Monday, September 17, 2007

2checkout still supports Medison

(This post in short: It's NOT over!)

As you might have read, I posted the following questions on 2co's forum some days ago (the full conversation can be found here):

The questions we need answers for at this moment, to settle some speculations at least, are the following:
* Are Medison still able to mark the open "authorized orders" as shipped, without any proof at all like last time?
* What will you require Medison to do to open up orders of them again, and what proofs of this will you require?
* How long are the deadline until you cancel all orders if the above isn't met?

These questions should be easy to answer and shouldn't violate anything or anyone. These questions are the ones that currently are in the customers and the general public's interest. Agreed?

kristin from 2co has now posted a reply:

"The questions you want answered are directly related to vendor status and that is confidential information. Since the orders erroneously marked shipped have been refunded there are no additional credit card orders in our system which need to be canceled.

2Checkout carries the liability in regard to this issue and the proofs we will require are also subject to negotiation between Medison and 2Checkout.

Your concern, as either a "potential vendor or customer" should end with the knowledge that you, as a consumer, are protected and that you, as a vendor, won't be the topic of conversation due to a self-appointed protector the the online shopping community who believes they should be privy to internal communications about your business, product or past.

2Checkout was founded to help the entrepreneur. We do business with a quite a few people with bad credit, who lost their merchant accounts due to excessive fraud or who simply want to dip their toes into the online selling community before diving in with long-term contracts, etc. That is no way is indicative of a lack of commitment toward protecting our consumers because we hold the fiscal responsibility. "Buyer beware" doesn't apply when 2Checkout is the middleman.

You've managed to skew that perspective around because we won't play into your desire to be the source of information regarding Medison and if customers or vendors choose to go elsewhere because of that I would hope they'd reconsider because you've done a great disservice in generating any type of doubts about the integrity of our business.

Finally, should Medison get the kinks worked out I'll personally be buying a laptop or two. Especially if it is sold via 2Checkout. It's a bargain."

Yes, that's right, instead of answering the questions, they go full out with a personal attack against me. Good work, that really shows how serious they are. :/
They also show that they, for some reason, still believes that the laptops just are some "kinks" away. Unbelievable.

The small answer we do get though, is that all orders except the few hundred that was marked as shipped still stands, and that the persons with those orders could have their cards charged without any delivery what so ever, and have to wait for a month for 2co to return the money as last time.

I posted the following reply:

Thanks for your reply. Can I take this answer as a confirmation that all other orders still are active? Would be great with a clarification on that, since many customers believe that everything is canceled from your previous replies, and it has also been reported that all orders has been canceled on news sites. You must agree on that it's important with proper information to the customers at least?
I would also like to say that I don't understand the part about "you've done a great disservice in generating any type of doubts about the integrity of our business". The only thing I have done is to ask questions in the public interest and provide you, other partners, media and customers with facts. If that creates doubts about your business it's really your own fault!

That will be my last try to communicate with them, they have clearly shown that they rather want people to spread rumors and speculate instead.

In other news, was down for some time earlier today with the message:

Account over bandwidth
Maximum bandwidth has been exceeded and this page has been temporarily disabled. Please go to your service manager to purchase more and reactivate.

Remember what Valdi wrote in the last press release, that they changed hosting provider to increase the availability of the sites? No comments from me necessary...

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Anonymous said...


my packet flood worked, lol

Anonymous said...

There's nothing personal in what 2CO said about you. They comment on your actions, that's all. It's true, too.

I for one think you should keep the focus on Medison and not start attacking windmills and 2CO. They are a legitimate vendor with hundreds of other vendors. They are not the bad guy here, at least not yet. Let them make their own decisions about Medison. If they were not protecting their customers the situation would be different, but for the time being they have actually protected customers against Medison.

Sometimes you just have to know when to stop.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

I'm not attacking them. I'm answering questions that don't get answered. Loads of persons asks questions that don't get answered regarding this. Newspapers are asking questions that won't get answered. In my opinion it's extremely unserious of a company to reply in such a way.
2co has misinformed customers several times, and are of some reason supporting a supplier that has broken their terms several times. And there still is an issue as I wrote, customers might get their cards charged without anything getting shipped. I really do believe that my questions are justified.

Alex said...

I agree to that. tommy.

although your blogg aint neautral in any way, you still post facts and ask questions about it, if that makes 2co look bad, then its their own fault.

But i still dont get why they complain thou, have you lied ? no. you only stated your opinion, and in my book we have a freedom of speech, especially if its truth followed by questions.

their reply was very unprofessional, and if anything, that makes me doubt them, not the whole medison affair.

//Alex aka Pole

disappointed said...

I can't agree more with Tommy, about the responses given by 2CO. They will NEVER give a straight response; all you have to do is "guess" what they are trying to say. They are pissed off with us trying to have some basic answers to basic questions as "Internet shoppers", but that, will never happen. Even some of their customers are also getting annoyed and aggressive, since their forum has been used to get some answers about Medison, and themselves, you can read it in the 2CO forums. We all understand that our credit cards are secured....well, they had a little flaw, but that was corrected, but that leads again to certain question from us about 2CO's processes, or not?

"Let them make their own decisions about Medison" Yes, they can take any decisions they want, but when my credit card is in play, I have the right to know what they have done to my order: if it is live or is it cancelled. I have personally contacted 2CO twice, sent them e-mails and got the same responses, they even respond with a template, so don't tell me they have "distracted" their attention to all of us....give me a break! There is a problem and they have to deal with it, whether they like it or not, as simple as that, and if some one else thinks the opposite, then sorry, I still want some answers.

2CO keeps al orders as valid, until you call them directly and tell them you want your order cancelled. That's my interpretation of their answers. What worries me is that even if 30 days have passed, they just need to get another authorization from the credit card company, and that's enough to charge your CC, unless you call your CC to advice about the issue, or you have used a Random Credit Card generator number as many CC offer now a days for Internet Shopping.

Tommy, thanks for the great job and time you have been putting down to have us informed in a fast and simple way, with out having to chase for answers in Cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

Stop whining already!!

All you poor sods complaining about 2CO.

What is your problem??

My guess is that you are a bunch of dual-headed morons, who loves to make a lot of noise just to see what happens.

The only reason you are so concerned about 2CO is because you are afraid to loose money.
And why is that?
Let me answer that one for you:
It's because you have actually put an order in for a Celebrity.
SO..... you might whine and scream like babies, but in the end you all still hope to get a $150 laptop.

If you REALLY think there's a problem, why don't you just cancel your order?
2CO even recommends you to do that if you're unsecure of their operation.
You can always make a new order if/when it turns out that Medison can deliver.
Bud nooooo, you have to stick to your orders and try to put your insecurity on someone else to justify yourself.

