Friday, August 3, 2007

New domains!

Thanks for the overwhelming interest in my blog! I receive loads of thank-you mails, and really can't answer them all if there isn't any questions but I read them all of course!

One reader thought that I didn't get enough hits (only 4000-5000 unique hits per day :p) so he registered some new domains pointing to this site!

We can now be accessed from the following domains except

Don't stop spreading the word!


Anonymous said...

Dude im not trying to be a bitch but isnt it you that is out on a witch hunt now? In your blog u say "Thank you for the interest" i mean is your goal to warn people for medison or is it ur own ego that is tripping and needs to be satisfied by generating 5000+ hits per day?

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

No, I just thought that it would be fun for the readers and contributors to know how well this site reaches out, and at the same time thanking people that are sending mails to me.

totally objective random stranger who said...

"Dude im not trying to be a bitch but isnt it you that is out on a witch hunt now?"

You're right, there's a thin smell of this in the air now, but let's face it: plenty of the people visit this blog exactly because of the witch hunt.

We like seeing failure in our peers, it's not as if anyone asked Valdi to spout bullshit non-stop.

He also seems to not publish some of the rumors until they are more credible, and is the most complete cover of the entire development, which you can use a reference.

There's a real witch out there and we better track it down and burn it on our blogs.

Vlad said...

Anyway it's coming to the end very fast, cuz nothing will be delivered on 15th and later. Medison and Medisonscam is a great entertainment show, and I wanna pay respect to Tommy for that. And to Valdi as well :). The differnce is that Tommy have nothing to lose, but Valdi will lose his reputation, name and kind of future :)

Mackers said...

Vlad, you are wrong, Tommy HAVE something to lose... His HAT! ( But I guess it's about as real as the computers ;)