote in his CV that they were prospecting sales of 200 000 computers per month?)
  • Many of the computers has already been manufactured and assembled in different parts of the world. Valdi does not want to say where they were manufactured or where they are now.
  • Valdi says that their partners (that he doesn't want to mention, as usual) have understood the "seriousness" and are working on getting the computers to be delivered. (Tommy: Anyone surprised? Just in line with his earlier statements)
  • Medison do have some computers ready to be shipped, but they won't send them until a bigger part of the orders can be delivered, to silence critics that say that they only would deliver some computers and then run off with the money. (Tommy: Again, what about the orders already marked as shipped? Also, 2co has confirmed that this can't happen, so why bother?)
  • The reason they sell the computers so cheap is purely because of "democratic issues". If they would have done it to earn money they "would have done something else". (Tommy: So, first they say that they will earn money from only sell computers, then they change it to that they will earn money from ads and partnerships, and now they don't need to earn money at all?)
  • The article is summed up by the fact that Valdi has had many unsuccessful businesses earlier. (Tommy: I have covered this on the blog in details earlier)

The article is written in a quite negative way in total.


Anonymous said...

English translation at

the guy with the glasses said...

"marketer" wrote earlier here they have the same explanation about the missing ads on their site. They told him they have many deals ready and signed, but waiting for all spots to be negotiated before they run it.

God damn it Valdi, couldn't you keep your mouth closed.

When he was quite for nearly two weeks, I was starting to accept he's trying to make this happen for real (never mind if he'll succeed or not).

But now he opened his mouth with all the old lies, and I'm firmly back on the other side again.

Anonymous said...

"Then we can silence both the critics and the doubters, and prove we are serious."

He has officially said this way too many times now.

Then, then, then, then. This moment never comes. And for those computer marked shipped, which he reportedly has decided after the fact to hold undelivered so he came make a large "boom" later, too bad.

Hope dies last. And for Valdi, it never dies as well.

Anonymous said...

I long for the days when members of the media used to question statements given to them during interviews. Press issues when statements didn't make sense or jive with previous statements, instead of eating what they're fed.


I guess that makes me nostalgic for 'the good ole days'...

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

Well, I actually think that the article is quite good. It represent both views quite good, and it's quite clear that the author doesn't have any trust in Valdi imho.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like I'll be getting any laptop...

Anonymous said...

He doesn't have logistical problems since if he had orders would come slow, not never come (I can ship a laptop over UPS or FedEx any day without having special "logistics" partner. Hell, I could ship 100, and given 4-6 weeks he had, I could ship at least 1000).

Further, assembling the laptops in multiple place doesn't make sense cost-wise too, so he's not doing this either.

Unfortunately this he never assembled or shipped anything.

The next two weeks will prove this.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention "we ship nothing, so we ship more in the end to look more trustworthy" is quite counter-intuitive.

He should realize if he shipped EVEN ONE SINGLE DAMNED laptop, he'd look far more credible than he looks now.

Not to mention it'll calm many of the customers who still wonder if the laptops exist at all.

Anonymous said...

"I have built this new car for $1000 that is as good as Ford, but much cheaper than Ford just because Ford spends all their money on marketing. I will not ship the car to any customers though because if they get a car, they may think it's a fraud. But you can send me money for the car now. And get it later. In a few weeks. Honest."

Yeah that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

*** READ THIS ***

You can now buy the soon to be famous book with the title:

"The Valdish way of starting up a business."

The book will be available on the web site:

We will sell it through our always good loyal partner 2CO for US$ 15.00 incl. local taxes and shipping. We deliver the book in your local language.

Notice that we have some minor problems with getting the book delivered at the moment incl. getting it written and the web site working. We hope to get these solved within the next few months.

Valdish is Swedish for "doing everything half" by the way.

Anonymous said...

In the time this guy had to deliver even a single laptop, I've bought a laptop from eBay, received it, then ordered some accessories like camera and mouse, and received them, and then ordered a tablet from Wacom and received it.

And I'm not in US/Canada so the shipment is overseas.