Come on...... Get a life.
Stick to the order and accept the terms, or cancel and get rid of the risk.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

I don't think that many people have orders that post here, or complain for that reason anyway. Many are just interested in how the story evolves, and me personally I care about the people that have orders that don't read Swedish news, this blog or 2co's forum. I also care about potential partners and investors in the same category, Valdi has clearly shown in his previous companies that he can make money disappear.
And once again, I have done nothing that hurts Valdi/Medison/2co that they haven't caused them self.

I also think that it would be good for you to respect other people and don't use such an abusive language towards other posters. I will delete any futher comments with that kind of wording.

Anonymous said...

att du orkar.....

Anonymous said...

I'm not attacking them. ...In my opinion it's extremely unserious of a company to reply in such a way.

I am surprised you deny attacking 2CO.
You attacked 2CO right there. It is obvious to all who follows this blog that you have turned from digging up stuff about Medison and Valdi to attacking 2CO and call them an unserious company just because they have a business relationship with Valdi.

You know, even if you're right, you don't have to attack 2CO.

Calm Down said...

I have to say, Tommy, that I've supported this blog in the past but 2CO is right in that you are making noise and not much more presently.

Your blog is a great service in that is provides news. This is essential since you have already become THE centralized place for news and THE standard.

However, with this responsibility you should calm down and simply report news. Do not try to stir up problems since at this point the peak of the whole medison scam/etc is over. - You've reached your most popular moment already and just like the rest of us we are simply waiting to see what happens.

In ANY case 2CO will give us our money back or we will maybe get our orders. Case closed. They aren't doing anything wrong. - You can jump ship and cancel your order AT ANY time.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

No, I wasn't calling them unserious company because they have a relationship with Valdi, I'm calling them unserious because of that answer. There is loads of people calling 2co this and that, that they are a part of the scam, that they should be reported to the bbb and so on. I have constantly during this whole affair said that Valdi won't be able to scam customers trough 2co and that they indeed are a serious company that protect their customers money. I just don't think that their responsibility ends there.

The reason why I have been following up on 2co is because they have changed their story several times and won't answer why. It looks to be directed more towards 2co since there isn't happening much more in other ends, but from 2co's end much has happened lately.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

It is news that 2co continues to support Medison even though other news sites has reported otherwise. Their reply to me is news.

And I'm not claiming to be a journalist, a news service or claiming to be neutral. I'm a blogger and I write what I feel for the moment. I have nothing to lose or gain if more or less people read this blog. If you don't like the way I write or what I write, stop reading. I do appreciate you opinion, but I have replied to this several times, and people asked me to "calm down" or be more neutral even since day one, but it's either this way or not at all, and most people seems to like it.

Anonymous said...

yes tommy, love it! keep it up

Vlad said...

Mr Calm Down please calm down and open your eyes. Tommy did not attacked 2CO, he just asked questions that very important at this point for everyone who made order. What we have from 2CO is usual set of useless words. I think they are so "confident" just because of they trying to make profit working with Valdi who is INDEED sick clown, liar and scammer. And it seems like they protect Vladi's interests more than customers.

Anonymous said...

Sure, the answers by 2CO are evasive and contradict some of their earlier statements, but cannot see them harm customer's interests. Customers that were inappropriately billed have been refunded and in all other cases customers will only be billed if they receive their ordered laptop, which we know and 2CO knows will never happen.

madman said...

we all now wait for peter to comment something about FCC...

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious that some of the replies here are coming directly from 2CO staff. Why someone would care that much of the criticism towards 2CO and not be affiliated in any way with it is just beyond my comprehension.

And if you read the replies posted by the staff in the 2CO forum it gets even more obvious. The same irritated and patronizing tone is present. But as always it is easier to attack the messenger, especially if you (deep inside) know that you screwed it big time.

I guess there was a time when 2CO trusted Medison, but most likely that isn't the case anymore. Now they've painted themselves into a corner and can't get out, and instead try to diminsh the whole thing, sweep it under the rug, whatever...

Anonymous said...

2CO seems to also write on this blog. Who else would defend them?

I'm not sure why they've been playing this silly game with Valdi consistently misleading customers to buy this product.

How hard is it for the 2CO staff to find out a laptop doesn't even carry the mandatory approvals to sell it legally in the USA?

It's definitely not hard and doesn't take much time to get the facts.

If 2CO wants to run their business as some lottery where they deal with vendors that are almost certainly unable to deliver, they should make that very clear to their customers.

If not, they should fix their problem.

Peter said...

Yes, of course getting the UL, FCC etc. approval information and a photo of the product label from Medison would be a no-brainer for 2CO. A couple of e-mails exchanged during one day of work...and that's it! You just can't question such evidence - especially not if you can look it up at FCC and get it confirmed.

So we all know the reality is this has nothing to do with logistics. Sorry 2CO, this is BS.

Anonymous said...

Peter... From reading this whole blog, I can see no evidence that supports your statements.

It is perfectly possible that 2CO has seen proof from Medison, They have even stated this earlier.

It is pure speculation that 2CO doesn't know anything about Medison and his product - real or not.

As for FCC.... It is also perfectly possible that Medison is using an OEM Laptop - Clevo or other - that has the approval in place.
There is no evidence that support if this is the case or not.

Actually I think that most of the "proof" in this blog is based on non-evidence rather than hard facts - i.e. "if they don't say anything, they must have something to hide"

the guy with the glasses said...

There's nothing personal in what 2CO said about you. They comment on your actions, that's all. It's true, too.

The problem I have with their opinion about Tommy, is that even if you factor out Tommy, they end up with the same problem (following link has thread posted 3 months ago, before Tommy and before Medison):

"2CO Staff you are quickly making this forum into a farce by not answering the actual questions being asked. If this section of the forum is to answer vendors questions, help both our relationships and improve 2CO, then i suggest you actually start answering the hard questions you are being asked about your service by your contracted, paying vendors."

Read the full thing here .

Find the coincidence weird? It's apparent they have great difficulty in communication, or this wouldn't happen.

While I also asked Tommy to not turn this into flame earlier (when he asked people to register accounts and complain at 2CO's forums), I must confess 2CO definitely overreacted in their last answer, trying to throw the blame on bystander who's mostly just commenting on what 2CO and Medison are doing themselves.

Anonymous said...

It is apparent 2CO has simply no standard about what they sell and to whom.

They appear convinced that as long as they can refund charges *at some point*, everything is allowed.

Their image, or their predictability matters not. Neither does the ability of their vendors to deliver.

Such a joke.

a disappointed buyer said...

Tommy, geno said they have 7000+ order authorizations before.

They were willing to compromise this "secret".

Now you ask them the same: how many authorizations you have now (7000+ or they're canceled: 0 authorizations).

