Saturday, July 28, 2007

Questions that needs answers

  • How could they open (at least two) assembly plants in Brazil before the company existed?
  • Where are these plants, and is there any proof on their existence?
  • How could someone starting to sell laptop computers for USD150 including free freight world around not see that this would become so big (as they say themselves), when they even claim it to be "The laptop for everyone"?
  • How are they supposed to solve the VAT-issue when the computer officially is sold by the USA-based company Inc and not including European VAT, and then be shipped from England to other EU-countries that requires VAT to be paid?
  • How can they manage at least two plants and four offices with only five people hired?


Anonymous said...

This is the link to the company that they did state is going to ship and deliver the laptops!

You could always send them a mail to see if they are customer or not and an cost estimate for shipping a laptop. ;-)

If all this was for real they would be able to do "COD" Cash on delivery, so my suggestion is wait 4-6 weeks let the first 200-300 laptops be deliviered before you do order one.... It's all fake, WEB/Pricing/Costs don't belive them until they can give you proof of the factory do exist....


Anonymous said...

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- no need to pay VAT or mailing fees!

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Anonymous said...

For the VAT issue, I believe that it'll be handled individually by each country's custom office. That is to say, the prices on 2CO is NOT including VAT.

Truth Seeker said...

The problem with the VAT is that they say that the computers ship from England, and they must pay VAT to get them in to England afaik.

shazzam said...
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shazzam said...

Jag har hittat de här
(i Brasilien)


R$ 1.799

Truth Seeker said...

Medison them self have said that their computers are from China/Taiwan.

shazzam said...

We have, together with partners, opened up a laptop factory in Brazil. The news was released by the company owner, Valdi Ivancic, who also says, "We are only assembling laptops in our plant in Sao Paulo now before our own plant will be ready for manufacturing".

Truth Seeker said...

See my new post on this.