Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Valdi misquoted... Again! (2 updates)

Forgot to post this earlier:

"IDG/PC För Alla" contacted Valdi about the quote in Jnytt about traffic and the fact that their own numbers from http://medisoncelebrity.com/webalizer/ doesn't match. His answer to this is simply that he was misquoted, and that he never said those numbers. I wonder if the quote about that they had to upgrade their servers to cope with the traffic also was made up by the journalist, because with the actual numbers, there really isn't anything that needs to be upgraded, at least not on a web hotel that charges them $2 a month for hosting...


This is just one of the claimed misquotes. Some of the other has been that he never said that they had manufacturing plants in Brazil, and that the prime minister thing was blown out of proportion by the tabloids (check the transcript below and the election-page and make up your own mind if it's correct or not..).

Update 1: I saw that "Mats" translated the most important part in a comment to the earlier post about this:

"Valdi: -I must have meant hits. You can see in the statistics that we've had about 1,2 million hits. I can't remember speaking about unique visitors.
PC för alla: -But in the article where you are qouted you say that you've had 1,5 million unique visitors each day. And that you've had more than 10 million in a week.
Valdi: -What? I've said no such thing. And i haven't mentioned any weekly statistics at all.
PC för alla: -So you say you've been misqouted?
Valdi: -Yes I have."

Update 2: I just got a mail from the chief editor of Jnytt, and she writes that they have contacted Valdi regarding the misquote. His answer was that he "said the wrong thing" to IDG/PC För Alla...


Anonymous said...

He needs to make an interview with a journalist that will encourage him to dream wild.

Looks like he doesn't need much to start coming up with dream scenarios about millions of people visiting his site daily, or Microsoft feeling heat from Medison.

Here's a sample of questions I would ask him if I had the chance:

"Are you afraid that with all the traffic you get on the site, you may shut down the Internet?"

"Do you believe your laptop offer may crush many of the other big laptop makers in the world (HP, Acer, Asus, Lenovo etc.)?"

"Have you thought about making your own Medison distribution of Linux? What will it contain?"

"How many employees do you envision to have a month from now, so you can handle all the sales and support?"


the dude with the glasses said...

He doesn't have Brazil plants? But it's on the recording: he'll assemble and ship the laptops for US from Brazil ?!

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

Yes, but not manufacturing plants. Only assembly plant. Seems to be a big deal for him.

Anonymous said...

Assembly Plant != Manufacturing Plant

Anonymous said...

Does it matter. It's most likely a room in his friend's apartment.

Anonymous said...

"Valdi: -What? I've said no such thing."

...but, what if this is misquote too?

we shouldn't trust anyone!

this is microsoft, trying to kill linux!

buy medison to save the world!!!

Mats said...

By saying to jnytt that he said the wrong thing to idg should mean that he admits to lying to jnytt in the first place.. or what..

Valdis plan seems to be "rule by confuse".

The poor guy really should come up with some better lies. Right now he's just a sitting duck.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

As the editor writes: "What he has said or not the latest days seems to be unclear even for him self"

Anonymous said...

yeap hes screwed.. http://www.idg.se/2.1085/1.115657

Anonymous said...

It has become apparent to me that Valdi is mentally retarted.

The retarted always make things up, and then they believe them to be the truth. The banterings coming from him just sound SO much like ones from someone who is medically retarted.

I seriously think that he is either a bit touched, slow, or just plain Mentally Retarted.

Johan Holst said...

I LOVE this one:


Johan Holst Nielsen said...

I LOVE this one:

Anonymous said...

Johan, Leave his family alone. They are innocent and have to take care of him.

reality called and said...

"Johan, Leave his family alone. They are innocent and have to take care of him."

He's not doing anything to his family. The link is just there, where Valdi left it, and has no inflammatory materials but just few nice pictures of his family.

He seems to have a nice family, beautiful wife and cute baby daughter.

"They have to take care of him" -> He's not so bad. He may need to visit psychologist where he should reaffirm that lying blatantly left and right is a poor way to go through life, but apart from the image blow he will suffer (and potential legal repercussions), he should be perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

reality called and said...