At the same time Valdi can't deliver a single damn machine even in his own damn country. He's so full of sh--.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Valdi guy and his socalled partner 2CO are both completely full of shit. Obviously they started taking orders way before anything was ready for prime time.

And still this dum ass 2CO company keeps adding orders. How brainless can 2CO's staff really be?

I like to be a nice guy but all of them should get a kick in their butt for stupidity and be sued for fraud.

Anonymous said...

This guy is mentally ill or something.

Also, he lied about the amount of orders he's received... AGAIN. In the interview he stated 300.000 whereas we know (on good authority as the information comes directly from 2co) that in reality it's only about 7000.

the guy with the glasses said...

Tommy, time to update the counter, according to his interview.

It now says:

"The first deliveries was promised to be the 15th of August. This was pushed to the 31st of August.
This was -11 days ago and no new date has yet been specified."

It should say:

"The first deliveries was promised to be the 15th of August. This was pushed to the 31st of August, which was then pushed to the 25-th of September.
This is 14 days from now."


Anonymous said...

My guess about how this counter will look after a while:

"The first deliveries was promised to be the 15th of August. This was pushed to the 31st of August, which was then pushed to the 25-th of September, then pushed to 10-th of October, then pushed to 26-th of October, then pushed to 5-th of November, then pushed to 20-th of November, then pushed to Christmas, then to New Year's eve, then January 5-th 2008 ..."

Anonymous said...

We don't need to ask Valdi when he can deliver.

The question is, when can laptops with similar specs (1.5GHz CPU, 256MB RAM, Linux etc.) generally be bought for US$150 online?

The day Acer and others of the lowest cost vendors succeed making and selling one at US$150 online is probably the same date as when Valdi can sell one too.

Is there ANY reason at all why a total liar and inexperienced guy like Valdi, who failed all his businesses so far, can do it cheaper than the leading experienced low cost high volume manufacturers when any moron should know that a high production volume is the #1 important factor that allows a low cost BOM (Bill Of Material)?

Remember one important thing, the guy has no money!

Why is the press so damn easy to fool and why are the guys at 2CO so incredible naive? 2CO is totally sickening me with their atittude.

Anonymous said...

Is there ANY reason at all why ...Valdi... can do it cheaper than the leading experienced low cost high volume manufacturers

Sure! It's because Acer spends all their money on advertising. More than 50% of the laptop cost is advertising. Those superbowl spots are expensive you know.
Valdi is a brilliant genius who will be paid advertising dollars instead of paying them, something nobody else has thought of before.

Anonymous said...

>More than 50% of the laptop cost is advertising.
Yeah, great number! Where did you get that silly number from?

Why don't you read the annual report of Acer or Dell you can download from their web site? For example, Dell's operating expenses are 13.9% of their current revenue. And Acer's R&D spending is only 0.14% of their revenue in 2006!

How many percent would R&D of the world's cheapest laptop be in Valdi's R&D lab selling a few 1000s? It would be SO SO SO expensive percentage wise that you guys would be shocked.


I'm sorry, but it's really funny when people have no idea about why modern electronics from China is actually so cheap. High volume...and low cost labor (lower than Brazil)...

Perhaps Valdi got these numbers wrong too???

Anonymous said...

And I forgot to would all the component vendors quote an order of a few 1000s components?

Probably the parts would cost like twice of what Acer pays when they order those huge volumes.

It's just how it is in this industry and I'm sorry if Valdi had to learn it the hard way.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong. We have several partners and the component price is very low, much lower than Dell or Acer is paying.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong. We have several partners and the component price is very low, much lower than Dell or Acer is paying.

Any idea why those "partners" partner with a company that has become the laughing stock of the internet, and that hasn't delivered a single machine (thus putting their profits from this venture at $0 or possibly less).

Medison is a company that has enormous difficulty maintaining a simple web site running, let alone updating it, and all those magical partners go to you, versus Acer and Asus?

Second question. What are those partners, you realize all secrets go away when the first laptop ships. Why not just name them.

Furthermore, there's only one vendor of "Intel Celeron" chips: it's Intel.

If Medison has found a source of Intel chips different from Intel, then that must be some serious magic involving parallel universe portals in the mix.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to think.

