Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Answers" from 2co & Medison

Jnytt published a short notice today about the cancellation of orders like many other sites and newspapers. The difference i Jnytt's article is that they apparently got in contact with Valdi regarding the cancellations. He doesn't want to comment, but still says that "it's just a few persons that have chosen to cancel their orders, that has had their money returned". He also said that they will release a new press release "soon". This does not match what 2co has said at all.

2Checkout also posted a response to my last post, as usual in their "we answer, but doesn't really answer anything anyway"-way:

"All remaining orders are authorizations only and will resolve back into the customers account if they have not done so already. No funds have been taken from their cards. Customers may feel confident that 2Checkout has continually monitored this matter, and that certain measures have been taken regarding Medison's account."

As I understand this answer, they are continuing their support for Medison. I have replied with the following post:

"Do you still do business with Valdi/Medison? Do they still have the option to mark those orders as shipped without any details at all like they did, causing customers to be charged?If you plan to continue your support towards Medison/Valdi, what will your requirements be to open up for new orders?
And if you continue your support, why? There is at least four direct breaches towards your TOS..."

And as a direct result of their book-example of bad and inadequate communication, many newspapers and sites are reporting that 2co has canceled all Medison-orders, which isn't correct.

Oh, and in an interview in Aftonbladet, Medisons "Swedish CEO" Robert Klanjac answers "no comments" to all questions! I don't think that guy ever has said anything useful regarding Medison.

In other news, two persons has been removed from Medisons management according to; Per Söderberg (Sales Manager) and Lauri Kuru (Press Relations) are no longer listed there. None of those persons has ever commented anything in regards of the Medison Celebrity.


the guy with the glasses said...

--He also said that they will release a new press release "soon".--

You better get ready, Tommy. He's hitting on the blogs more and more with each one of his new press releases.

I fully expect that it'll turn out some hooligans with T-Shirts saying "" have broken into his headquarters and wrecked all ready laptops.

Anonymous said...

After Valdi's proof reading department head Valdi Ivancic approves the Press Release, I'm sure it will be clear that Tommy and this blog are to blame for no laptops being delivered in almost 2 months.

And because none have been delivered in almost 2 months, to silence the critics, none will be delivered for another 4-6 weeks. The size of this unprecedented release of backlogged computers will once and for all silence the critics and prove that Medison is not a scam.

mystical internet hooligan said...

Uhmm yea, I have to say I was one of said hooligans.

The combination of Doom 3, GTA and Tommy's blog have proved fatal for my young mind and I must say I don't know how or why, but I've hunted Valdi's partners one by one and beaten them until they gave up on Medison.

I then found Valdi's office, stole his laptop parts and wrecked all assembled laptops.

In retrospection none of this makes any sense, but then again, I'm just a poor excuse of a mad man, so does it matter.

Anonymous said...

--And because none have been delivered in almost 2 months, to silence the critics, none will be delivered for another 4-6 weeks.--

Hahaha, you know what they say: it's funny, because it's true.

That's exactly the kind of logic he used in his past press releases.

Anonymous said...

I try to reach all contact e-mails of both sites medison an medisoncelebrity and I recieve the same answer:

"I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out. does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 550
Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table
Giving up on

--- Enclosed are the original headers of the message."

I hope this company aren't a SCAM


valdi ivancic said...

I'm sorry, I'll need 4-6 weeks to add the mail boxes to my new hosting account.

i beat my kid said...

I have a serious question:

Who is Robert Klanjac, and why do his answers mean so much.

Yes, he's the Swedish CEO, but he was also reportedly a relative of Valdi (?)?

He's most likely a fictive figure, and written in for legal purposes, and has nothing to do with Valdi's business in the first place, could someone comment on that?

marketer said...

I mailed madison earlier today asking how I could place my order for the nice Medison Celebrity ... I haven't received an answear .... The last time I mailed them regarding that they have the American Express logo but 2CO doesn't accept Amex, I at least got an auto genereated reply ... I guess they are cutting down on administrating so they can finally get all those computers out the door :-)

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

"Who is Robert Klanjac, and why do his answers mean so much."

