Tuesday, September 11, 2007

medison.se suspended again!

I contacted Medisons new hosting company that hosts medison.se, and asked why the domain was down. Their answer is that it was due to misconfigured DNS-entries.
However they will not provide hosting for Medison at all due to everything surrounding this story, that it was a mistake from their side to accept them as a customer, and has suspended the hosting account. I wonder who Medison will contact now? I guess he's running out of cheap web hosts supporting .se-domains...

The full answer follows:

"Hej Tommy! Kontopaketet registrerades igår, och de har angivit fel namnservrar så därför fungerar ej deras sida.Vi kommer suspendera kontot ikväll och har kontaktat ägaren om detta. Kontot kommer sedan avslutas.

Vi anser inte att vi kan erbjuda webbplats för medison.se - vi känner väl till detta fall, men har tyvärr begått misstaget att skapa kontot trots allt - ibland blandar man ihop alla de olika domännamnen som förekommer.

Med vänlig hälsning *****


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Valdi and I can almost offer him web hosting myself. I look forward to the day computers are delivered or he is brought to justice, but the web hotel(s) shld not be the jruy.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

Of course they should not, but just like all other "partners" except 2co has aborted their partnerships, web hosts has the righs to do so too. No company (except 2co?) wants to be associated with a extremely unserious business like Medison. And like said thousands of times before, Medison and Valdi can not be trusted or taken seriously at all, no matter if they deliver any computers or not!

the guy with the glasses said...

Hmmm... I'll have to agree here. He hasn't done anything illegal just yet, there's no reason the webhost would deny him hosting.

Of course it's also matter of choice on the host, they could select not to host someone for their own reasons.

But that's not the way this should end.

I don't understand why specific hosting company is required to host .se domains.

Any hosting company can host .se domains, as long as you point the domain's to the hosting nameservers.

Anonymous said...

By now, I'm pretty convinced that the maker of this blog has other, perhaps less noble motives than just informing the public about a suspected scam.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

How comes and why is it "by now"? What motives would that be?

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

Oh, and about the "I don't understand why specific hosting company is required to host .se domains.", as I understand it, most cheap easy-to-setup hosting providers require you to enter the domain name for the hosting and requires it to be a top domain supported by them.

Anonymous said...

There are at least a couple of hundred hosting providers in Sweden alone, so Valdi should have no real problem to find another.

Luckily, the website medison.se is not needed to build laptops. So Valdi's failure to manufacture and ship laptop is his own.

the guy with the glasses said...

"Oh, and about the "I don't understand why specific hosting company is required to host .se domains.", as I understand it, most cheap easy-to-setup hosting providers require you to enter the domain name for the hosting and requires it to be a top domain supported by them."

No, that's just when you buy a new domain, and you want the hosting provider to manage it as well. If the domain is already registered, it doesn't matter.

Of course that's why smarter people don't keep their hosting and registrar in the same company. Moving to another hosting becomes twice the pain it needs to be since too many people buy their domain in the same place where they order their hosting.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, your whole campaign is just so stupid...and annoying just FYI.

Anonymous said...

LOL - Tommy, I know you don't, but just as en expression of support: Don't pay any attention to the Talibans that log in here and get disgusted:)

Peter said...





I'll mail you a digital camera if you can't afford it!

Anonymous said...

in the code of .se site, this is in the meta tags: META content="MSHTML 6.00.2900.3157" name=GENERATOR>

Isn't this from an Adobe wysiwyg? A wysiwyg that runs on windows or osx? Maybe it runs on fedora, but I don't think so...

Anonymous said...

I think he used GoLive for the site. What's wrong with that however.

Anonymous said...

(except that he made it ugly, not fault of the product)

Anonymous said...

I thought he had 1 computer, and it's supposedly running Fedora?

The Clevo is still running Windows?

Anonymous said...

Or, perhaps they have Windows running on the Corporate computers back in the world headquarters.

Madman said...

This is obviously the work of a madman, Valdi is most probably a fucko but sure with good intentions, patological liar is the true word to use IMHO. Though, I am sure he has found som cheapo laptop from a chinese factory, if he's lucky, they don't get stuck in customs, and he can finally ship them to the poor bastards who has spent a 1000 SEK (about 110 EUR) already.

Most probably, this company will disappear in less than one year, some customers will get a machine probably worht the money, but with no future warranty.

Go for the ASUS Eee PC instad, ASUS has been around for quite some time, and are well known for producing quality.