If this is Valdi reading and posting to blogs versus working around the clock to fix their site (1 hour job) and deliver those computers, then really bad.

Anonymous said...

Assuming you are Valdi writing this:

You are wrong. We have several partners and the component price is very low, much lower than Dell or Acer is paying.

That's wonderful Valdi, why don't you send your great resume to Dell or Acer applying for a job as director of purchasing - if you are this good? At least such a job will earn you a good income!

Or did you just learn about a pile of old cheap limited quantity inventory parts and think you can start a company based on using those parts and "soldering the stuff together" in some apartment in Sao Paolo? Great idea :-)

Hey did it occur to you that a laptop is a piece of complex engineering?

Actually I want to say that I'm a project manager in consumer electronics manufactured in China myself; and Valdi, you are the biggest idiot I've ever heard about. The more I hear about all this idiocy the more I feel sorry for you. But it's fun and sad in many ways. It's especially sad to see all the articles about your crappy comments in the very uncritical media. No wonder Hitler could convince a whole country of his crazy ideas. A lot of people just take in any information without being critical to it.

The main reason I like you is that you are a great entertainer and at least nobody gets seriously harmed by this!

But what is your family saying about all this? Don't she want a husband who actually brings home an income?

Valdi Ivancic said...

We are here to stay. We are not going to steal your money and run off to Brazil. I can ensure you that we are very close to start shipping the Medison Celebrity computer.

We are currently working out the technical details of the Medison Celebrity computer and very close to signing a deal with our international logistics partner that has a global presence.

I can now promise that all existing orders will be shipped within four weeks from today and all new orders will be shipped in less than six weeks.

Our produciton facility in Brazil and a few other contries are working hard on the latest details in our contract. They will start manufacturing parts and whip to our logistics partner and assembly plant in a few days from now.

We are also working hard on setting up a 7/24 support line with international presence and support in all languages. For this we are currently finalizing a contract with a large international support partner with global market shares.

We are soon going to offer a complimentary computer to everybody that has already ordered one Medison Celebrity.

Anybody that place his first order before September 25:th will be egliable to add a second computer for only $100 extra. The two computers will be shipped in the same parcel so that is why we can offer this even better price.

Everyone who has ordered a Medison Celebrity laptop will receive a laptop. For checking your orders or cancel the order, please contact 2CO on during these days.

Valdi Ivancic
CEO & President
Medison Europe Limited

Anonymous said...

Weeeeeeeee - 2 computers ? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAUW this gets better and better !:-)

Peter said...

Valdi I'll declare you as the biggest liar the industry has ever have seen...unless...

OK, show me the FCC approvals that are public to prove you are even allowed to sell in the USA?

When I enter Medison I get this reply:

There are no applications on file that match the search criteria specified:
Applicant Name: medison

Does it mean your customers are not even allowed to use the Medison laptop in the USA?

Or please provide me the REAL Applicant name so I can find your socalled US$ 150 laptop?

If you don't have any FCC approval OBVIOUSLY this is total fake - at least for US customers. So show me please!!!

Or are you planning to sell some of those computers Clevo just got approved very recently?

Anonymous said...

My Anatolian-herb concoction cures baldness and impotence, and extends your equipment by at least 3 inches.

You can shortly order it from 2CO for the cheap price of 10 USD for one gallon, and 15 USD for two gallons. We will not mention shipper or costs, because that could reveal the origin of our concoction and of the producer (who is selling this and other products to medical companies for much higher prices, but obviously loves us, which is why we get it cheaply).

The reason why we sell it so cheap is that it is our democratic belief that everybody has the right to get rid of baldness and impotence and feeling of inadequacy, and therefore the product is subsidised by advertising on our website - just $20 million per banner per month.

Anonymous said...

So no computers will be delivered before 25th Sept 2007, rite? Then why would you marked some of the orders as SHIPPED at 2co?

marketer said...

and the story continues ...

I have to admit that this is bad for our business ... a lot of our staff keeps following this soap and discuss it instead of doing business (and so am I).

I wonder if there is a possibility to licence Valdi as a comedy guy. My company is having a get-to-gether in a month ... I would love to have Valdi there "holding a press conferens".

