Monday, July 30, 2007

The new pictures...

The old product pictures has been replaced on Medisons site. According to Medison have foretold that they were replaced by "real" pictures to get more trustworthy. They say that they have hired a professional photographer to take the pictures. The question however, is why a professional photographer would use a Canon Digital IXUS 60 digital camera at 10 in the evening (See the Exif-tags in the pictures). That is for those who don't know a small compact consumer camera... Yes we know that this doesn't "prove" anything, it's just another "fun fact" in this story.

It also doesn't prove anything that they actually got a computer to photograph, I got a computer that I can photograph too. And it even makes it more serious if Clevo really isn't involved, since it obviously is a Clevo-computer on the new pictures too.
A poster on SweClockers posted the following answer that is supposed to be from the manufacturer: "they got one pcs sample from our customer and not paid". Hmm, interesting, isn't it?


suv4x4 said...

At the beginning I thought this is a scam. Now I'm sloooowly (very slowly) starting to nod towards the possibility those guys have psychological problems and not a clue what they are doing.

It's a really sad sight to watch, just like it was sad to watch Steorn ( struggle to show us their free energy demo unit few weeks ago.

In Steorn's case all facts point again to self-deluded people who have no idea what they're doing and they're too deep into it to give up.

Medison though, still have a chance to quickly refund the orders and hide in a corner to lick their wounds (then maybe attend a business school, or maybe even a lesson at common sense). It'll be interesting to see what they opt to do.

Anonymous said...

I just have a feeling, just a feeling, that this guy may have either

a) lifted (stole) a bunch of these Clevo PC's, and has come up with a (not-so) clever way of getting rid of them for a quick buck. Or,

b) these are seconds, computers with factory defects he picked up real cheap and decided to make a buck off them.

suv4x4 said...

Even with second hand or defective parts, the laptops should be somewhat working.

Then also add the "free" shipping costs in this sum, and it again becomes impossible.

Anonymous said...

I also thought this was a scam from the beginning. What really clinches it is the FREE shipping. Especially free shipping to anywhere in the world! It just seems impossible.

Also, the new pictures look like they photoshopped Fedora onto the screen.

Finally, on "Valdi's Blog", his picture looks like it came from a clothing catalog. I'd bet that picture can be found elsewhere on the web, thereby prooving he is a fraud.

suv4x4 said...

I think Valdi has met with the press, so they would notice if the picture doesn't correspond. I guess props to him for being well dressed ;)

But I wouldn't pay $150 just to see him well dressed unfortunately. He's got some work to do.

Anonymous said...

Where does it say it's free shipping?
All i saw is this quote from FAQ
"Q: Are there other costs except for the laptop?
A: The only costs that adds to the price are the low fee that comes with using your card online, the delivery and if you buy extra support or accessories."

Truth Seeker said...

When going trough the order process it clearly states free shipping.

Anonymous said...

To be FAIR, my printout from 2CO says:

Order is now complete.
Your order was successfully submitted.
Your order is pending, your card has not yet been charged.

If you bring up your order on 2CO you see:
(Order not shipped)
Shipping and Handling - (No Amount)
2CO Charge - (No Amount)

FACTS: Your Order is a PreOrder for the Medison Celebrity from

1.Charge to Credit card will be at time Laptop shipped.
2. Shipping & Handling charge will be added at time product shipped.
3. 2CO Charges are a not stated amount on the form.

Be patient! Either way, you won't lose your money!

Truth Seeker said...

My question:
"When you finally draw the money from the card in, say three months, will it be the exact same amount, or can it change with fees ("Fees taken by our authorized partner 2CO are U$6.45 + 5,5% and extra on the price." as Medison claims on their site, is this fee already included)?"

2CO: "2Checkout's fees will not change. Only those individuals who paid in a foreign currency may see a fluctuation due to any change in exchange rates. We may also be able to freeze the amount billed at the previously authorized amount but I'll need to verify that (and that could work against the customer depending on which way the exchange rate may fluctuate). 2Checkout's commission is already included in the price presented at the time of ordering."

Quite clear answer, don't you think? Theres no need to guess when the answer already is there.

Anonymous said...

the new computer on the pics have an bulit in webcam.. that seems odd since it is not specified