Sunday, July 29, 2007

Press Release: New website dedicated to find the truth on Medison Celebrity

Press Release: New website dedicated to find the truth on Medison Celebrity
July the 29th 2007

The website “Medison Scam” has just been created to battle the probable scam consisting of the US$150 laptop Medison Celebrity.

The creator of the site, Truth Seeker, says:
- “We don’t believe that the laptop actually exists. After trying to communicate with involved parties for several days, we decided to take it up on our self to get the truth out.”

The site promises to work hard to bring light out on this issue. Media, especially in Sweden, has done a crap job on this. As late as of yesterday one of the largest newspapers in Sweden, Expressen, published an article almost looking like an advertisement for the computer, not saying one word about the criticism that the company has received from experts, users and websites around the world for several days. Media in other countries has been more careful and in most cases actually warning potential buyers on the risk of a probable scam.

Truth Seeker continues:
- “As it looks now very many things points at that the whole thing is illegitimate. It is highly unlikely that anyone will ever receive the actual computer, and I’m prepared to say that I’ll eat my hat if the computers actually get delivered according to specification!”

However, one could argue on if Truth Seeker actually has any hat or not.

More information can be found on the website
Any comments or questions can be directed directly to Truth Seeker himself on

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Anonymous said...

You seem a little wrapped around the axle on this. Why does it matter so intensely to you?

If you don't trust the company, don't buy from them until you find out if they end up delivering or not.

They will or won't deliver, and then we'll all know.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good detective job!

Alot of people will follow this potential scam with alot of interest!


Anonymous said...

What makes you the super defender of Medison? The owner is trying to prevent more people from getting scammed and wants to uncover the true meaning, ideaology of this company.

If they have nothing to hide then this website should be no problem.

The opposite is true in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Your website, and that of the Medison scam, is getting some chatter here: That is where I heard of both sites. Just so you are aware of it. Good work with the blog here.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! Don't stop until this scam is over, if (most unlikely) the computers are delivered. Mr Ivancic heart should not beat under 150/minute until this is over...

Anonymous said...

Oy oy oy, you've really taken this thing to a whole new level. Man why are you so caught up by this whole medison story? Let's just wait and see?!

Truth Seeker said...

Actually, we have just collected information already available to one place to avoid unnecessary double postings on other blogs and forums. And we certainly don't want to wait three months to see if anyone actually receives any computer or not. In the meantime there is a big risk for consumers rights, and we want to help out avoiding this.

Tobias Strandh said...

Way to go folks :)- just curious if this scam is so heard of outside the Nordic countries or if that's just a scam inside the scam :)

Truth Seeker said...

"Medison Celebrity" currently gives 877000 hits on google, so I would say that it has grown quite large. It has been handle by big sites like engadget, cnet, slashdot and gizmodo which all has handeled the subject as a scam.

Djb said...

haha grymt jobbat och sammanfattat! Så jäkla kul att se hur det slutar för valdi och company. Den här går direkt in under bokmärken.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for the efforts and help to get rotten scam expossed!
Best of luck in whatever you'll do!