Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Open letter to Medison and the related mass media

At 7 P.M. CET this evening, Medison held a press conference. This letter was sent to them and to the press:

At 07.00 PM this evening Medison will hold a press conference. They will have a Medison Celebrity laptop on display to prove that it actually exist, the problem with this is that it does not prove in any way Medisons ability to mass produce, and ship hundreds of thousands of them.But there are other problems regardless of their ability to deliver the product, they have broken many rules and laws here in the EU and have undermined consumer rights and safety for an online purchase. This letter will include essential questions that have to be answered before anyone is recommended to enter into purchase agreement, and we believe that it is suitable to ask them now and hope for answers in the forthcoming press conference later today, either by Medison answering them self or by the journalists using the questions.

1. What is Medison selling? The laptop in question is manufactured by Clevo Computer Company in Taiwan. This company, as the OEM, said that they have nothing to do with Medison. Therefore, if there are any laptops it must be of other specifications. What would those specifications be?

2. When a customer completes a purchase, it is done with inc, an American company. The purchase agreement is for example between a person in Sweden, and a company in the US, therefore the person doesn't have to pay VAT. Normally this tax is charged by entity importing the product to the person making the purchase. But Medison stated that the laptop is shipped from England, so what are the extra fees for having the laptop shipped from England? Who is importing the laptops into the EU, Medison, or the person making the purchase in some way? Some clarification on this matter would be appreciated.

3. On Medisons webpage they (Medison) state that "Taxes, fees, shipping and handling and any applicable restocking charges are extra, and vary." but when completing a purchase, there fees are not included as the total cost is always $150 no matter where they get shipped. Why is this information different? Which of them are correct?

4. Medison has said that they will be able to include the right keyboard layout with the help of the addresses on the respective orders. How will this work with countries that have several layouts, ex. Canada where both French and English is being used, or countries where it is unusal with antive keyboards?

5. The first laptops, as stated by Medison, will arrive in the middle of August this month. Presumably, for them to arrive in time, they should already be shipped from the factory. Is there any documents that confirm this initial shipment?

6. To not include purchase agreements, warranty information and other forms of agreements is against both European and Swedish law. When will Medison comply?

7. Why has Medison chosen a Swedish company for service? Will customers, for example in India, be required to send their laptops all the way to Sweden for service?

8. For almost a week, the support page on has said:"”Due to the unexpectedly high traffic to our support line past 24 hours it broke down. We want to inform you that we are currently working hard on getting a phone line back on air”, and Medison is not answering e-mails in a timely manner. When will this be fixed?

9. Why was Fedora the choice as Linux-distribution? This is not very known for being good for new users, with installing programs and so on. Which programs are installed as default?

10. Medison states on their website that upgrades and accessories can be bought through their partners, but the website where the accessories are supposed to be is empty, who are Medisons partners for this matter?

Apart from the questions above, there are some additional questions that should be answered so that the general public can re-gain confidence in Medison:

1. You state that the company has existed since 1996, but all traces of it here in Sweden show that it seized to exist as a company in 2003. Did Medison really continue operation until 2007? And in that case, how?

2. Medison has stated that it was a mistake that there were links and ads to several large companies on their webpage. Why didn't you remove all 'obsolete' adds at once when you was made aware of that, but instead you removed them one at a time after these companies contacted you about them?

3. Several of the companies and organizations that Medison claims to have worked with, have said that they never have worked with Medison, how is this possible? An example is the schools they claim to have worked with.

4. Wasn't Medison Europe Limited a bad choice for a company name when there already is a multinational company named Medison, that also have a subsidiary named "Medison Europe" in Holland?

5. If Medison is as big as you claim, and based in several countries, why is 2checkout dealing directly with the CEO as a private person not with Medison as a company?We hope that these questions can be answered in a good and confident way!

Best regards,


Revae Bregae said...

Where can we find more about what happened at the meeting?

And thank you for covering this entire story for us!

If even just about pure entertainment value at this point (and "things not to do when you make a scam" lesson).

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

I'm updating as soon as I get new information to translate. If you want to read in Swedish, you can check or what should publish information soon.