It is fun to see that Valdi is reading this blog to. Hey Valdi, how can you afford to have different companies bilding you computers (when you don't have any money), and still you can't afford to have a website up and running ... And Valdi, how much would it cost to hire you for one hour in Stockholm?

Anonymous said...

Suppose that it is the real valdi we got a new date"shipped within four weeks from today". Shipped means as I understand it that the customer have the product in his hand.

Anonymous said...

You got a point that it is bad for the business, it’s like a drug that one can’t let go of.
Soon as I’m back after lunch or any other thing away from my computer I have to check if something has come up immediately.
I really want to stop follow the “Medisonsoup” but can’t!

The get-to-gether, I’m not shore if it such a good idea.
I listened to the more than two hour press conference but had to split it in to 15 minutes periods over two full days.
I wish I had the skills to translate it to English so the rest of the world could get an idea of the torture we Swedes had to go through.
Must be world record for doing a speech with continues lying?

!!!A breakthrough at 2CO forum, For the first time they answered a question!!!

Lukeduke, I do not know when the deadline is, so I cannot provide that information.


Peter said...




Anonymous said...

is anyone else getting tired of all the bullshit answers 2co is giving out? and the attitude, of we should not even be bothering to question them is really a deterrent from me EVER doing business with them directly or indirectly. What a bunch of a$$holes!

valdi ivancic said...

Guys, don't be gullible, we have zero evidence this IS Valdi, and to prove it, here am I posting as valdi ivancic! Not hard at all :P (I'm "the guy with the glasses")

Valdi, post those statements to your site, not just some blog. This information needs to reach your customers, most of which do NOT follow the comments of this blog!

I am sure you understand the importance of letting your customers the details of what you say here.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with "the guy with the glasses".

Anything you say here will be drowned in mockery and garbage, no one will ever be happy, as this blog exists, unfortunately to make fun of you.

There are thousands of customers who trust you, and the best way to reach them is to post this news on your site.

Good luck with the Celebrity project!

Anonymous said...

Yes OOOH YES, Valdi - we trust you!!! Will you be the father of my child ?

valdi ivancic said...

I pooped my pants.

valdi ivancic said...

I promise that within four weeks time I will change my pooped underpants.

Valdi Ivancic
CEO & President
Medison Europe Limited

valdi ivancic said...

Everyone who ordered Medison Celebrity laptop will receive a golden certificate "fool of the year" and a T-Shirt "VALDI (tm) - I ordered a laptop from Medison, and all I got is this lousy t-shirt" pure cotton 100%.

We're currently working out the details of the design for both of those, hopefully before hell freezes over, as cold time will make our logistics very hard.

If you don't like golden certificates or T-Shirts, please contact 2CO on during these days.

Valdi Ivancic
CEO & President
Medison Europe Limited

Anonymous said...

What will you charge for the pooped underpants?
How are you planning on shipping them?
Will there be a serial number so i can trace the underpants?

geno (2CO Staff) said...

This is to reiterate that we reiterate.

We want to confirm we won't confirm anything.

We also also have evidence we have no evidence.

We have information to share with the public, but it's all confidential.

We've given a deadline to Medison but we didn't tell them when it is.

We will not charge our customers' accounts, except for when we charge them.

I hope this clears it all up. Thank you for your continued patience, or lack thereof.

Anonymous said...

If someone writes down (in Swedish) all that was said in the Swedish press conference and posts it to CINT, I can translate it to English.

Anonymous said...

Summeries in English are already provided in this blog, see around August 1st and August 2nd. Also mentioned earlier in this blog is that Anders Nyman at Cint published the press conference on audio. See Cint forum here.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Wrong page. For the press conference on audio see this forum page.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we know about the audio, but it would be helpful if someone could type it down as text.

marketer said...

Medison must have signed an agreement with Tele 2, because now they are linking to:

Now I am sure that Medison MUST be a good and honest company since Tele 2 agrees that they can link to them ...

Anonymous said...

If you want us to see that, post a link (use html tags) not the address as text. Long addresses like this one are cut off.

Anonymous said... website appears to be fully functional again with images and links restored.

Anonymous said...

I guess it took awhile to check into the new web hotel.