Friday, August 10, 2007

Medison have a new shipping partner!

I noticed that Medison has removed the reference to EMEA Services on their site now since the deal was canceled. The new text reads:
"Shipping and handling is taken care of by our partner ___________ with its network reaching out over several continents."

Congratulations Medison, and let's hope that ___________ doesn't cancel the non-existing contract too!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Valdi's into drama now. I suppose he did this to make journalists who visit his site guilty.

Or he did it so every company can come there, print it, and fill it in.


Anonymous said...

Why does this guy INSIST on making fun of himself?

It shouldn't take a lot of brains to figure out it's better to just remove the entire sentence or maybe write:

"Medison Inc. is currently in negotiations with several shipping partners. This information will be soon updated".

I mean, you don't just go and put *underscores* in the middle of the sentence where your shipping partner used to be, what the hell??

Magus said...

Maybe the partner just embarrassed that he is working with Medison?

Anonymous said...

"Maybe the partner just embarrassed that he is working with Medison?"

That's what Valdi says for all of his partners: manufacturers, assemblers, shipping, legal. Don't you see a trend here.

Kind of weird to work with a company and be embarassed to tell someone you do so. Medison claims to sell laptops, nothing embarassing if they actually have the laptops. Now, if they were selling midget porn I could see some logic here.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, please tone down the sarcasm a bit, it helps your perceived objectivity in the situation.

I don't think you want people thinking you're intentionally trying to put Medison (further) down for some comedic effect.

For example, I would report this like:

"Medison has removed the reference to EMEA Services on their site now after the deal was canceled, and no new company that would take care of shipping is mentioned on the site, just a week before they should start delivering the laptops.

The shipping note on the site now reads:
"Shipping and handling is taken care of by our partner ___________ with its network reaching out over several continents." ...

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

I write in different ways depending on the "news" in the post it self. I'm just trying to make a point here, and since it's slow news now I might just spice some things up a bit to have energy to keep posting.

It's not like this blog will continue after all this is over, or that I earn anything from having loads of visitors. If people likes it, fine. If not, fine.

Anonymous said...

there is no reason to keep a proffesional attitude since medison alrdy is ridicules...

Anonymous said...

Tommy, I'm the guy who 'criticized' you up there. I love the blog, it was more of a tip not to skew the perception of the blog as objective source on the topic, than a request.

I like it either way, thank you for ding this.

Anonymous said...

can't find the page the text is taken from. please link me!

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

First page > Price > any of the links in the text stolen from gets you there :p

Magus said...

I was joking about the company embarrassed to work with Medison :|

Anonymous said...

Medison isn't a joking material, son...

Nah, I'm joking.

Deil I. Yrros said...

I want to sue the authors of this blog. My employees keep checking this site every 10 minutes and we missed several deadlines because of it.

Anonymous said...

"Jag har fått min dator Jippeee!"

Anonymous said...

"Jag har fått min dator Jippeee!"
Yeah, are you Valdi sending the only prototype ever made to himself?

Everything Valdi is doing seems to never get done 100% before it's announced/sold. Look at all the half done web sites he is behind, the legal statements, the agreements with partners that have no formal agreement, the Unitedkeys thing that gets nowhere etc.
For many things, the majority of effort is in the details.

And this issue also applies to the Medison Celebrity laptop itself. The product is available for purchase prematurely and what can be suspected is that the quality wont be 100% where it should be when it's shipped - if ever shipped.

If actually someone got this laptop delivered, please let others know by showing real photos.

Same goes for this display key technology business of Valdi:

Notice that the industrial designs used on the home page are done in the best Valdi style:

1. Changed drawing of a Logitech keyboard.
2. Changed drawing of a Logitech Harmony remote.
3. Chaged drawing of a Motorola mobile phone.

Does anybody actually know any real Unitedkey products?

Anonymous said...

Building a successful business in 3 steps:

1. Great domain.
2. Corporate web site with corporate looking photos and visionary citations.
3. Costume.

So who the HELL needs shipping partners, manufacturers and all that other bullsh*t?

Go, Valdi! Prove 'em wrong.

Anonymous said...