--PC för alla: -So you say you've been misqouted?
Valdi: -Yes I have.--

--His answer was that he "said the wrong thing" to IDG/PC För Alla...--

I wonder what do we make of this. He's apparently cornered and lies just to save some face in front of the people he's immediately talking with.

Bill Gates got rich by selling IBM an OS he didn't have, and then quickly bought and adapted from another developer. Lots of businesses started this way, and I wouldn't be surprised if Valdi believed deep inside him that he can kick-start his business with some startling lies that will get him the cash and popularity required to build something real.

I do wonder if he's just terribly naive to see there's more to this than the lies, or he had malicious intents for the cash his "partners" would give him.

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that people have been taking this so seriously for so long and going as far as speculating in how and where these laptops were to be produced etc. and using that as the primary reason of doubt.

It has to be quite apparent by now from just looking at the pages people have dug up from medison.se that what we are dealing with here is a poor wretch of a man with a severe case of megalomania.

Take for instance that on his personal family page he says that his wife is the primary caretaker of the family (bringing in the $$) - When was this, 2004, 2005?

Then fast forward to the medison page where he claims they opened an apple store - seems like it just consists of that one page with links to the real apple store designed to give him referrer fees.

Then there's the online webshop where he at one point apparently dreamt of going into the designer fashion business - But only made it as far as using cafepress or some other service to plaster his name on generic "made in wherever" clothing. You're quite the fashion guru Valdi!

And if medison has helped other companies secure millions in investment capital (as seen on medison.se) - Couldn't he have raised a few thousand dollars to hire a webdesigner to create a website which didn't look like absolute crap?

Then there was the whole "we hired a professional photographer to take pictures of the laptop" which then turned out to be taken with a small crappy handheld camera. Pro-photographer indeed.

AFAIK then alot of the references he has on medison.se have also been revealed to be false.

Finally this recent exposure of lies.

What we are dealing with here is a mentally ill person with unrealistic dreams and rudimentary HTML skills - I guess that's all that takes to cause an online riot these days...

Oh yeah, and I bet you he had to borrow money from his grandma to buy that suit he was wearing at the press conference.

Motin said...

Hey Tommy I emailed you this some day before all the "misquotations": On http://www.medisoncelebrity.com/adsfacts.html Medison writes:
Total number of hits on our website since April 2007: 1 429 694
Number of hits per month since April 2007: 357 423

It seems that this is where he got the 1.5 million figure from don't you think?

nitro2k01 said...

Some people just have a bad luck. Being misquoted time after time, I mean what are the chances.

I also think some of the things he's saying are funny, like:

"Together they have big plans for the future. One baby, two babies, three babies,,, and four babies!"
why not five babies while you're at it?

He once wrote a rant in a Swedish newspaper where he talked about "The enormous power of 1 G" (He was explaining how precious life is by imaging a plane crash)

I also like his rant about his planned political carrier. (So much nonsense in one place)

Reporter: Imagine that you were the Prime Minister of Sweden, what would be on your political agenda?

Valdi: Errh, as Primer Minister, I'd very much like to run the question that the Swedish people should get a better living and beyond all, eh, be able to develop the country further. I consider Sweden to be a fantastic country, and I absolutely want to return everything that Sweden has given me but I think that beyond all, there is... beyond all I think that the democratic process that we have in Sweden, the democratic model, erh, kan be developed further and become more democratic so that the citizens get a better chance to make themselves heard. And in that way, maybe the Swedes and inhabitants of Sweden gets a possibility and interest in getting much, much more involved in society. And so Sweden can become a richer nation. Richer doesn't just mean richer financially, but also that, ehm, that you can get better schools, better health care and much else, and beyond all, maybe you shouldn't have to work so hard but get a chance to meet your family and so on...

Anonymous said...

I feel bad about him. 2C0 should just stop his account so he stops with the embarrassment and gets on with his life.

He's apparently not trying to run with the money of the laptop buyers or he wouldn't pick 2C0 for the checkout.

It was fun attacking his antics while still many confused people were ordering his "laptop", but now that we all know what we're dealing it, it's like beating a dead horse.