Thursday, September 13, 2007

"2CO has suspended accepting new orders"

2co has made the following statement on their forum:

"Due to the logistical problems currently preventing Medison Europe Limited from shipping their Celebrity laptop, and the backlog of current orders, 2CO has suspended accepting new orders at this time.
Some orders were inappropriately marked as shipped, in violation of 2CO's terms of service, and therefore the cardholders were billed. Affected orders will be automatically refunded within the next 48 hours unless the customer specifically requests to suspend the refund at this time. Affected customers have been contacted separately via email."

I'm still very perplexed by the wording of their answer. Seems like they are prepared to continue working with Medison and Valdi even after that he clearly has shown what he is capable of, just if they solve the "logistical problems". It also seems like that they won't cancel orders that are ordered but not not marked as shipped. Are they just waiting for those orders to get "inappropriately marked as shipped" too?


Anonymous said...

"Due to the logistical problems currently preventing Medison Europe Limited from shipping their Celebrity laptop.."

Note the singular form of the noun laptop. So now even 2co admits that only one piece of hardware exists:-)

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

Haha, good one!

in the know said...

This incident is due to the precautions taken with the first customers "shipped" orders only- so as to not freeze these customers funds during the resolution period. This will protect Medison and CO2 against false accusations of misappropriation of funds. That made problems with the shipping contacts. Now the slate is clean and they will be resuming the process.

George Bush II said...

They are hust trying to be polite and avoid further damage to their own reputation.

I would like to congratulate Tommy truthseeker and this blogg for a rarely well done job and a big victory for consumer power.

When media did not do its job properly you all did it!


Anonymous said...


Please to

marketer said...

10 små negerpojkar ...

I don't know how to translate this in a PC way ... but anyway. If you look at managers at the page, you can see that two of them has been left out. The sales guy is gone, and another guy I can't remember his title.

Good job ... I would recommend the other guys to try to get your names off that page ASAP.

Today when I hire people I always google them first ... and let me tell you if your name came up as having in any way being associated with a sick puppy like Valdi i don't think many employeers would hire you ...

pokerface said...

I am sitting pat with my order...
I love playing poker with Valdi!

Peter said...

Between all the jokes and stupid comments in this blog is a serious message about consumer protection.

Both Medison and 2CO can not excuse this whole flow of events anymore. Valdi is from another planet but 2CO has a serious problem in having their nice sounding statements with employees practicing a very different attitude towads actual paying customers. It's absolutely not fair to leave customers in the dark in this way and there is just no excuse possible in a case so obvious.

When this story is fully understood it needs to be reported to BBB in the Ohio region.

Anonymous said...

So far customer has been financially hurt. In this age of the Internet, one can only blame one self for making stupid decisions. At the end of the day, caveat emptor is still valid.

Anonymous said...

and a little "no" dropped out of my previous post

Peter said...

This is not about 2CO paying back the money or not.

This is about 2CO selling a product that simply doesn't exist. It's fraud to do so when it's done knowingly.

2CO have this idea that as long as they pay back the money and make an excuse that Medison was at fault for not telling facts, anything goes.

2CO didn't do a diddly squat in terms of conducting a due diligence of Medison.

Possibly 2CO was hoping for a major business coming out of this "the world's cheapest laptop" even they might have realized how slim the chance actually was.

Anonymous said...

I really like Robert Klanjac's answers when Aftonbladet contacted him today:

"Lika lite får veta när vi kontaktar företagets Nordenchef, Robert Klanjac.

– Jag har inga kommentarer till någonting i dag, säger han.

Kommer beställarna att få sina datorer?

– Jag har inga kommentarer.

Vad har du att säga till de som känner sig lurade?

– Jag har inga kommentarer, upprepar Klanjac. "

If you don't understand Swedish he's only saying "no comments". <- the article.

Anonymous said...

The Sad thing is, is if Valdi had actually done some research into what goes into making a laptop he would have realized that $150 for a PC with those specs is simply not feasible.

If he had done the research and found someway to sell a laptop with specs similar to those on his site at even 300 USD, he would have had so much more success.