And it's suddenly a secret again.

Everyone is frustrated, and it's obvious why. They have multiple conflicting answers about just everything anyone ever asked them.

The natural reaction is frustration and speculation. They'll have to deal with it, or maybe start sending clear messages out there.

Peter said...

About FCC and other approvals...

I agree that some other company than Clevo or Medison could have received the approvals.

That possibility is there for sure. But I did a bit of scanning of approved laptops and nothing came to my attention.

And again, the specs and photos were indeed from Clevo.

So, there could be some actual customer of Clevo who would get the product approved and sell it to Medison in their own name. But hey, that certainly sounds like much more expensive type of business to me.

So what is the evidence 2CO has about Medison having a first lot ready for shipment?

Afterall, logistics was the problem, wasn't it?

It would be nice to see some actual photos of this first lot ready to ship...I mean...just simple photos of something other than Valdi's own laptop and all the empty words.

And a photo of the product label :-)

george k. said...

peter, you can put Clevo out of any calculations you may have. Medison denied Clevo, and Clevo said their lawyers are onto Medison.

If they had anything in common and NDA, they'd simply "not comment".

I bet my ass Valdi doesn't even have a concept of what FCC is and why he needs FCC approval.

None of this matters.

It's just a protracted story of 2CO sending mixed messages and frustrating the people who ordered and now don't know of they should cancel or wait.

2CO's PR team deserves to be on the street the way they're handling this.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the posters here, submitting that you're making an unwarranted fuss with regard to 2CO. Your questions are inappropriate; you expect a company to divulge internal practices that are ultimately irrelevant given that 2CO guarantees that your money will not be lost.

If funds are transferred, and a product not received, perhaps it is true that it will take a few weeks to receive a refund. It is apparent, however, that 2CO makes such a delay known in advance -- and permits one to cancel their order to avoid this issue entirely.

In the end, Tommy Truthseeker, your blog which was once a useful source of information pertaining to the Medison Celebrity has become a forum in which you rant about a payment processing company that has been quite reasonable and provides a useful service in protecting buyers -- even those seeking to purchase $150 laptops, $1000 BMWs and $10000 penthouse suites.

Please focus on factual reporting and live up to your nom de plume.

Anonymous said...

I think 2CO is astroturfing this blog.

Peter said...

Yes agree, it appears like we have someone from 2CO here.

I don't want to question 2CO's integrity on returning money for products not delivered. They don't need to keep repeating anything about this.

Certainly I believe it's essential for their image and future survival that people wont lose money when a vendor don't deliver a product.

So that I don't think is questionable.

The real question is why 2CO joins with Medison in fooling customers for week after week. How bad does a case need to be before they take action and terminate sales? To me it was so obvious within minutes from when I read the Medison web site. High volumes is the #1 key to low cost in this industry and nothing about Medison indicates high volumes. Furthermore, the price of US$150 was already ridiculously low.

It's really that simple.

Then add to this the lies and lacking evidence.

Fundamentally I believe Valdi had some contact with Clevo, received a trial sample from them of their lowest cost model, but never got further than that with them simply due to lacking commitment.

Without having the agreements in place with a vendor, he then started selling this Clevo model through 2CO who didn't require much of a negotiation to establish a sales channel.

Everything about this whole flow of events is just so incredible absurd.

Anonymous said...

Everyone at his dog understood the issue isn't about the refund here, but the uncertainty of whether there's a product, and whether people should cancel or not.

They have no clue of they should cancel, since they have no clue of the product is real.

2CO keeps supporting Medison and putting their weight behind them confuses people even more.

The only people not comprehending this fact so far reside at 2CO. And this is why I think we have at least one post in this thread by 2CO employee.

galo (2CO Staff) said...

To sum it up, people were asking if the Medison product is real or not.

So I want to say that: yes, no.

I hope this clears it up, again.

More information coming at some point in time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tommy and also Lukeduke at the 2co forum.
Tommy, you said that this was your last post to 2co and I agree. Don't spend any more time on them, they have proved over and over that they will not answer relevant question. Status now? I don't know but, at
we can still se following,
", Inc. is an authorized retailer of Medison Europe Limited" and if I click "buy now" I get incorrect parameter, bla bla from 2co. No other valid information. 2co have only one chance to make me ever buy anything from them in the future. Press charges to Valdi/Medison and make an offical announcment that they learned from this and in the the future they will answer relevant questions.


Anonymous said...

I can't understand this conflict.

2Checkout staff keeps reminding us they are not payment processor but reseller.

If I was a reseller, and my customers are asking me when will the product be delivered, let alone if it exists, I'm obligated to answer.

So far no definitive answer has been given in my private communication with 2CO regarding my order, nor is there information in the public space I can make use of.

So 2Checkout: what are you, reseller or not. If you are, when exactly should I expect my damn product delivered?

You can't both claim you sell the goods and put all responsibility for delivery and information on Medison.

pissed off said...

2checkout, it's a lottery.

If they don't come up with anything sensible this week, at least information on progress or ANYTHING at all, I'm canceling my damn order and never doing business with 2CO again.

leaps of logic said...

Witness the leap of logic 2CO requires of us in their latest post. The question is, when is the deadline:

"This is again not public information, as it would clearly constitute a communication between 2Checkout and Medison. Customers who are willing to wait until the deadline has been reached will be aware when they receive their cancellation notice, those who are unwilling to wait until that time are free to cancel their
transaction at any time."



P.S.: Sorry for the caps. No sorry for the expletive.

marketer said...

It is funny to see that 2CO has such a poor "fire-fighting" crew ...

This has nothing to do with refunds, or however credit card transactions are safe ...

This has to do with a sick puppy's(Brazilien Bob, ak Valdi) fantasies. Being associated with him means that you can't be very smart ... A guy that will deliver a computer at a price noone in the industry have heard of --- while not being able to keep a "home-made" web-page running.

Brazilien Bob will sooner or later be hanged out public (at least in the Swedish press). At that time, everybody - including 2CO must answear to the public ...

If 2CO where a little bit clever, they would end all affairs with Medison, and start to write a public appology ... The longer they wait, the more stupid they will look when the truth emerges ...

Look at Bagdad Bob --- I don't know if 2CO would have liked him as a customer???

Anonymous said...

marketer, thing is they don't have to necessarily answer to the public.

Their basic principle stands basic logic. I'll quote few bits from a post of theirs on their forums:

"A 2Checkout vendor has offered a product that will either be delivered, or will not. [...] If it is not, 2Checkout will reimburse the customer fully"

This demands the question, **what constitutes NOT delivering the product**.

And you see, by giving Medison a "secret" deadline that their own customers do NOT know when it is, it effectively can delay the moment of "non-delivery" into eternity.

