Monday, July 30, 2007

Updates regarding the possible manufacturer

We have yet again gotten trustworthy first hand information that Clevo isn't involved in this. Some people have suggested that the computers may be assembled by Positivo Informatica who is a Brazilian company distributing Clevo-manufactured computers. Different sources say that this is highly unlikely since computers and electronics are very expensive in Brazil, and since it is a "End of life"-product that isn't manufactured anymore. This would make it hard for Medison to actually deliver an endless stream of orders consisting of this computer. They have also said that they can offer the price since they don't have any middle man, which is exactly what Positivo is.
However, we have of course contacted Positivo and are waiting for an answer from them to see if they are involved or not.

Another strange thing happened today. Medison have changed the pictures of the computers on their site to the same computer but with a blue filter over them. Why?
Anyway, it is still the same specifications on their site copied directly from Clevo, consisting of spelling errors like "2.2Kg with 6 cells Lithium-lion battery".

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