Monday, September 10, 2007

2co: "We cannot tell if anything has shipped"

For the first time in quite some time 2co has actually written an actual answer to a question on their forum:

"Some orders have been marked as shipped, but no tracking information has been received and therefore we cannot tell you if they have in fact been shipped."


"These are electronic funds and no interest can be gained by 2checkout, on the contrary, 2Checkout has to pay a fee to refund these orders."

I still find it very strange that they keep on trusting this company that abuse their system in this way, remember that these orders was marked as shipped over two weeks ago. Other than this, they keep on going with their mantra that the customers money are safe.

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Anonymous said...

He also said:

"All of the orders that have been marked shipped (120 of them)are located in Sweden,and Valdi has said that shipping for this area would be free. In this instant there would be no reason to re-invoice the customer.

We have not been able to verify that any customer has received their laptop at this time."

So those are most likely NOT the first 120 customers, but 120 customers in Sweden. That would support the "logistics problem" statement... but then why are those 120 laptops still not delivered ??