Damn it, I forgot CORPORATE LOGO, you need a serious looking corporate logo. Shit I'm stupid, having no logo would've ruined the entire business plan!

Sorry guys, hope everyone caught the update before any disasters took place :( .

Anonymous said...

"Notice that the industrial designs used on the home page are done in the best Valdi style:"

United Keys doesn't have actual technology, they just patented the idea of having display in a key.

A patent that would surely go down if challenged in court.

Just as you, I doubt they have licensed this even once. The idea that you'll put this in a remote or phone is ridiculous, given the price, form factor and battery life requirements for a mobile device.

Anonymous said...

haha, i remember a Southpark episode now
the underpantsgnomes business model, three simple steps:

1. collect underwear
2. ??? *shrugs shoulders*
3. Profit

I think Valdi is working by a similar model

1. Take orders for laptops
2. ???
3. Profit

Anonymous said...

Someone said this about Valdi's patent:
>The idea that youll put this in a
>remote or phone is ridiculous,
>given the price, form factor and
>battery life requirements for a
>mobile device.
I generally agree. Valdi's innovation is a dream for sure. But, the power consumption issue can be somewhat addressed through motion detection like in many advanced remote controllers. The cost of putting small displays into mechanical keys of course will make the keys way more costly but if done right, it could also be better than a touch screen.
For a universal remote controller like Harmony or a smartphone it's not necessarily a bad idea. Touch screens are not giving the same tactile feedback as mechanical keys and are not cheap or low power consuming either.
But someone would need to design the components towards reasonable cost, good quality and durability.
Actually this idea let me think Valdi is more the innovator with wild and often unrealistic ideas rather than just a simple scammer.

Ssaeh Tniti Ekati said...

"Valdi is more the innovator with wild and often unrealistic ideas"

Don't forget he's spouting a bit too much lies for the average innovator (claiming he did lots of things he never did).

However the guy who said United Keys never had a product is wrong. In 2005, at some point, they presented a prototype keyboard, build by a partner of theirs, where the entire first row (the F-keys row) was made out of single bit green-black LCD screen keys (I think 24x24 px).

The presenter had put accents in weird places, such as that they have a software which can convert a 24x GIF into HEX codes in REAL TIME (as opposed to, I guess, this taking hours with competing solutions...?), and that's home page would supposedly become dramatically more accessible if it can change the shape if your F key icons to captionsless green/black icons.

They never sold the damn thing in actual stores/online, and as you see they only seem to offer developer units without preview and specifications, for unknown price, on their site.

I suppose the best idea I can give is, let's contain each type of weirdness into its own jar. United Keys people (most of them) have nothing to do with Medison, and it'll be interesting to follow their story separately, but let's not magicaly copy and apply Medison properties to them.

Valdi's in trouble enough as is.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that when there are no fresh news on Medison, the comments on this blog degrade to generic sarcasm, bashing and mocking people.

Next phase was commenting on indirectly related events, people and companies, such as United Keys.

Next phase is me: comment commenting on the comments.

By everything, it seems we're in dire need of some fresh news.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to comment on your comment, commenting the comments, anonymous.

Is it that we simply don't have enough of a life on our own that we need to hang onto someone else's failures to bring meaning into our existence :P ?

Anonymous said...

Have Medison received any money from banks or investors ?

Anonymous said...

What is this talk about Vladic and the color of the iMAC ?

I believe that the Apple design team with Jonathan Ive is the designer of the iMAC...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The talk about the iMac is because Valdi lies, anonymous. That's why it's so funny, after all.

Anonymous said...

Who designed the Mammoth table for IKEA ?

"Mr Ivancic lays behind several well known innovations
like the colors of the iMac, Mammoth board at IKEA and
advertisment at McDonald's and has also served at three
universities in Sweden....."

"lays behind" sound like english written by a swede.

Anonymous said...

Why does Valdic translates the swedish "Mammut" into the english "Mammoth".

If Valdic had been working for IKEA he would know that IKEA always use swedish words or names as trademarks for their products.

Anonymous said...


Every swede has several copies of the IKEA catalog in their house. The designer of the Mammut table is M Kjelstrup and A Östgaard.

Anonymous said...

he says the colour of the imac, I guess he came up with orange then.

Anonymous said...