He is indeed Valdi's cousin (Valdi said so himself on the press conference). He and Per Söderberg was the ones that attended the press conference together with Vadi in August. He didn't say much during the conference though.
He is not however hired by medison, he has just been on vacation from his normal job at the Swedish military while working with Medison.

My opinion is that his answers would be just as important as Valdis, however he never say anything anyway ;)

Valdis probation officer said...


Since I feel sorry for you Valdi, i have done some brainstorming and come up with some ideas to help you ...

Now when the press guy has left, and the sales guy ... how will you be able to sell all that advertising ... wait .... I have a plan, maybe you can sell the "top program" for only $1 million instead of $2 million ... in that case it would probably almost sell itself ...

Second, instead of having Robert Klanjac say "No comments", I have invented something called a "Wave file" where I have red the same message ... that means that you can add that to your fine web-page and when a reporter have a question ... just ask them to push the button on your web-page.

Finally, you don't need 2co! They are a bunsh of loosers anyway ... I have constructed small transperent boxes that you can put for exampel in supermarkets and out on the streets. I have even written a sign for you where it says ... get your Medison Computer just add $150 in the box ... if you don't have dollars, any currency is fine ... as long as it is 150 of it ....

For my help I hope you will send me a Dell computer

marketer said...

"... He is not however hired by medison, he has just been on vacation from his normal job at the Swedish military while working with Medison."

Do you know what branch of the military he is in, and where he is stationed?

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

No, sorry. Thats just the information they mentioned about him at the press conference.

Anonymous said...

Please remove your heads from your asses NOW!

Valdi is nothing more than an internet vandal. Someone who is getting their jollies from playing an intricate game with all of you, much like a spammer does, with the casualties being your wasted time.

This thing had "scam" written all over it from the first moment I heard about it. And in this day and age, I can't believe how many of you poor fools -- including you Tommy -- take his crap seriously enough to pick apart his every word in search of validity that you'll never find.

This is a silly game by a homeless, jobless bum, fueled by the entertainment value of watching all of you play along like a bunch of mindless puppets that believe everything you read.

Frankly it's sad to watch this blog evolve to what it has...

Anonymous said...

When you go to a mindless action movie, what do you gain by the time you walk out.

Nothing. Entertainment, pure and simple.

This is what we get as well, and in the meantime informing people who buy into this thing (there are plenty of people who do NOT see the scam, more than 7000 of them ordered so far).

So, no harm done, out time is ours to decide how to spend.

valdi ivancic said...

Please remove your heads from your asses NOW!"

Are you sure that's not dangerous?

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

Um, I really don't get your point? No one should question a unserious company/person because the company/person is unserious?
As long as there is companies and people believing in this crap, I believe there is work to be done for the public good.
Agreed, if everyone from the start would have understood this, the blog wouldn't have a purpose. But that isn't the case now, it is?

Anonymous said...

So, when you get an email that says to forward this to 68 of your friends within 5 minutes or your dick will fall off, do you?

Why do you give this idiot the time of day? It's simply a social experiment by someone (probably a kid) with lots of time on their hands.

And the fact that this site exists gives them reason to continue the charade.

Sure, your blog is noble, but could have been easily stated with the fact that this company doesn't really exist, and the whole thing is a scam and charade. But you guys pick apart his "press releases" (lol) and every other word that spews from his ass, and look for valid statements like a detective on a wild goose chase.

As far as the people that paid money, 2CO said people would get their money back. End of story.

It's very sad that gullible people can't see things like this for what they really are ... but then again that goes back to my first comment...

I admit, this whole story (and this blog) was a bit entertaining to read, but seems overkill to me, as it was obvious to me from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

So, when you get an email that says to forward this to 68 of your friends within 5 minutes or your dick will fall off, do you?

No, but I pay the time to inform my less intelligent friends, why they shouldn't do so either.

Which is what this blog does.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

No, I reply to them that they should stop forwarding stuff.

