Wednesday, August 1, 2007

So what have Medison been up to?

So, some people has asked what Medison has done the last week. Answering e-mails of course!

"Thanks for all the e-mails we are receiving every day. We actually keep getting 5-6 e-mails per minute from all over the world.
Your e-mails mean a lot to us and even if we still have to catch up on reading them all, we are doing our best answering each e-mail in person.
We hope you have patience awaiting our answers since we also keep doing our best to be able to deliver the laptops on time (4-6 weeks).
We are also working hard on setting up our phone lines again that crashed some days ago. Please stay tuned for more news and better service from us.
Best regards,Valdi Ivancic CEO & President Medison Europe Limited"

They receive up to 8600 e-mails per day, that they are trying to read and answer them all personally? Remember folks, their organization consists of five people.
I guess they just won't have any time for a press conference tomorrow?


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