Technically we have customers here who have ordered the ill-fated Medison Celebrity laptop over a month and a half ago.

Because of vague definitions and well kept secrets at 2CO, those orders are kept at authorisation level, ready to be charged, and their order still is not technically "non delivered".

Hence 2CO does nothing.

I just wish all of this wasn't far more painfully transparent to outsiders, than 2CO thinks.

Really poor job on containing an handling this appropriately on their side, so far.

Anonymous said...

Wow you really need to work on your english tt.. you make yourself look silly with the kindergarden grammar.

Anonymous said...

He's Swedish. He has better grammar in his own native tongue, but then you won't understand jack of what he says.

You should be thankful he (and few other volunteers) have been around to translate and comment on this story, since most of the information existed only exclusively in the Swedish media.

the guy with the glasses said...

Hehe, as is the sentence:

"Ok so my English sucks, but it's better than your Swedish".

Anonymous said...

Well.. I once was a supporter of this site and Tommys work but after medison stopped communicating things turned to the worse. Now that medison is MIA all focus has been shifted to 2CO and to be quite honest, even though 2CO seem to be avoiding "your" questions - they have no obligation to respond to your emails, hell you're not even a customer. Noone has lost a single cent so far so give it a rest already! 2CO might not give you the answers you want, that doesnt make them thieves or scammers. Stop this nonsense please you self proclaimed defender of the world. Stick to the facts and give up your don quixote war.

Anonymous said...

New answer from 2CO posted at

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with everything 2CO has said in this post, and I don't understand the people whining. 2CO has dealt with this issue in a reasonable way right from the start.

Anonymous said...

Of course you agree to it, maybe even you wrote it.

the guy with the glasses said...

Hmm.. well Tommy, I suppose we should let the discussion age a bit.

I see some stirred 2CO/Tommy fans breaking up a fight in the middle of your blog.

One way or another the story got boring since none of the parties involved is willing to say or do something different from what they've done until now.

I'm thinking: what if we open a full-blown site that tracks other similar issues. Products non-delivered, products not as advertised. Suspicious products, vaporware.

Ever thought of this? It would also allow us not to dilute the issue in slow moments such as those right now.

Anonymous said...

"Noone has lost a single cent so far so give it a rest already!"

There's more to lose than cents here. Time and sanity are good candidates.

In a business, money is just a small part of the equation. If 2CO had more vendors like Valdi, they'd go out of business pretty fast.

Anonymous said...

They say "time is money".

With all the time 2CO is giving Medison, Medison will be billionaires by now.

Anonymous said...

I can't stop thinking that only a staff member of 2CO would say some crap like this:

2CO has dealt with this issue in a reasonable way right from the start.

No way; 2CO has absolutely not dealt with this in a reasonable way. Anybody who ordered this laptop should feel betrayed.

Essentially they keep selling a product that doesn't even exist.

Is that reasonable???

People should complain for non-delivery at the Better Business Bureau:

The link to use is this:

Enter 2checkout as Company Name and fill out the form.

Comtec said...

It would seem 2co has given a rather lengthy, rambling answer to some of the questions TT has posted on their website. However the truly important Q's were shielded behind their rather flimsy, constant, excuses of confidentiality.

The only reason to keep such inane information confidential at this point is to hide their own complicity in this affair.

In the end what is at stake is faith.

The run on the banks in England today and yesterday are a example of how people are loosing faith in the financial institutions.

What 2co is doing is lowering that trust, causing even more issues for people who already have doubts.

Paypal is a rather decent company and very direct. You buy something, the seller needs to deliver. if no delivery can be shown to have been made, you get your money back and the seller is punished.

2co seems to be taking exception to this basic rule of economics. it's fine that they help people with bad credit/selling histories, but that should be part of"their opening statements "HI... not all our clients are honest. cavet emptor!

the guy with the glasses said...

I'm quoting 2CO:

"We do business with a quite a few people with bad credit, who lost their merchant accounts due to excessive fraud or who simply want to dip their toes into the online selling community before diving in with long-term contracts, etc."

That must be the most ridiculous tech support answer I've seen from any company ever...

Comtec said...

and yet... disturbingly honest. I wonder what caused that moment of frankness that almost CERTAINLY would be covered under company confidential policy!

Anonymous said...

"Paypal is a rather decent company and very direct. You buy something, the seller needs to deliver. if no delivery can be shown to have been made, you get your money back and the seller is punished.
2co seems to be taking exception to this basic rule of economics"

Well 2Co did exactly what you would have expected from Paypal there.
Medison didn't had proof of delivery, customers got a refund and Medison was punished by obviously having his 2CO account frozen (which by the way make it hard for him to mark other "pending" orders as shipped as you lot seems to be afraid of).

So drop it. It's over. End of the story.

Comtec said...

No.. paypal would have canceled ALL orders, and refunded ALL money immediately, after the merest WHIFF of a rumor of issues.

THAT's why ebay bought them, because they are reliable, and act quickly, and decisively. unlike 2co... which acts like a 3 card Monty man who has just been found out.

Comtec said...

Ooone more thing!
It's pretty damned pathetic that 2co has posters here. you have your own blog and can spread your BS there as thickly as you please. but stay away from forums where people are venting about legitimate issues YOUR company is causing!

Anonymous said...

Come on now comtec. You lot can express your opinion on 2co blog but nobody can point to your own BS here ?
Tss, tss. What are you? Twelve?

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I'm one of the guys that thinks 2CO is handling this correctly - and have posted a few times, and I'm definitly not working for them.

You have to consider the possibility that not everybody agree with your opinions!!

Don't be so paranoid!

Comtec said...

Well lets look at your own comment:
"Medison didn't had proof of delivery, customers got a refund and Medison was punished by obviously having his 2CO account frozen (which by the way make it hard for him to mark other "pending" orders as shipped as you lot seems to be afraid of)."

By 2co's own admission this is not correct.
Medison's account was not frozen, it was "suspended" which to most right thinking people think "hmm that must mean the account is dead, all is right" sadly this is not borne out.

In fact it's pointed out in a rather long post ( )

his issue appears to hinge on a misunderstanding of the word "suspend" which means "temporary abrogation or withholding or stoppage of payment of debts or claims". It is used this way in our Operating Regulations, and is at one point followed with the words "At the discretion of 2CO, such suspension may continue indefinitely, or result in a permanent suspension of Supplier", and at other is differentiated from the words "termination" or "closed".

earlier they say this curious thing:
"The status of the Medison account is not public information, and cannot be disclosed."

now go ahead, defend it.

Anonymous said...

2CO is probably not having their business doing very well if they cling onto vendors such as Medison.