Vald is not a kid, he's a grown up real person that have started many (failed) companies previously. If you look at his previous wok, it's easy to see that he is a dreamer and fails in almost everyhing he does. Medison DO exist as a company.

I don't analyze the things Valdi, 2co and other writes because I try to find any "valid statements", I do it because I'm convinced that there isn't any "valid statements", and I want to show that to others, that still belives in Valdi. 2co, customers, other companies that he contacts for partnership ect. Some people and companies obviously needs to be protected, it's not only people that order trough 2co that are in the zone of being damaged in one way or another.

And if you check my blog from the start, I posted the stuff that still hadn't been answered, and that makes the whole story fishy, at the same time as several lagre papers, news-sites, big tech-blogs and so on that wrote about Medison as a fantastic new company that sold laptops for 150$, without any critzism at all. If poeple like that don't see trough it, why should normal people do it?

Anonymous said...

I wonder though Tommy, is community help making people dumber?

We're growing to be a generation that relies that everything is taken care of for it.

No critical thought or analysis at all... Nothing good in front of us.

valdi ivancic said...

I am real Valdi Ivancic.

I want to say I am consulting my lawyer about this blog, and intend to sue.

Ok, my laywer just called. He said I can't sue, and that I didn't pay him for his services.

And that he's not a lawyer, but a vet.

Damn it.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

I don't think that it's anything new actually. People has always been easily duped, just look at different religions and cults, people basically believes in it just because one person or another convinced them that their way was the correct one.
I don't believe that the solution is to just let people be "duped". If Valdi believes in his work, and convince other companies and persons to invest their time, energy and money into it I don't think that they shouldn't be blamed for it. At least not before reading my blog ;)

Anonymous said...

FYI, Robert Klanjac is/was working for the Swedish Navy in Stockholm (Muskö) on the Corvette Division as a Weapons Technician, as that he is a SubLt (Löjntant).

concerned said...

Tommy, the front page has become quite bulky, I wondered if there's option in BlogSpot to split this in 2-3 pages?

concerned said...

I mean blogger, whateva..

disappointed said...

Finally got a response from 2CO about my order, basically the same old story: "We apologize, but due to certain logistical issues, your laptop will not be delivered at this time..... Please let us know if you want to cancel this order out so we can take care of it for you."
They respond but do not respond directly: "laptop will not be delivered this time", so that means that it may be delivered some other time. It is also my own decision if I want to cancel the order, or just leave it there hanging in their backlog! They have not confirmed that my order or any order are or will be cancelled by them, as far as I understand.
In few words, they're still waiting for these laptops to start being shipped, so they can start withdrawing the money from the credit cards. I have the feeling that the game is: We'll screw you in the future, and don't blame on us; we tried everything; for you to cancel when it was possible!

Anonymous said...

"I have the feeling that the game is: We'll screw you in the future, and don't blame on us; we tried everything; for you to cancel when it was possible!"

They will likely not screw you, but apparently they have decided to have a very lame approach to maximizing their profit from this.

They hold the funds locked, but not charged, and wait for even the slightest chance this May Be Real (no chance in hell), since those are near a million of dollars for them, which they'll take processing fee on.

And if it's fake, they just unlock the funds and cancel all orders.

Now, everything is nice in their amazingly smart strategy, except people who don't cancel their orders have no clue WHETHER and WHEN ANYTHING will be shipped, EVER.

And this is possibly the worst possible experience they could provide without breaking any laws still.

When I order something, I don't play a lotto: it's a definitive agreement, and I've put my credit card details down, I need accurate deadline and information.

They instead keep their customers in limbo, just so they don't miss potentially a neat deal (which, again, has no chance in hell of happening).

They plan are incompetent/greedy. Nothing else could explain it at this stage.

Anonymous said...

From Medsin FAQ :
"4. Q: Do you have other products or can I add more memory to this laptop?
A: Yes, we have other models coming up next month and if you want to expand with more memory on your laptop you can go to our 'Accessories' page and buy extra memory."

The new models should have been on the market by now ?

Bertrand said...