Valdi, if you read this, next time you have a great idea, hire someone else to execute it, and continue what you are good at, selling dreams.. The world needs peeps like you, but a company needs to be run by someone closer to the surface of planet earth..


Black Valdi said...

"Valdi, if you read this, next time you have a great idea, hire someone else to execute it, and continue what you are good at, selling dreams.. The world needs peeps like you, but a company needs to be run by someone closer to the surface of planet earth.."

Aye, aye... you dissin' me boy? I aint dissin' nobody, whacha doin' steppin' on my foot, bitch?

What kinda affilliation you got? You working for the Asus crew, man? I love you but I take no sh*t, I give you that, m***** f*****.

And Tommy, you're dead man! Next time you walkin' a club, watch out fo' ma' crew, m***** f*****, we'll run you, run you good. You screwin' my business and scarring the hommies with the orders, dawg!

To all the hommies who gave me the cash: I'm a man'o my word, I promised gear, I give ya gear. Over and out.

Your Hommie,
Black Valdi
CEO & Crew Leader
Medaisun Europe Limited

Peter said...

madman, you are wrong. Obviously there is no place to buy a brand new laptop with these specs for US$150.

Valdi is just trying to buy more time as he desparately goes through his options of finding a vendor.

And 2CO is incredible naive and blind participating in this and not checking anything.

Remember, there are a lot of things both 2CO or Medison could say if there was a real product ready to ship. Simplest thing would be to take some photos of the damn thing including the labels with all the approvals.

How difficult is that?

But if Medison really wants to be accused of being a bogus company they are doing everything right.

Obviously Asustek's Eee PC is a real deal.

Peter said...

And...why not show photos of the user manual, packaging...and so on and so on...?

2CO could ask for simple things like that too.

If any of them were actually serious.

I wonder what actions Clevo will do against Valdi for the illegal copying of their product specs.

Tommy or anybody did you follow up with Clevo after their first mail?

madman said...

Peter, it's told that one of the ASUS machines will be priced $200, I am sure, you can get a pretty cool deal from the factory who makes that machine, or a copy, that can make it possible to sell it with a crap margin and no middlehands, at $150 ..

However, I am truly sure, that it's not a stunt that a dork like Valdi would be able to pull thru..

Dont be stupid, by the ASUS instead.


the guy with the glasses said...

"Peter, it's told that one of the ASUS machines will be priced $200, I am sure, you can get a pretty cool deal from the factory who makes that machine, or a copy, that can make it possible to sell it with a crap margin and no middlehands, at $150 .."

Right. But this machine has no hard disk, has no optical (CD/DVD) drive, has tiny screen (much smaller than the one on Celebrity), has slower processor and so on and so on.

It's not a regular laptop.

the guy with the glasses said...

furthermore maybe you're not familiar with the razor thin margins of the hardware vendors, but assuming Asus will make 25% margin on their Eee PC is outrageous.

valdi ivancic said...

If we buy parts from Asus of course it will not be possible.

But we said many times that we have partners that will give us parts cheap.

We have a partner who can build Intel Celeron chips from LEGO blocks (they look just like real), and for LCD screens we buy calculators, rip their LCD-s out and glue them together.

I will prove you it works when we ship the laptops, that we're a legitimate business and not a scam.

Valdi Ivancic
CEO & President
Medison Europe Limited

madman said...

the guy with the glasses:

Never underestimate the power of chinese labor and business logics...

I am know for sure, that you can get a factory to create a machine close to that spec. if you just have the right quantities and dont need to put any cash at all on the product design (i.e. nick someone elses product and make a nice copy).

valdi ivancic said...

"Never underestimate the power of chinese labor and business logics..."

Yes, we have Chinese sweatshops with children age 6-8 in Asia, Brasil, Sweden and US.

We import Chinese kids and let them build anything for food. They need just basic materials like wood, metal and plastic, and they can build anything.

This is how we can offer to you $150 Medison Celebrity, without it being scam, but real.

Also we will use the Chinese kids to build our new medison.se site, which is up again now, but under construction (by Chinese kids, but we didn't have time to add this).

Also the Chinese kids are almost done building us cheap airplanes, which we will use to ship the laptops.

So once we take over the world with cheap laptops, we intend to take over the shipping industry, because of how they caused us problems.

Valdi Ivancic
CEO & President
Medison Europe Limited

Peter said...

Valdi (the real one), I've finally transformed myself into becoming one of your big fans!!!