Truth is, a really huge company (such as PayPal) throws out any suspicious vendors, simply because they have no time to deal with the mess a faulty vendor could create for them.

2CO apparently operates in a different situation, and despite their claims for serving countless number of vendors, truth is any average payment processor / reseller that competes with 2CO out there also has countless vendors signed with them.

It's a completely different problem that they actually still claim Medison is a "legitimate enterprise" (quoting their post), which speaks about modest IQ levels of their management, the least.

Anonymous said...

And to illustrate my point about how much MORE business PayPal has compared to 2checkout, and how this affects their business practices, I'll offer an indirect evidence of the popularity of both services:

Google Trends for PayPal / 2Checkout

Puts things in perspective now, doesn't it...

Anonymous said...

I don't get your point.
Looks to me that 2Co definition of a "suspend" account is the same than Paypal one's for a frozen account (except that a Paypal seller who had is account frozen can still perform refunds). Frozen Paypal accounts can also be "defrosted"...As 2Co is can be only temporary.
I strongly suggest you to look at You will see Paypal had, and still have there share of stories...

Comtec said...

2co could and should have dealt with this better.

The idea of a company that works with distressed companies that have had issues in the pas is not a bad idea. It gives them a (last) chance to redeem themselves. That in it self is kind of noble.

the problem is that they need to have an iron (and consistent, and fair) fist when it comes to dealing with their clientèle.

They should be used to handing out temporary suspensions and fines left and right to ensure that companies (or persons) with a history or fraud, scams, etc are dealt with swiftly so that people can have confidence.

But for some unknown reason they are treating vladi (the truth impaler) with not just kit gloves, but lovingly, gently, and abnormally well.

it's obvious from a previous posting, in their own words, they have already un-suspended vladi. This really makes no sense what so ever.

They are really hurting their clients, who may have had bad luck in the bast and are now looking to rebuild their credit/credibility and now they may loose all that because they are associated with a (now) shady company like 2co.

it's no longer an issue about vladi, but about 2co and if we can really trust them in the future.

Comtec said...

There is no denying paypal has their own issues. Several web comics I rather like have had their pay pal accounts (pay pal tips etc) canceled because PP felt they were in violation of their TOS, and they need to go elsewhere for donations to keep themselves running.

BUT... PP is fairly consistent.

Anonymous said...

From Kristin 2CO,
Finally, should Medison get the kinks worked out I'll personally be buying a laptop or two. Especially if it is sold via 2Checkout. It's a bargain.

I'm not native english speaking and maybe I get the 2CO/Medison gang kicking at me,

But, in this centence what is kinks.
No "kinks whatever" will be worked out of course but it givs a clue of IQ level at 2CO staff.


Anonymous said...

I've browsed around for 2checkout reviews. The reviews are uniformly highly negative.

You can see them here.

Don't miss the review of the former employee, part of which I'll quote below.

The recurring patterns are:

1. 2checkout has seen rapidly declining service quality since 2003

2. 2checkout doesn't reply to emails, doesn't reply to phones, replies with vague or conflicting answers, or replies with misleading information.

3. Many 2checkout vendors have found their balance zeroed out and 2checkout does nothing about it.

4. 2checkout holds some of their vendors' money for around 4 months under the pretext they do "fraud checking". Sometimes the money is reportedly sent, but doesn't appear in the bank ever.

5. 2checkout is suspiciously a target of too many fraud orders, and people are billed the refund fee. This directly conflicts what 2checkout has said earlier that THEY pay for the Medison refunds. Apparently not.

6. Curiously they do NOT filter out the knows fraudsters, so next month the vendors see the same fraudsters have fraudilent purchases with the same cards again. It's almost as if it's part of 2checkout's business model... although I admit that's a speculation on my part.

In one notable case a guy lost 12 THOUSAND dollars from his account. 2checkout's ToS says they're not responsible for money losses for their vendors.

And now to quote the former employee:

"I'm not surprised at all to see the horrible reviews online about I worked for them but would like to remain anonymous, so I won't tell you how long I was employed. I WILL tell you that they are a joke, but you probably already know this.

The customer service manager that was in charge is a DRUNK who smokes pot and drinks nearly 7 days @ week. She was involved in a "secret" romance with another employee and they both ended up getting fired eventually.

The owner and his materialistic wife is interested in only MONEY. They had the opportunity to create a fantastic company that would put a HUGE dent in Paypal and other similiar companies, but they screwed up from the very start.

What advantage does 2CO have over others you can sign up with? There is NONE! Their fees are MORE. The customer service is a joke. That Neva Johnson who works in fraud is a B**** who doesn't do her job. Everything from their website to the way they do business if FULL of problems. Go with PayPal or another reputable company, but NOT"

All in all.. the pink picture they're painting on their forums is far worse in reality.

Comtec said...

Very true. However a grain of salt must be taken with anything a former (possible disgruntled whether the reason is good or bad) employee says.

However based on what we have seen, his comments, overall seem to be right on the mark, sadly enough.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's horrible, but it was apparent not everything is ok in 2checkoutville anyway (from the way they acted so far)...

Apparently the situation is hopeless, but I think the blog contains enough facts to inform the interested customers before purchasing.

Anonymous said...

Oh I take a huge grain of salt, but you also figure out it provides at least some insight into the problems of 2checkout, and it mirrors what we see outside: inadequate fraud control, inadequate tech support.

Also this review site provided some insight into why they keep repeating they are "reseller" (and why they still don't act as such):

"My complaints are mostly recent as they seem to have been "busted" by Master Card for trying to appear like a credit card processor when (unbeknownst to most customers) they were really a reseller. Funny that a "reseller" gives customer refunds against the vendors will (for non-guaranteed items) and then charges me $29 as a chargeback fee."

Anonymous said...

I saw plenty of people claim 2CO rejected their payment as "fraudilent", using their legitimate credit cards.

Then I found a review covering the vendor side of this problem:

"We have had nothing but problems. Mostly 2checkout do not accept orders from our customers - fair enough that they are being careful - but the staff are incredibly rude when you try to get help. The reason is always cited as the customers computer or card problem (according to them about 50% of our customers are fraudsters) but when (as unfortunately frequently happens) the customer then resorts to paying us via Paypal or Moneybookers immediately there is never a problem! ... "

And one more guy like him:

"My experience with 2checkout has gotten to the point to where i had to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I contacted 2checkout several times about sending my payments to my bank account with no real response. They keep telling me my account has not been verified and they will do it but it never gets done and i never get my money. Please if you can not use 2checkout then DONT."

I'm starting to think they have all the love for Valdi since maybe they're both in the same kin.

Plus who knows what would've happened with his money afterwards..

And few more with tie more into out situation:

"2checkout either do not complete fraud checks or they are incorrect. Bad fraud checking methods cause orders not to be filled. Refunds for non-delivery of product are either slow or never happen."