I have ordered 3 laptops (I know, I'm crazy) I writed to 2co and answer is :

Greetings Bertrand:

Thank you for contacting I apologize for any inconvenience and any delay in response regarding this matter.

Your order xxxxxxxxxx, is an active order. It has not been shipped as of September 14, 2007. Per website our supplier quotes 4-6 weeks from date order was placed before shipping. You placed your order on August 9, 2007. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

this laptop is like Loto or Euromillions. 1 winner and others can just pray to win ;)

marketer said...

From Sweden to Brazil .... From Brazil to California ... From California to jail ....

Peter said...

Of course Valdi should go to jail in Sweden for fraud selling a product that does not exist.

2CO also need some serious scrutiny to find out why they were part of this. It's to a large degree thanks to 2CO (and a very ignorant technical press) that so many people got fooled into this.

It's interesting what kind of new types of crime that are possible due to the Internet.

Anonymous said...

============= ADVICE =============

Please file your personal complaint against 2CO at this web site:

Enter Company Name 2checkout.

valdi ivancic said...

Medison Europe Ltd. is pleased to announce the arrival of the long-awaited new product line: the Medison Memento

From a democratic point of view we believe everyone should be able to afford one. We have our own plants where we assemble our product.

It's yours for only $39.99, and for only $1,000,000 more we offer personal giftwrapping performed by Christo

Deliveries start in 4-6 weeks, so pre-order yours now from our esteemed authorized reseller 2Checkout

Valdi Ivancic
CEO & President
Medison Europe Limited

Peter said...

Very cool indeed.

Selling Eiffel towers at 2CO is a very very good idea. Just get one order confirmed at that price of US$1 million and you can take a well deserved holiday.

Now I am thinking about starting a business of selling Mars rockets at a low price of US$5 Million per piece.

But, hey, Eiffel towers might be better. They don't need FCC and UL approvals too so nobody can check the business validity ;-)
At least 2CO would not question it.

Anonymous said...

If you go to and click on 'About Medison'->'Management', it's down to Valdi and 2 other names. I'm pretty sure there were a few more names.

I'm betting that the other people got so pissed at Valdi they made him take their names off. It looks like it's just an image that he cut the name out, and didn't even bother rearranging the ones that are left.

marketer said...

Does anyone know anything about Erik Dietersson, the so called business manager in Sweden. Where does he work? history? and so forth ...

Peter said...

marketer try this one:

Amphenol ConneXus AB
Box 21006
100 31 Stockholm
+46 (0)8 54547070
(this might not be correct)

Anonymous said...

It would be really informative if we could reach the people who left Medison and ask them: why.

Not saying we should hunt them down and demand answers, but just ask them if they are willing to share something.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

This has been tried by journalists earlier. Their collective answers have been "no comments!"

Anonymous said...

Tommy, Robert Klanjac has NOT quit Medison, two other people have.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how you never, ever heard anything from the now departed

Lauri Kuru
Press relations Sweden

Does she really exist, or merely Valdi's feminine alter ego?

Tommy said...

Some people has claimed to have spoken with HIM just when they started selling, but nothing since then.

Anonymous said...

Oooops. My bad.

I remembered seeing a picture (corp head shot) of a woman when I was clicking through the webalyser, I made the ASSumption of that was this person.

Anonymous said...

The site still shows the non-functioning buy button... Let's see how many weeks it takes him to remove that one.

For a guy who's so sensitive for his company image, he definitely seems to not take good care of his site.

Anonymous said...

What do you think he will write in the next press release?

I only know one thing... we will all be flabbergasted

valdi ivancic said...

This is a draft of our press release, but no one post it at the Internet!!!, as it is not final.

Also I was blamed for poor English in the past, so I looked up some words in my dictionary to use this time. Let me know if it sounds corporate.

Here goes:
This is to let our customers know what happens in Medison. We are facing fierce fabricated fight with fabulous foulmouths, as certain newspapers, and bloggers attack us and spread lies at the Internet about Medison and our laptop product.

Because of this, for our machine, mainly a major macabre manifestation is in the making, because of which shipment may be delayed.
We want to clarify and classify as categorically clear that the laptop is reassuringly readily real.

