Tuesday, July 31, 2007

2Checkout refunding money?

Several persons on SweClockers claims that they today have been refunded thier money fron 2CO without canceling their orders, can we have more confirmations on this?

Update, the money is released just as it should, and the payemnt itself will be done when it's time for shipping... If there will be any...


Al said...

Thats the bussiness....

All there is left- please! 2CO, can we have our money back? without prolonged battles, and with little bit of common sense... it's all clear to everyone that this particular scam will not materialise.
Posted 1 second ago # Edit

A credit/refund has been issued on the following order.

Sale: XXXXXXXXXX Amount: 150

Additional comments: Customer think this is a scam.

A refund can be issued by 2Checkout for various reasons, including:

1 ) Requested by the cardholder.
2 ) Requested by the vendor.
3 ) Failed internal fraud checking.

Your refund should appear on your credit card/bank statement within the
next 7-10 days.

If you have further questions regarding this refund, you may submit a
online support ticket via the following URL:

LOL! that's what I call "lucky escape"...

Anonymous said...

Yeah I would say you made a quick escape. I also like how they actually put why you canceled the order in the additional comments.

I cant wait to see if this materializes.

Anonymous said...

The amount was first just reserved, if it is not subsequently charges, the reserve will not stand. This is probably what happened. It is thus not a refund.

dawnview said...

This is what happened on my cc account, $150 was reserved and the reserve was released (or expired perhaps?)

Truth Seeker said...

I will check with 2CO and hear with them how it works. Thanks for your replies!

Dennis said...

Psst... New article on Comon.dk, and a quite revealing one. Tjek it out on http://epn.dk/teknologi/it/article1026343.ece

al said...

Can I possibly have my money back please?
I would like to cancel the order due to the fact that There hoever minor (or biger than not) proof, that Medison Celebrity is a Scam and we all will be waisting time and money otherways.
Sincerely yours,
Sory abot delay in relying