Monday, August 6, 2007

More strange stuff from Valdi

In an interview with Valdi today in "Jnytt" we can find even more strange things coming out from his mouth:

  • They have until now received over 300 000 orders in different forms.
  • Their website receives 1.5 millions unique visitors each day.
  • They need to upgrade their servers to cope with the traffic.
  • Valdi sees Microsoft as a future partner to get money from, and he says "It would be strange if Microsoft would just sit and look at us when we sells hundreds of thousands of computers with Linux pre-installed.". Microsoft would pay Medison to be shown as a partner on their website so customers could buy windows directly when ordering the computer.
  • Orders made from Europe will be sent directly from the manufacturer in Asia, and orders from America will be assembled in Brazil and ship from there.

These answers and claims just adds more questions than answers really. They have earlier said that they have a capacity of manufacturing 5000 computers per month, this would make the delivery time 5 years for the orders coming in now. And how are they supposed to upgrade THEIR servers when they are hosted by a company that charges 2 dollars per month for hosting? Could 1.5 million unique visitors really be true? Will customers have to pay for the shipping from Asia?

Over all, this article just publishes even more bullshit from Valdi, without one ounce of criticism towards the answers. Weak, very weak. And they even call the article "Medisons CEO against the wall"...

Update, someone posted a translation over at Medisons forums:


Anonymous said...

1.5 million unique visitors is seriously low. I get more than this on my blog about me picking my nose with various objects, IN AN HOUR.

Anonymous said...

1.5 million is a clear lie, as it would make medison larger then Disney Corporation and Bank Of America,and the 13th largest site in the world.

Alexa and Netcraft (internet survey companies) ranks Medison on something like rank 500,000.

It's just another lie.

i read and said...

300 000 orders means around 45 million dollars.

If 2CO has to process and refund all that, for nothing, it may be a very serious loss to them.

Which begs the question why they still accept orders..

-- OR --

If 300 000 is a lie, then 2C0 is aware of the real number, and know Medison lies, and is scam.

Which begs the question why they still accept orders..


There's something really weird going on, I tell you. And we don't know it yet. Not saying I'm expecting happy ending, but a surprise ending isn't out of the question.

Anonymous said...

I still think 2CO ist making money out of the interests. If they can hold so much money for such a long time, it's definetly not an unattractive business, i guess. ;-)

I really liked that paragraph of the article:

"When Jnytt and him separates after an hour long chat he suddenly gets
in a hurry. The interview took much longer time than he had expected
and he is forced to run down to the street to pay for parking."


random schmuck said...

He's trying to sound a "hot item" for potential partners.

If he doesn't hit amazing partnership in the next 8-9 days, he may find himself somewhat short of cash to fund the production and support of thousands of nearly free laptops.

The server upgrade bit was funny too. I'm a random schmuck who makes a living making php sites, and even I pay for full servers for my work and development.

Anonymous said...

So wait a minute..

Microsoft can't sit and watch him sell hundreds of thousands of Linux desktops, so they have to subsidize his business with ridiculous amounts, so they can offer Windows.

But if they don't offer ridiculous amounts, he can't sell hundreds of thousands of laptops, since he has no real partners willing to throw away millions on cheap laptops for charitable reasons.

In essence, he's trying to to softly extort Microsoft into *paying him* for the privilege to offer Windows, or else their marker share may suffer.

This will set quite the precedent, would it, people: Microsoft paying people to use Windows. I almost see it happening. Aaaaalmost...

Anonymous said...

Well, Alexa says their website traffic rank is about 118k over 3 months average. That is pretty impressive for a scam site.

I bet generates most of the hits :D

Anonymous said...

Look, Valdi used to write for jnytt! He has several articles and debates published on their site.