"The money kept being held for one reason or another, when I tried speaking to them they were very rude ..."

"We have been with 2Checkout for over 1 1/2 years now, having processed over $350,000 from them. I cannot emphasize on the lax attitude of the management in trying to improve their customer service. They do NOT reply back to support tickets (if you want proof, ask anyone who has had a 2CO account)"

"2co cashed the money but didn't put it into my account. I have written this also to their customer service. I had a reply after 36 hours and that wasn't a good answer -- they were saying system was so busy."

Comtec said...

That.. is just plain fucking SCARY!
I've been with pay pal almost since the beginning, and would use them if I had a online business by default anyway....
but this kind of stuff scares the hell out of me from ever using someone else!

Anonymous said...

Whatever can be said about Medison and 2CO, there are certain things that are not quite correct on the pages here (there is enough of strange things going on, no need to make something up):

FCC Approval. Like someone said above, there can be a dosen or more names for the same OEM product. You can buy 100 TVs from China, pre-FCC approved and they slap your name of choice on it, for example your store name. Same applies to OEM notebooks.

A notebook that fits Medison description EXISTS. And it's not branded as Clevo.

Just google Positivo V41. Yes, it's sold in Brazil. I pointed at an example in an older comment. Took me about 2 minutes to find it by google by using Sao Paulo in the search string (Sao Paulo is mentioned at the Medison homepage).

It however seems expensive for the specs, but maybe they have high luxury taxes on computer hardware in Brazil.

But I still wonder why the one at the press conference had czech keyboard layout.... Brazil/Portugeese layout is different.

Anonymous said...

"And now to quote the former employee"...
That's a more than 2 years old post...some of the post from the provided link dated back from 2003…

I have been a vendor of 2co since Aug 2004. Proceed over 15K through them. About 20% of my sales, the rest going through Paypal.
Never had a single problem to get my money wired from 2Co (and I'm outside the USA/got a lost money withdraw lost by Paypal…took 2 months to recover).
I had only 3 fraudulent orders, a very low ratio, and not lower or higher ratio than Paypal. Granted I lost fightback charges for all. But Paypal isn't better for this.
As everyone knows, be it 2Co or Paypal, you only get the horrible stories online. Satisfied vendors rarely post on forums or blogs.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tommy,

Let me add my first, only and final comment to this blog:

You have done a rather fantastic job in revealing how things sometimes works out on the internet.

Thank you for that!

I think that the fraud of Valdi's "Medison" (there are other subscribers to that name on the net) has by now been totally "dressed off".

May I refer you to one of the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen ("The Emperor Without Clothes).

As far as 2CO is concerned, I think you should realize that transactions on the net are not always comparable with the standards set out by the countries of Scandinavia or, or for that matter, the EU.

On the other hand, it is also obvious that nobody will loose their money in this case.

To me it seems, that that the whole issue has no more interest in the public domain.

The Press has backed off by now. Probably with good reasons.- Life goes on.

Tommy, you have worked a lot on this case. You have, indeed, done well. Now, I think it's time that you sit back and enjoy the upcoming weekends without thinking too much about Valdi and this whole affair.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

I just wish Swedes would learn the difference between "lose" and "loose".

Wertigon said...

För att bevisa att jag inte tillhör 2CO så skriver jag detta på svenska. Jag tillhör ej heller Valdi eller hans företag, men jag har erfarenhet av småföretagande själv.

Jag håller med om att 2CO inte har gjort något fel här. Vad jag anser har hänt:

1. Tommy postar några frågor som till synes verkar oskyldiga men på djupet avslöjar en hel del, speciellt om 2COs affärsmetoder och om Medison själva.
2. 2CO svarar med att det går emot deras policy att svara på detta då de lämnar ut uppgifter om tillverkaren, och att det viktiga är att kunden får pengarna tillbaka.
3. Vidare förklarar de att de har haft erfarenhet av en hel del företag och privatpersoner som har haft dåligt (kredit)rykte pga bland annat folk som har lurat dem, eller strul med myndigheter (vilket är lätt hänt - krävs bara att en räkning försvinner i posten så har du en betalningsanmärkning).
4. Slutligen ber dem Tommy (om än något hårt) att inte lägga sig i hur de sköter sina affärer, och sluta anklaga dem för saker de inte gjort.
5. Detta leder till att Tommy ser det som en attack mot honom. Okej, det var lite hårda ord, men för fan, att kalla det en attack är definitivt att ta i. Att sedan framställa 2CO som skurken gör att han bara verkar ännu mer patetisk.

Väck mig när det finns ett par riktiga nyheter att delge.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I just wish Swedes would learn the difference between "lose" and "loose".

Whether you are an independent poster, or a 2co employee, you embarrass me you ignorant, arrogant ass.

james crump
new orleans, LA

Anonymous said...

/Anonymous sa...
I just wish Swedes would learn the difference between "lose" and "loose".
I just wish f....n tosser like you would get h..l out of international blogs like this and become an english teacher somewhere.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

Wertigon: Jag har svarat på det mesta av det där redan i kommentarerna här. Jag har aldrig anklagat dem för något, jag har bara ställt relevanta frågor. Testa att läsa alla inlägg i denna blog och alla trådar på 2co's forum så kanske du får en bättre förståelse för det hela.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

Och det är dessutom långt ifrån bara jag som ställer dessa frågor. Det finns betydligt värre påståenden från andra att de skulle vara en del av en scam o.s.v. som de bara låter glida förbi.

Anonymous said...

um... translation please? :)

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

Nothing, just the same thing that has been written over and over again in English.

Och, and I also deleted a recent post according to what it says in the seventh comment on this article.

Comtec said...

I've been reading through some other NON-medison posts on 2co's site and just by the responses and times for such, I'm not sure I'd want to do business with them.

Their answers rarely have the desired outcome, and tend to be 'short' with the customers in a "how dare you bother us" sort of way.

The forum in general does not come off as having a professional feeling to it. The answer by members tend to have more useful information than those of the staff.

any my apologies, it seems I've gone off on a anti-2co tangent....
I'll do my best to keep on topic.

Anonymous said...

There is only one right thing 2CO seems to be doing and it's to pay back money when products are not delivered (maybe).

Their ability to check vendors, communicate, resolve issues etc. seem to be incredible poor.

The way this company has managed the Medison account selling the "World's cheapest laptop" is a joke the world should know.

My advice: stay away from this company and if you ordered the Medison computer complain to BBB.

Someone posted the BBB link above.

Anonymous said...

So, just how many days does it take to write a press release?

And, if it's press release that nobody reads, is it still a press release?

disappointed said...