But we will not ship it before we have many of them assembled, since people will think it's a scam.

Valdi Ivancic,
CEO & President
Medison Europe Limited.


That's it, not much else to say since we can't ship yet, but I hope the better English makes it clear.

Peter said...

Don't we all have a bit of mixed feeling about this guy Valdi?

1. He is a liar fooling a lot of people who expected a cheap latop for US$150. He don't even have a product to sell but keeps pretending. Obviously if he had a laptop to sell he would simply prove it e.g. providing the FCC ID or other true evidence on his web site.

2. He is obviously not in a good condition financially and just having moved from Brazil to Sweden with his family with minimal funds and without finding a job make me feel sorry for him.

It's truly hard to understand this guy and what drives him. I've tried to understand the logic behind his actions but it's truly hard. The first obvious question is, why is the price half of a reasonable price that would still be unbeatable?

There is no sense in that unless publicity is the primary goal. But the publicity is actually negative so what can he do with that anyway?

Valdi is truly from another planet...

peter said...

ok I admit, I got fired some time ago so all I'm left with is obsessively compulsively checking this blog.

If there are no comments, I just post my "Valdi is from another planet" diatribe.


Peter (the actual one) said...

Who is that great pretender?

Me being fired...that's a great joke :-)

But I must admit this blog is addictive because it's funny.

Anonymous said...

Something a bit more real:

Now the One Laptop per Child Foundation's XO laptop will sell for about $188, up from the $176 the group announced in May.

In today's news:

Anonymous said...

The OLPC is the biggest crap ever invented. Not only is it dreadfully slow (operating system is mostly written in Python), the whole concept of the OLPC is flawed. Apart from the fact that the children in Africa rather need good math books, food, and incorrupt goverments, they would also (obviously) be better off with cheap off-the-self PC hardware---very much like the non-existing Medison laptop or the EEE PC.

This OLPC project is so stupid, it really infuriates me. If they need computer skills at all, those children need to learn how to write C/C++ apps for windows (and perhaps a bit linux) and develop web apps using SQL databases and Java, so they can actually sell the fruits of their hard work on the international market. Giving away software for free to the open source community might be noble, but is not a good way to build up an economy. Everything about the OLPC is wrong--- the intended uses, the design, the custom hardware and its ridiculous specs, the custom operating system and software.

That being said, I'd probably buy one. :-) It's a nice gimmick for saturated western customers, but of no use for people (not to speak of children) in developing countries.

No matter how illusional the whole endeavor was, Medison got one thing right, namely that cheap stuff should be built from cheap off-the-shelf components and run an existing, widely used operating system.

So, that was my 2 cents on the OLPC. Others might disagree. Sorry for the off-topic ranting. :-)

Anonymous said...

Somebody wrote that Valdi just moved from Brazil to Sweden with his family. That's news to me. As far as I know his family is still in Brazil and that is why we in the beginning of this affair expected Valdi to run off with a couple of million to Brazil and never come back.

There is one possible explanation how someone from Brazil would earn a lot of money by making frequent shipments from Brazil to Europe. I admit this is far off speculation and I write it only because nobody wrote it before.

It involves using the computer shipments from Brazil as a front to ship other substances that are not legal in your jurisdiction.

Surely a stand up business man such as Valdi would not be involved with such things. But perhaps someone threatened his family back home in Brazil. We have been told he would do anything for them.

eyewitness said...

Here are the laptops!

Medison sure has bad luck!

Anonymous said...

European expats living in relatively poor foreign countries like Brazil, China, Thailand, Cambodia etc. often follow this pattern:

1. They find a local girl they live with; some times get married with.
2. They have a very hard time finding a job. Perhaps they don't even have a legal status to work in the particular country.
3. To make an income, they try to use the Internet or in other way make some sort of export business to Europe.
4. Eventually, without a reasonable income, many go back to Europe.

You will find this is a quite common pattern for those expats moving to poor countries from Europe.

Valdi seems to follow this pattern too.