I also like Borat, Mr. Bean and Benny Hill for similar qualities.

Great your personal web site www.medison.se is up and now I even see "Under construction".

So cool.

Also wonderful to get some new energy to this blog.

I hope your wife or partner will help you build the new web site to become even more great. But please still include the old slogans, the Apple store, the interesting company history, the low compression JPEG Medison logo, the missing links, a copy of Clevo's specs, the Flash site (with the Hollywood Celebrity and Star Celebrity laptops) etc. that I come to love.

One really very tiny detail: FCC says Medison have no product approved for use in the USA (oops).

Should I believe FCC or you?

You don't plan to ship laptops that will be illegal to use, do you?

Anonymous said...

You guys on this board are just totally nuts. Get a life!

Anonymous said...

I personally wouldn't want 2CO to stop dealing with Medison/Valdi at this time. Because that would probably be the end of this whole story. Besides, did everyone forget, 2CO gave Valdi a deadline (of two weeks if I remember correctly and this was a couple of days ago I think).

Comtec said...

Yes... but, literally, they never said WHICH two weeks!
It;'s like, ok, you have to have it done by... two weeks from... um... next solar eclipse we can see from Sweden.. yeah.. that's the ticket!
God all mighty... but I will admit this is a very entertaining story to follow. I was nearly one of the 7000? people who bought into this and placed an order - until I found this site, THANKS TOMMY! :)

Anonymous said...

2CO has done nothing of that sort. Their only reaction to any customer concerns has been,very consistently:"You can cancel your order". You can see that on their own customer forums.

One person har posted an excellent spoof summary of their position in the 41'st comment in "New article with Valdi-interview" on this blog:

geno (2CO Staff):

This is to reiterate that we reiterate.

We want to confirm we won't confirm anything.

We also also have evidence we have no evidence.

We have information to share with the public, but it's all confidential.

We've given a deadline to Medison but we didn't tell them when it is.

We will not charge our customers' accounts, except for when we charge them.

I hope this clears it all up. Thank you for your continued patience, or lack thereof.

11 September, 2007 12:58

Comtec said...

That was one of the best non-responses I've read in a long time. Much needed humor about all this utter BS. It's the principle not so much the ability to withdraw our orders people!

Anonymous said...

The thing is, is even if Valdi were to get some knock-off parts and put together a $150 laptop, all of the parts plus the laptops would have to meet the requirements set forth by any government where the laptops are sold. This would include the FCC and the CE. These things take time to get approval...I feel sorry for the guy but he brought it on himself...fun read, though

Anonymous said...

All those pictures on medisons websites, anyone know where they come from? I am just assuming that Valdi stole those pictures from another company.

Anonymous said...

tommy truthseeker=vigilante

Is the lynching soon?

What's next Tommy?

This whole blog is sickening.

excerpt from:

A vigilante is a person or persons who ignore due process enacting their own form of justice when they deem the response of the authorities to be insufficient. Robert P. Ingalls has defined vigilantism as "extralegal coercion by a group of private individuals seeking to maintain the existing distribution of power."[1]

To recognize vigilantism, there exist an impetus of the behavior surrounding vigilantism.

1. Some people see their governments as ineffective in enforcing the law thus individuals and organizations fulfill the wishes of the community.
2. "Vigilante justice" is usually spurred on by the perception that criminal punishment is insufficient to the crime, or nonexistent. Citizenry often commit violent acts onto others in order to bring about equal justice.[2] Persons seen as escaping from the law, or "above the law" are generally the targets of vigilantism.[3]
3. Many vigilantes often target minority groups often conflicting with issues of another controlling body thus take extreme anal-retentive attention to every detail of law against the minority.[4]
4. Choice of degree of violence. In some cases vigilantes may assault targets verbally, or may terrorize victims,[5] may perform inhumane acts, or no violence at all.
5. Extralegal activity.

Comtec said...

WOW are you sad, and a coward. At the very least use a name :) Someone who writes truth, or at the very least facts about a case, and lets others vent their opinion are now vigilantes? woo hoo sign me up and get me a cape! I'm.... TECH MAN!

Anonymous said...

I too am a vigilante..

When it walks like a scam and when it quacks like a scam, then it's a SCAM. Pointing that out is just common sense. Of course, those deprived of common sense may see that as vigilantism:)

marketer said...

When someone (like Valdi) is trying to fool the masses, it is great that someone (Tommy) takes the time to organize a blog! When I say fool, i don't mean that this is a scam. In Valdi's delusional mind he actually think that he can pull this off. Unfortunatly, if you look at Valdi's performace he has not managed to pull ANYTHING off ... maybe he was a good truck driver ...

If you take some of Valdi´s comments and look at it "stand-alone" it could make sence and look reasonable. If you take everything that Valdi had said and add it upp (things you can find in this blog) most intelligent people will judge that Valdi is a very sick puppy with delusions, and naturally no laptops will be delivered (or produced for that matter).

I view this as pure entertainment (thanks Valdi). Valdi is the new Mr. Bean of the Internet - the clumsy businessman that is too stupid to fool anyone whith his delusions :-)

The people I feel sorry for are Valdi's family, and the other so called managers in Medison. My advise to you is: GET OUT BEFORE YOU RUIN YOUR NAMES! Valdi is already f*cked but you might still have a chance if you jump ship! Trust me, Valdi will NOT pull this off!

Best Regards!

Peter said...

Someone talking about this vigilante nonsense said:
This whole blog is sickening.

Wrong, if anything, your comment is sickening and perhaps you don't understand the insanity of what Valdi is doing.

This blog is the very mixed reaction to two companies (Medison and 2CO) who in any way shape or form are fooling people online in the worst possible unprofessional way selling a laptop that doesn't even exist at an unrealistic low price and keep doing this week after week.

Unfortunately a lot of people don't understand how unrealistic the whole thing is and that Valdi and 2CO are not actually having a real product they are selling (I personally checked at FCC).

Tommy started this blog without knowing how absurd it would end up being but every day this blog has increasingly confirmed Tommy was right from the beginning.


Anonymous said...

Peter, you seems to know the FCC thing, this i copied from 2CO.
2CO Staff
Posted 1 month ago # Hello Thenisse,

2Checkout is the company that is selling this product. We purchase the laptops from Medison and resell them over the internet in real time. (When you click on the purchase link, we buy it from Medison at the same time that you buy it from us.) This allows us to protect the customer in ways that credit card processors and other ways to sell products on the internet can not-- even if the company who created the product goes out of business or is not even legitimate, the customer purchased the product from us, and we can refund the
As I understand, Medison has alread broken the law and 2CO will if they continue to sell?


Anonymous said...

The people asking the few critics of this blog to provide their name are really hypocrites. You can give yourself any name you like here, and the founder of this blog prefers to remain anonymous---as opposed to his sole target, of whom not only his name, but even home address and phone numbers have been spread.

I'm not sure whether TT is a vigilante, perhaps he has noble intentions, but this blog has gone far off the edge. This has nothing to do with consumer information or even journalism. I admit that this blog had some sense before 2CO made it clear that nobody will loose any money. Now they have made this clear a thousand times and you are free to sue them if they break this social contract. Yet, the personal rantings against Valdi Ivancic on this blog go on and on.

As opposed to TT, who made it clear from the start that he thinks the Medison laptop is a scam or a bad idea (now what kind of journalism is that?), I can at least appreciate the idea of selling an ultra-low cost laptop. Perhaps Medison is not the right company to do it, but I can't understand why you personally pick on this company and its founder the way you do---constantly and extremely biased. It's a good idea, folks, so what's wrong with you? Even if you think it's a bad idea, why so personal? Are you too stupid to cancel your order in this case?

By the way, the idea is not at all delusional. The EEE PC will be sold at a much higher price than its production cost and you can produce a cheaper linux-based machine without a solid state disk. For example, Hasee is one of China's top PC manufactorers and they are looking for international distributors. I'm sure someone could make a deal with them to get a large quantity of laptops in the price range of 200-250 USD. Perhaps even less, who knows.

marketer said...

To the guy that thinks this blog has gone overboard ...

You have to realize that this is too much fun to leave alone ... This has nothing to do with if a computer can be sold for $150 or not. This has to do with a crazy person trying to convince the world that he is serious. Consider this ... He ...

- starts a £1 company in england
- Produces a site that looks like crap
- Talks about doing busiess all over the world
- Holds press conferances
- Tells everybody that he will run for minister of state
- Applayes for a job as a Tourist Manager (while he is the CEO & President of a big company)
- Says that he has 1,5 miljon uniqe visitors on his site daily.
- Has already sold 300 000 computers.
- The company has no phone number
- His only real jobexperience (that has not gone bad) is driving a truck ...

You have to understand that all this makes Valdi a very much funny person to read about ...

Anonymous said...

It is also an important lesson in international culture. What you are seeing is the Swedish (actually, Danish) Jante law in effect.

marketer said...

Bull Sh*t

This has nothing to do with the Jante law ... I think most readers of this blog likes when entrepreneurs do well ...

Valdi is NOT an entrepreneur... he is a person full of delussions. After he has gone to ReHab for a while he might be able to become one ...

Anonymous said...

Exactly !

Valdi - you get 6.0 for artistic impression, but 0.0 for technical execution !:)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, as a foreigner who has lived in Denmark for a long time I agree that it might have something to do with the Jante Law.

Actually, I'm reading this blog for amusement, too, but I still think it has gone overboard. I mean, I fail to see why people that have ordered a laptop at Medison pick on the overall idea. If the idea is so bad, then why did they order in the first place? And if they have changed their minds, why don't they just cancel their order, as 2CO and even Medison have suggested?

There seems to be some inconsistency at play---perhaps greed? Picking on Medison all the time and at the same time hoping that you still get a laptop?

Anonymous said...

Well I personally would love to get my cheap laptop. The idea of a low-cost laptop is utopia, it's beautiful and everybody likes it. The problem is that it doesn't work. I spend time on this blog because I am educated and able to judge that this is bullshit and so I can help people who can not see this. I don't want to "pick" on Medison, but I do want to highlight the issues - no fcc approval, no shipping tracking numbers, scraped off serial numbers, impossibly low price..

If Medison delivers laptop I will be a very happy owner, but I consider it my duty as a member of society to warn others for a bluff.

Anonymous said...

By the way, just because it is an effect of the Jante law does not mean that the laptops exists. THe Jante law only explains why people are poking fun at Valdi. It is still (obviosly) true that Valdi has failed to deliver the laptops.

Anonymous said...

I am just thankful to be sitting here on Sept. 12th, 2007 and see that Valdi has not disappeared. I really didn't think I would still be so entertained at this late date.

Anonymous said...

I did not order this virtual laptop and I think many of those commenting did not either. I have followed this blog and the 2CO forums for weeks and posted a few comments. From the beginning it was clear to me that the Medison Celebrity Laptop does not exist and that Valdi is a mentally disturbed person, a pathological fantast and swindler.

At first, following the developments was quite entertaining. I could not believe how many people, and even a company like 2CO, were fooled by Valdi's statements. And the longer this charade lasted the more absurd and it became.

But gradually I do not find this continuing affair so funny anymore. It is lasting for weeks now, some (new?) commenters have probably no idea what is going on and the comments are getting harsh, full of unjustified speculations and accusations, and I see a flame war coming. I am glad that Tommy himself sticks to facts so far.

I think that especially 2CO is to blame for this extended killing of Valdi's dreams. I do not know why they still act as if the laptop actually exists. I cannot imagine that they still believe it exists. Maybe they fear legal consequences if they pull the plug first. But the longer this lasts, the nastier it gets. The victims will not be those who will not receive their ordered laptops and who will no doubt be refunded if they payed, the victims will be Valdi and his family. One could argue that it will be his own fault, but can you blame someone for being sick?

Anonymous said...

What if this whole thing isn't true?
Why would somebody lie like that?
Is that legal?

If it is true, then we're lucky.

geno (2CO Staff) said...

"If the idea is so bad, then why did they order in the first place?"

In my long experience being reseller, I'll tell you this:

You have no idea how stupid most people are. You have no idea how stupid most of our customers are, and how stupid our vendors are.

We're just just here to help some stupid people do stupid stuff.

Who are we to judge just exactly how much stupid is TOO stupid to work with us?

non anon mouse said...

Very ironic that the anonymous "tommy truthseeker" supporters never get villified for THEIR anonymous nicks... very ironic indeed.

Vlad said...

I wonder what drives Valdi now? I think he did understood that he failed at some point, but instead of dissapearing he still giving the promises. And 2CO supports him in his kind of sadomasochism. Any thinking person that can analyze simple things found truth at the very beginning: Medison is Valdi and Valdi is nothing more than a clown. Tommy Truthseeker provides right information to stupid people fooled or getting to be fooled by Valdi and whats more by 2CO. I think nowadays there's is a very very few or none at all people making new orders. Verdict: Valdi is seriously ill, and 2CO is company playing dirty since they can't answer direct simple questions from their customers, who actually give them profit. The simpliest one is: where is the "Medison Celebrity laptop produced (according to medison.se) by Medison Europe Limited after 2 weeks of promised delivery date (which was already moved once)?"

Anonymous said...

Vlad - you are quite right, but let's start at the cardinal sticking point which remains unanswered to this very day:


I think once this is proven one way or the other, everything else will fall into place.

Actually, as far as I am concerned, it is vaporware, until somebody comes up with one shred of evidence to the contrary.

valdi ivancic said...

I swear, if someone still says the laptop does not exist I will go crazy.

How many times did I tell you it is real. It is real. It is real. It is real.

I had a dream about it, and Bill Gates was using it, and he said "Good job, Valdi, for making this VERY REAL laptop. We will pay you to ship Windows with it, since we can't afford a Linux laptop to be so famous and well sold."

You're sent by Asus and Dell to tell me it is not real, but I do not believe this. It is real. It is real. It is real.

Valdi "It's Real" Ivancic
CEO & President
Medison Europe Ltd.

Peter said...



FCC is not a liar...

Anonymous said...


If it hadn't been for the "it's real" signature I'd have thought that this post was genuine...

Anonymous said...

The FCC guy with the stuck capslock key is one of my favorites...

I don't think the machine exists either (never thought it from the beginning), but I wonder what makes you so FCC obsessed. Govermnent employee? What if the laptop was registered under the name of its original manufacturer?

FCC Guy said...

"but I wonder what makes you so FCC obsessed. Govermnent employee?"



Anonymous said...

well i have my laptop, why hasn't anyone else gotten theres

Anonymous said...

"well i have my laptop, why hasn't anyone else gotten theres"

Because you bought yours from DELL, and we bought ours from Medison.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to wonder if Valdi can't actually pull this off. Not delivering the computers of course, they never existed, but the scam.

Some 7000 orders have come in, right? 150 dollars each. That's one million fifty thousand dollars. Let's say they bribe 2CO, take most of the money themselves, and disappear to Brazil or something. 2CO can blame Medison and try to cover damages through their insurance company. If they get like 10% of the million they could still make a profit off the deal.

Now I'm not too worried since it's Valdi we're talking about, but I hope you see my point. There's too much money in this to just laugh it away, and I don't know if I'm to trust 2CO or not.

Peter said...

I'm not FCC employee but I've managed projects that got approved at FCC and knows some FCC guys. Nobody can find any laptop that looks like a US$150 laptop that can be legally sold in the USA.

Clevo got their own approvals of two models at FCC very recently and it somewhat caught my attention, but at US$150...LOL, I don't think so.

So this Medison Celebrity thing is just NOT real. Sorry to make it this clear.

valdi ivancic said...

I told you if you say it one more time, I go crazy on you.

So now I go crazy on you, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Peter said...

WANTED: Is there any shrink living near Jonkoping Sweden among the blog readers?

valdi ivancic said...

Yea.. I am.

Peter said...

Valdi, next time you come to Silicon Valley, please let me know.

I'll then invite you out for a nice dinner and we can have an informal talk on some basics of doing business in this industry.

Frankly this situation is no fun and it appears like you are doing pretty much everything wrong, but your timing of a low cost laptop business is quite perfect.

Anonymous said...

If then Madsion laptop had been real then my local food-store would most certainly be selling the laptop too. My local food-store have been selling low price printers to attract customers.

If any manufacturer had been selling a computer for less than $150, I am pretty sure that Fujitsju Siemens would have bought them all and put their own label on them and increased the price to $250.

Comtec said...

Too be honest, I thought it might be a bunch of "last year's model" laptops that some company built but could not sell, so they sold them dirt cheap to vlad. That would actually have made sense with the disclaimer of specs may vary.

It might be possible to do that with a bunch of surplus laptops. Go to a supplier and say, "Hey I will buy all your extra stock, dirt cheap to get it off your hands, no OS, no driver support, etc. needed.

I'm sure there are quire a few manufacturers out there who'd be happy to do that. With what some of my colleagues have told me about he process in china, it's a likely prospect for some enterprising person.

Peter said...

It's funny how some people speculate about how Valdi can sell laptops at this price.
Well, he is selling something that does not exist.
Finding a super bargain of a significant quantity of never used but old laptops that can be legally sold (approval wise) world-wide is extremely unlikely.
Any laptop manufacturer would be incredible stupid in keeping any such inventory for too long allowing a too significant price drop below production cost. The value of a laptop is dropping too fast. It's like some company storing icecream in a warehouse at normal room temperature.

That's just a very bad idea :-)