Going back to the initial title of the blog: "Medison Celebrity, Scam or just a Bad Idea", I just gave up. It is definitely a SCAM due to the way 2CO has handled all its customers that ordered this Out of Space Laptop, and Medison disappearing from the map.. Bad Idea? , I believe it wasn't after all. After working in the electronic manufacturing business for +20 years, with the drop of prices of components, and the difference between regular components and "high quality" ones, I'm convinced that a "low quality" Laptop is feasible to be build for $150, taking in account that there aren't any marketing, service or any heavy overhead costs in the process. And most important, that there are not going to add those excessive margins to the end product, as other branded Laptops normally do. Last the OS included is not Windows, its a free Linux based OS. If today any branded laptop is offered starting @ $450 USD, basic configuration, and it needs to cover all mentioned costs, you can imagine that the real cost of producing these boxes, is close or even under $150 !! Has anyone looked how much a Intel or AMD processor costs? You will be amazed how cheap they can be (the ones that don't comply with the toughest specs.), so you can imagine how much it costs to produce.

Any way, I believe Medison failed, and 2CO, just believed and still believes, it is possible to do, but with so many "secrets", they just have disappointed everybody, for not being honest on what's going on.

TT good work, but I think this story has deviated some times into aggression, bad feelings, and has lost its original focus, thanks to some stubborn people, just going on and on the same issues, trying to defend 2CO. I just cancelled my order, even though 2CO, still offered me to keep it opened, waiting for some magic fairy to build these laptops. This will never happen, until some one else takes the initiative again.

Peter said...

disappointed said...
I'm convinced that a "low quality" Laptop is feasible to be build for $150, taking in account that there aren't any marketing, service or any heavy overhead costs in the process.

I absolutely agree that when you look at the raw costs of the BOM and labour and ignore after sales warranty service costs, support, R&D and so on, you should be able to get down to US$150.

But you forgot the important part of the need to order high quantities of the parts to get the best deals with your vendors. And you need the best deals to make the world's cheapest laptop obviously.

Medison and high volumes...sorry...may I laugh now?

disappointed said...

peter said...

But you forgot the important part of the need to order high quantities of the parts to get the best deals with your vendors.

I fully agree with you, no doubt when you are in manufacturing, you are talking big volumes, other wise you would be a "garage" stand. I think that this part of the equation is what might have failed, when only 7,000 orders were received, of the 200 K to 300 K expected by Medison, or at least that was what Valdi mentioned in some conference.

To good to be true, that scared a lot of people, or simply didn't believe it. Any how, may be someone should take the initiative again? Peter, you are in CA?, should we give it a try?

Anonymous said...

Peter, you are in CA?, should we give it a try?

Nice, Valdi's infecting people on this blog with his business model.

If he had a clue he'd sell those for $450 in lower volumes. REMEMBER, he offered to supply the same computers at $450 in various hardware stores earlier this year (and last year).

This failed. Why would it fail? He has no computers, and no idea where to get them from, and no money.

Also, guys, no service, no warranty and whatnot: you can NOT bring this to $150, god damn. Take a look at his spec with optical drive and all that, and if you claim it's *plausible*, give me the sum of the parts, imagining the best high volume deals you could imagine (let's stick to a classic volume: 10 million parts).

I'll be waiting for the cost of each parts here to support your claims.

Exile said...

I think Anon. hit it on the head with:

I for one think you should keep the focus on Medison and not start attacking windmills and 2CO.

I appreciate all you've done to maintain a clearing house on suspected Medison activities, but 2CO has no reason to respond to you with such detailed information. They have done nothing to earn my disapproval, and frankley my respect for their honorable handeling of customer and client had increased during this situation.

Most companies would not have cooperated to the extent that 2CO has, and I think you should lay off them and focus on Medison.

Anonymous said...

but 2CO has no reason to respond to you with such detailed information

So what's the delivery deadline is "detailed information" now.

Jesus Holy Christ

i ordered said...

exile, how would you feel if you ordered a product, and the reseller is withholding basic info, such as when the product will arrive.

Their vendors doesn't respond to inquiries either.

If this is how you imagine 2CO should operate, I'm afraid to even imagine how you run your own business.

Anonymous said...

To everyone who ordered and keep complaining here (or not):

-- Cancel your orders --

Come on, you know if you read this blog, no laptop is coming, what do you expect: miracle?

Yes 2CO is reacting weirdly to this, but this is because Medison is putting them in a weird situation.

One way or another they'll NEVER fulfill their 7000 orders, in fact if you're not in Sweden and not among the first, say 100 orders, you should CANCEL YOUR ORDERS.

They're not coming folks.

Attempting to fight basic logic and demanding what was known to not exist out there won't materialize said $150 laptops on your door step.

i ordered said...

So how on Earth do I figure out I'm among the first 100 braniac.

You know, it'd be easier to make a decision if they put out some info
for us to decide upon.

List of things we need to know, and now don't know, so to make a decision:

1. We don't know where we are in the list of orders.

2. We don't know if Medison will ship anything, they never said anything at all after their last failed deadline which was nealry 20 days ago.

3. We don't know if orders will be processed as they came, or certain countries will get their deliveries first (such as Sweden, possibly Brazil)

4. We don't know what volume is Medison supposed to ship each month.

5. We don't know when is the deadline 2CO gave Medison.

6. The press release from Mr. Ivancic is still MIA.

Anonymous said...

To the posters who claimed the 2checkout stories are from two years ago: I've found the same stories consistently happening from March 2003 to May 2007.

At least as far as the review post date matters.

So this is not correct. Further more the post complaining about non-answer answers on their OWN forums is from 4 months ago.

And the Medison story where we see again they're doing their best to be vague and frustrating, is from right now.

Nothing learned in the period 2003-2007 it seems.

Anonymous said...

Kristin from 2CO said this:

"We'll see what we can do to accommodate your request so that people realize that we're actually more focused on our core business than one single vendor that may or may not ever be able to bring his business plan to fruition."

So, their public position about unlimited faith in Medison is cracking.

Anonymous said... she still working at 2CO even after this scandal?

Anonymous said...

What scandal? There's no scandal.

There are 7000 curious and/or dumb buyers.

There's around 20 bloggers/commenters with no life obsessing over a non-story.

There's a reseller company that's too greedy for its own good.

And there's a sick man and his brainwashed entourage claiming they're about to change the world.

Anonymous said...

For many of you who kept refreshing this blog every 5 mins: those are some nearly two months of your life, you'll never get back.

And there's less than 700 months in our life, approximately 200-300 of them have passed and forgotten, so from the 400 months you have left, you lost 2.

That 0.5% of your life. On Medison. Enjoy.

Peter said...

Yes, I like such calculations!

But think about this...

