Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Loads of news!

First of all, ComON.dk have a new article in this matter, and I must say that I really love them!

They have contacted the Danish distributor of Clevo and asked them about Medison. They managed to get an answer directly from Clevo, which is totally clear: "Medison er et svindelnummer. Vi har sat vores juridiske afdeling på sagen." That translates to "Medison is a scam. We have put our legal department on the matter."
Moreover they say that Medisons CEO claims that the press conference will be held in Stockholm tomorrow at 16:00 CET. Location is so far unknown, but they will e-mail and call several journalists to be invited.

All details can be found in the article in Danish here: http://www.comon.dk/index.php/news/show/id=32044

Secondly, we have some details our self too:

We can clear out the theory about the Brazilian computers from Positivo. They have clearly in an e-mail to us answered: "Positivo Informática does not have any relations with this.". So now that is clear too. If there is any computers, they CAN'T be the ones pictured and specified on the site like it seems now. So what will the customers receive if there really is any computers?

We, and others have also contacted several of the "partners" that Medison has listed on their corporate site in different places. All of them say the same thing: "No, we don't have any business with them, and have never had!". This includes the so-called "Apple Store" that they claim that they have opened in the city of Jönköping!

I'm feeling that this is coming to an end very soon, and once again, thanks ComON.dk and Jens Nielsen! You have done a tremendous work, and I can't believe why NO Swedish media has done like you!


Anonymous said...

För att svensk media är så otroligt lama. Bra jobb med bloggen :)

Dennis said...

Just for the matter it's NOT the danish Clevo distributor who said that the legal department is on the case now. That was Constance Li from clevo... even better! :)

Truth Seeker said...

Thanks Dennis, I'll update the article

Jonas Nyman said...

We should complain to the press-ombudsman about this. Swedish media is really screwed up!
By the way, PO is not an official governmental authority, but payed by the media-cooperations.

suv4x4 said...

Now that we know everything they said is made up: the ultimate question remains: "what the hell were they thinking??"

And I am not saying it like a phrase, I genuinely want to know what the hell were they thinking.

The companies would see their fake banners, 2CO would withhold the funds, and Clevo would be on their asses.

There's no snowball chance in hell this would in any way come out good for Medison.

Are they simply stupid/mentally disturbed? Or we're missing some sort of Conspiracion Grandioze beyond our wildest dreams (I'll opt for the first one).

Anonymous said...

Good job! They are doomed!
Now what are they going to say at the press-conference? Comon, we were just joking!! Stupid fucks.

Anonymous said...

Swedish journalists have their heads up their asses!

That's why almost everything printed in swedish newspapers is crap, and scammers like Medison can use media to get free advertisement.

Cudos to the danish press!