This whole thing reminds me of a time I was at a cafe with a friend and this guy tried to sell us Pentium I processors (this was in 2004) under the logic that Pentium I was the best just because it was number I...sigh...

Anonymous said...

OMG - the bl... press SUX big time.

I have just scanned some Danish and Swedish IT-news sources, and they all breed the same, and WRONG, information. Nobody seems to have bothered to actually contact 2CO, or at least check out their forum.

PC för alla mentions the actual state of affairs, that 2co has returned the money, but the subsequent articles, like e.g. version 2 in Denmark
has translated the original story (that they refer to) into "2co dumps medison" , which is not at all what 2CO have announced!

Anonymous said...

English translation of IDG/Pc for alla article: 2CO refunds Medisons customers

Anonymous said...

Uh...did you read, all orders were canceled. You can't extend this further.

disappointed said... seems like Tommy is right...2CO continues to do business with Medison. I requested by e-mail an update of my order; I got a "ticketed" reply confirming some one would contact me. Since I'm quite impatient I called 2CO, waited 30 sec. for some one to answer (that was very quick). The guy wasn't of to much help, even if I explained that I wanted a confirmation from him if they had cancelled all orders, since Medison was basically all bluff, etc. His reply was, our XXX (I missed the name) dept. deals with this company, so they are a real company doing business with 2CO. Inmediately after hangng the phone, I receive this e-mail sent to, myself and a CC to the sender from 2CO:
Dear Medison,

The following notes have been added to your account.
Please review this information and take corrective action, if needed by: as soon as possible.

Details: Sale Number: 3789XXXXX
Hello, the customer has contacted 2CO to request detailed shipping information on this parcel. Please provide this information to the customer as soon as possible, including the carrier, estimated date of delivery and tracking number. Failure to contact the client will result in a cancellation of this sale. Thank you for your time and attention to this request.
Thank you, Inc
1785 O'Brien Road
Columbus, OH 43228
Contact us:

Customer Service:
1-877-294-0273 toll-free in U.S. & Canada
1-614-921-2450 international callers
0871-871-8283 local from UK & Northern Ireland

This means they are sending e-mails to cyberspace to a bogus e-mail, trying to look professional, even though we know this is just BS.

Notice: "unless the customer specifically requests to suspend the refund". They guy offered me the option to cancel my order right now, or wait for some response from Medison. This just shows they are waiting for a miracle to happen, as some of us, waiting for the Laptop to knock our door :)

Anonymous said...

My order was never marked as shipped but cancelled anyway.

Anonymous said...

My god they're a mess. Good thing I signed with someone else for my business, I was this close to picking 2CO, because of their popularity.

Anonymous said...

============= ADVICE =============

Please file your personal complaint against 2CO at this web site:

Anonymous said...

Use "2checkout" as Company Name to find the company to complain about on the web site:

in the know said...

re: " Uh...did you read, all orders were canceled. You can't extend this further.
13 September, 2007 15:24 "
2CO has NOT cancelled ALL the orders as was stated above.
Only the first hundred orders.
And if the customer wishes to reinstate their order, they only need to contact 2CO.
No customer has lost their money or order!

Anonymous said...

What is there to complain about. Medison is the issue here, not 2co.

in the know said...

And Medison is working day and night to get the orders out to the customers. Very sorry for the inconvenience and the waiting involved. As was stated before, anyone who wants out is welcome to cancel their order.

the guy with the glasses said...

2CO is a reseller, then have some 7000+ people waiting for a laptop they won't get.

It's not a fraud, but it's just incompetent, and tedious. And you need to twist their arms really hard to get something approximating an answer.

Those 7000 will tell their friends, which will tell their friends.

2CO has lost a lot with this scandal.

Anonymous said...

Of course this should be reported to BBB as a complaint by anybody who ordered this laptop. 2CO is the single major participant and misinformer.

Valdi might be a lunatic but that can not be said about 2CO as a company with a fair amount of staff members. They just can't put any excuses on the table and from the beginning it's thanks to 2CO that some people with less insight into this business were actually believing in this.

Complain at: