Monday, September 10, 2007

Sites (somewhat) back up and are somewhat back up. are now hosted by Yahoo! and by ManuFrog. Even that the sites are "online", much of the content are still missing. On it just says "This site is under construction" with a Medison-logo, and lot of pages and graphics are missing from the site. One of the more funny things noted by readers is that trying to get to the product page you get a "404 not found" error message ;)

Anyway, I wonder how long the sites will be hosted by the new hosting providers, if the sites actually were suspended from Surftown...


Anders K. said...

I get nothing on and ManuFrog offers a free trial month, so my guess is that won't be there after a month. :-p

Btw, great job you're doing on this blog!

Tommy TruthSeeker said... doesn't work for me either, but does. I guess that I'm not the right person to criticize that because I have the same issue with this domain due to DNS-problems with Blogspot and Godaddy :p

Anonymous said...

What is more Valdish than to get banned from one web server and a few days later start a new one on a different server with a lot of errors and even the most essential pages missing?

"Valdish" is the new Swedish word for doing everything half.

For example:
I got my car repaired and that valdish automechanic forgot to put one spark plug into the engine.

If you ever got a laptop from this guy Valdi, expect it to be half done and die within warranty.

Warranty lol...that would be another section of the coming book "The Valdish way of starting up a business.".

Anonymous said...

Good idea. The Valdi book is already written and will be published in just a few weeks... but we take orders no.

Anonymous said...

No, the Valdi book IS NOT written yet. But, we do in fact take orders now.

Thus the Valdi book will be sold in best Valdish style.

More than 300,000 sold already!

Anonymous said...

It's will be written by a secret Asian author and then typewritten again in our secret Brazilian factory. We are in negotiation with several authors and it will be a book, but specifications are subject to change, so it might be a comic in the end.

Anonymous said...

The book can be ordered on:

Our web site is temporarily down.

Notice we are selling this book for only US$ 15 because we like people to be happy and we don't care about profit.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea why the web sites are missing pages: Everything was deleted by the former hoster, and what you see now is all that could be retrieved from Valdi's IE cache!