Monday, July 30, 2007

Sources for information

Most of the material on this site is just collected from other sites, forums and newspapers. Since it would take tremendous time for us to link each source every time, we instead list the sources for information here:

English: (Medisons own forum) (Check the comments) (Check the comments) (Check the comments)

Swedish:\07\25\241607\07\25\241627\07\27\241900,2789,1126643,00.html,2789,1126774,00.html (Forum discussion now on it's 52nd page) (Forum discussion now on it's 28th page)

There might be some more that I have forgotten to link to, but it will probably be found amongst the 1,110,000 hits on "medison celebrity" that Google currently gives...

And of course, we also have sources of information that wishes to remain anonymous so we honour their request.

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