Have you ever thought about how many years of your life you've already spent sitting in front of your TV just watching something passively that just helps accelerate the inevitable death of brain cells?

At least this blog is interactive entertainment and might slow that process down or even develop your brain a bit.

Not so bad...thanks to Valdi :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't watch TV.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch TV either.

Anonymous said...

peter, don't you maybe prefer to spend time with your wife and kids or something?

see a movie? swim in a pool? go on vacation?

any of those must be more interesting than telling us about FCC for the 1000-th time.

Peter said...

Yes, I agree. Life is a lot more than blogs. This is the only one that ever caught my attention anyway and although I've probably spent more time writing in it than Valdi has on maintaining his web site during the same time (LOL), it's still not more than the time it took me to drive to work last week.

Comtec said...

I come here during idle time at work. It's entertaining, and different from the politics I usually delve into.

me thinks thou doest protest too much :)

marketer said...

This is not a waste of time ... it is fun ... the first blogg that i have ever followed ...

I will cellibrate when Valdi finally goes down ... and after reading the "clever" guys responses at 2CO I will celebrate when they will have to admint that Valdi is a fake.

To me it is amazing how a fairly large company like 2CO is willing to take the chance of being associated with someone like Valdi.

They have nothing to gain, but a lot to lose. As someone pointed out, this will live on Google for a very long time ...

I am looking forward to Brazilien Bob's next pressrelease ... Please Valdi, I would like another press conferens ... you are sooooo much fun ...

valsi ivancic said...

"I will cellibrate when Valdi finally goes down ... and after reading the "clever" guys responses at 2CO I will celebrate when they will have to admint that Valdi is a fake."

What if I told you you have no reason to celebrate since we just shipped 300 machines to their new owners? We'll be shipping 500 machines next week. And from then we expect to ship 1000 machines each week until we exhaust our current orders.

Then 2CO will open the site for new orders.

We've also signed with important advertisers during these days, and
we have more spots open, you're welcome to join us, since you expressed interest in our offers.

valdi ivancic said...

Also, I wonder, when you see this resolve not like how you expected (Medison failing), will you print all you said so far on paper, and eat it.

All of you.

You've called me sick, insane, crazy, stupid, inane, and a liar.

You'll have to print and eat it next week.

markter said...

Valdi, I know that you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer ... but you should be able to spell your own name -- or are you taking the new name Valsi to confuse your enemies :-)

I am looking forward to your advertisers ... i have mailed Per a lot of times regarding advertising, but i am not getting any responses lately ... who is in charge of advertising at Medison now?


Anonymous said...

I believe this is Valdi as much as I believe I am Jesus Christ.

Though I actually I have suspicion I *may* be Jesus Christ.

I can turn wine into pee, and that's coming pretty close in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I got my DELL laptop!!!

Wait, this ruins the punch...

I got my laptop!!! 1.. 2.. 3.. From DELL!!!

Damn it, I'm so no good at this :(

Peter said...

This blog is driving me nuts.

It's so much a joke that Valdi would ever be shipping a US$150 laptop from his new assembly plant in Brazil.

Certain things are just obvious.

But yeah, I just came back from a trip to Mars by the way. I was too lazy to wait for NASA completing their damn project so I made my own low cost rocket.
But it was great up there and I could only do it because I build it step by step through my global experience.
My stupid camera broke of course (I got it cheap) so all my photos are stuck in the camera. But for all you guys who believe in Valdi and probably also still believe the earth is flat. I gotta tell, you, it's NOT!

...time to wake up?

Anonymous said...

Peter, this blog is driving you mad? You can't exit though and keep coming back?

Is it possible this is the online version of room 1408 (read the story by Steven King or see the excellent movie adaption with the same name)?

We're doomed to get old and keep coming back to this blog and we'll never get real answers.

Anonymous said...

I forgot:


Anonymous said...

Tommy Thruthseeker is kind of patethic in his trail to find "evidence" against 2CO and medison.
Personally I don't think medison will ever deliver anything- but I'm also pretty sure they never had in mind to do any frauds or alike.

And really if you don't see why 2CO don't want to play your game- perhaps you should reconsider you hobby "journalism", you're not really good at it.

Anonymous said...

"Personally I don't think medison will ever deliver anything- but I'm also pretty sure they never had in mind to do any frauds or alike".
What DID they have in mind, if anything? Pray, share with us :)

Anonymous said...

much thanks to this site for keeping track of this story for me.

Anonymous said...

"Ok, I got my DELL laptop!!!

Wait, this ruins the punch...

I got my laptop!!! 1.. 2.. 3.. From DELL!!!

Damn it, I'm so no good at this :("

good one :)

Peter said...

Some times ridiculous things can be entertaining.

With the lack of news, it's time to remember some "old Medison news" many of us might have almost forgot:

February 20, 2007
We have, together with partners, opened up a laptop factory in Brazil. The news was released by the company owner, Valdi Ivancic, who also says, "We are only assembling laptops in our plant in Sao Paulo now before our own plant will be ready for manufacturing".

So indeed Valdi had already entered production February 20 :-)

Six months of production! They must have a huge warehouse full of those Celebrities in Brazil at this point :-)

I guess the Medison Sao Paolo laptop assembly plant is comparable to the great Medison Apple Store.

Am I the only one laughing?

Gosh we need "new news" to avoid more jokes like this!

Anonymous said...

2CO has not taken any money from customers, nor delivered any money to Valdi. So what's there to complain about? I think they have done a great job in a probably very hard situation.

Stop whineing and just be happy that nobody has been scammed!

Actually 2CO is probably the part who has lost any money in this affair.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

See my new blogpost for answers to your statements and questions.

Anonymous said...

I have been on the sidelines watching this comedy... but have to ask a question now. Is there no 'internet fraud prevention' or 'consumer protection' unit in your government or Police in Sweden? It seems they should be the ones asking the questions and not Tommy and the potential "customers". Here in Canada they would likely have shut down the product website by now, if the 'company' could not prove that they are a legitimate business with a business plan and a real product to deliver. Or is the opinion of everyone still that 'no crime has been committed'. That's like saying someone is pointing a gun at me but has done nothing wrong as they have not pulled the trigger yet.

Anonymous said...

Someone from 2CO said this about 2CO:
I think they have done a great job in a probably very hard situation.
Stop whineing and just be happy that nobody has been scammed!

It's you who keeps "whineing".

The situation was not hard at all for 2CO. They made it hard by not terminating an account with a vendor who provided every possible indicator for being bogus.

Anonymous said...

Funny, looks like this blog is now being cencored and purged of comments that don't please TT.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

huh? I have deleted one comment that used very abusive language. There is loads of criticism in the comments, I must be really bad on "censoring and purging comments that don't please me".