Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More from the press conference

IDG/PC För Alla writes that there was almost no news at the press conference. They still don't say who manufactures or ship the computers. They don't want to comment on the Clevo-story at all.
One thing was said however, and that is that their business model to sell cheap computers should be sponsored by selling ads on their website. An ad that should be published for one country for one month should cost 15 000 US dollars, and a bigger ad for all countries for a longer period should cost 3 million US dollars. They did not have any advertisers yet though.
The serial sticker from the computer was scratched away "to protect the manufacturer"...
They do still say that they have assembly plants in Brazil that "some" of the computers will be assembled at, but not all. Some will ship directly from factory.


I am vewy vewy amoosed said...

You say no news? I'd say this is news enough: they indeed won't ship anything.

They're not making a shred of sense. To produce a full blown laptop you need to make sense and not lie every second word.

There's no way back here, they should just merge with Ireland's Steorn and sell laptops with free energy batteries. For $150 of course.

Anonymous said...

When can I begin to buy advertising space on your web page, Tommy Truthfinder? :)

Anonymous said...

"When can I begin to buy advertising space on your web page, Tommy Truthfinder? :)"

Maybe this was their profit plan. Truthfinder is a Medison employee.

They come out in the press with an endless stream of ridiculous claims, then setup an "official" site following the scam, while collecting ad fees the entire time.

Except :P there aren't any ads here.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

Hmm, well I get about 1/10th of their traffic, so I'll settle for for USD 300.000, deal?

suv said...

Tommy Truthseeker, what is your opinion on these people.

I'll make it like a poll (other feel free to join ;) ):

1. Scammers, trying to run with the money without shipping anything.

2. Extremely stupid people, have no idea how to run a business like this, but will believe 'till the last moment they will succeed.

3. Delusional people, live in a fantasy land, it may be their perverse fun to make up stuff out of thin air and imagine they are famous/important/rich/designed iMacs/be premiers.

4. It's a viral campaign for Halo 3 !! (those following the Steorn story will get the joke).

5. In an utmost surprise, it'll turn out they're shipping the laptops exactly like promised. The reason for them hiding manifacturers, details, plants, and don't make any sense when they talk/make sites, is that they are from another dimension, where laptops are very cheap.

The Critic said...

"The serial sticker from the computer was scratched away to protect the manufacturer"

Ah damn, do they plan to do this to all laptops they ship? Maybe they'll also use black tape all over the manual, and open the case to scrape any sort of branding on chips and devices inside.

What's with the manufacturer, they actually invested millions upon millions to be able to produce laptops, and now they suddenly realize they are very afraid that someone may learn they do so? What short-sighted bunch of laptop manufacturers we got here.

Or maybe we should interpret this entire thing as the manufacturer doesn't want any publicity related to Medison.

I wonder how could they possibly say these things and sound legit.

Maybe they added "we're not saying anything since we want to be spooky and mysterious like a tired X-Files episode".

Like all cheapest-laptop-in-the-world sellers who made the iMac colors should be, anyway...

Hmm, check the photos, Valdi looks happy in front of his laptop.

I wouldn't be smiling so pleasantly if I was in their situation. Their look says:

"Guys, check it out, we got one laptop from Clevo and we didn't pay for it!"