Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Medison's shipping company cancels partnership

"IDG/PC För Alla" now writes that they have contacted the CEO of EMEA Services that is stated on http://www.medisoncelebrity.com/ as their shipping partner. They say that they only have had initial talks with Medison, but now has canceled the partnership completely. This is due to "Commercial reasons". PC För Alla has tried to contact Valdi for a comment, but has been unable to reach him.


Update: Jnytt also verifies this, and adds a comment from EMEA Services CEO that Valdi was "chocked and sad" when he was informed about them canceling the deal.

They also write that they will publish an article tomorrow with an interview about the false hit ratings, and that interview was made before he got the words from EMEA Services.



Anonymous said...

Now he'll use this to buy more time. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

Finally things start to happen :)

anonymous, yes he will for sure..

The tale continues :)

Posted this on the Yahoo! groups too.


Anonymous said...

I thought they ship with UPS.

So now what - will 2CO finally act, or continue watching aside with their pink glasses.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

Well, yes. But they still need to have the logistics handled by someone, shipping out the computers to the right persons and so on. This was EMEA Services role as I understand it.

guy with glasses said...

It looks more and more the entire business plan was to drum up as much noise as possible and pin some "partners" who will give Medison lots of cash.

It was never about sustainable business with cheap laptops.

It's safe to say with that out of the way, there are no more moves left for Valdi to perform.

Anonymous said...

In the end, I bet, Valdi will blame us when the company files for bankruptcy. He'll say that all the digging and "rumorspreading" hurt the companys reputation and that it was the reason nobody wanted to be a partner.

I guess the _only_ way Valdi will make any money will be to sell the movierights to "Valdi Wonka and the Laptop factory". I, for sure, will buy the DVD!

Anonymous said...


2004 - Blew
2005 - Teknikboom
2006 - E-outlet
2007 - Medison?

For users who are unfamiliar with the above trademarks: they have all been used by Swedish scammers who've set up Internet shops taking payments in advance for cheap electronics that were never delivered.

Anonymous said...

English translation of IDG article here http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/medisoncelebrity/message/116

S.V. said...

"In the end, I bet, Valdi will blame us when the company files for bankruptcy. He'll say that all the digging and "rumorspreading" hurt the company's reputation and that it was the reason nobody wanted to be a partner."

Yea, he'll always find an excuse, and that's one of the more plausible ones he can (ab)use, since I've seen the same done plenty of times by other companies who can't deliver jack.

Doesn't change the fact the rest of the world doesn't share his belief in his excuses, which is more important.

The OLPC, and the sub $200 laptop offers from Asus and Acer were not met with ridicule and doubt, since the backstory and products there are completely different.

If he had anything, he'd show it (I don't mean the single mutilated Clevo they have)

NBM said...

Let's speculate...

Medison's plan is to sell the laptop for $150 (and say they can get it for say $200). With shipping etc. they will lose something like $100.

To make a profit they'll give their partners the possibility to sell extra hardware and software through their website. One of these partnership deals cost $X.

If a partner would be interested in entering such a partnership they'll have to believe they are going to make more money then the partnership with Medison will cost them.

This brings me to the folowing qestion;

Medison must have a really incredible deals with a lot of asian hardware producers (For the standard hardware in the laptop). Why the heck don't they buy the optional hardware and sell it, on their own, on the website?

Then they would have total control over the situation and in the end make more money and have a more steady flow of money.

My guess is that this is no scam but a company owned and run by a guy who has a great need for some leadshoes to bring him back to earth.

Anonymous said...

"This brings me to the folowing qestion;

Medison must have a really incredible deals with a lot of asian hardware producers (For the standard hardware in the laptop). Why the heck don't they buy the optional hardware and sell it, on their own, on the website?"

Because this is the same as perpetual motion engines - convolute it as much as possible so that you can hide your mistake.

Partners giving them cash seems like an easy business model, but they shy away from computing the feasibility of the entire contraption, since it makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled across Medison a few days ago while hunting for a release date on the ASUS Eee series laptops. How can anyone not believe this is a scam at this point?

You've got a website in Sweden for a company in the UK, supposedly shipping goods from the Netherlands, good that came for either a factory in Brazil or shipments from Taiwan or China, and paid for through an e-commerce site in the USA.

James Bond wishes he could wrangle together so much subterfuge.

There is one way the Medison laptop would be "legitimately" possible - the stuff from China is fabricated almost entirely out of parts known to be counterfeit. Which, of course, means the paperweight on your desk probably computes as well as their laptop does.

PoleCat said...

Seems like a severe case of "hybris". I feel sry for this man and his "brilliant" idea. He havent even concidered to remove the previous sites registred to the same domain. its probobly a lack of experience and if he cant even protect his personal life/fotoblogg, how the **** is he gona pull of this 150$ computer.

This thing will go down the bin, no other way this will turn out.

If, and I say "IF" this actually works out, in 2-3 months and ppl start receving their computers, il eat my shoes along with some ketchup. thats the honest truth.

Best regards, pole

NBM said...

I've been refreshing jnytt all morning waiting for the article.

Every time i refresh the page I almost jump of my chair when i read "Jönköpingsbo häktad..." (person living in Jönköping arrested...) but then i read the rest of the headline "...för grov misshandel" (...for aggravated assault), and get utterly disappointed. :)

PoleCat said...

well i decided to do a quick search of the pictures and their name and within 10 sec found that their header picture is the same but edited from this site:


and they didnt even bother changeing the name more than to add the words "light" as they have 1 dark and one bright version of it... how sad.

best regards, pole

PS. wonder what copyright law's etc says about that.

PoleCat said...


is the correct link. sry for that.

PoleCat said...

aahh screw it... didnt show the last of the URL fixed now i hope.


BTW i want a edit button. @tommy delete the above post, thanks.

Anonymous said...

lol its still wrong..



PoleCat said...

Not wrong, I wanted to link to the main site not just the image, but sure.. it's a mather of opinions.

And btw, your URL is not showing fully aswell.. dont throw rocks in glass houses.

best regards, pole

Anonymous said...

Jnytt updated:

Anonymous said...


medison junkie said...

Truthseeker, you know we depende you: bunch of new articles and no update, you lazy #*)@@#$(7!!

I need my daily fix to live on!! I need my damn fix!! THIS SITE IS THE PURPOSE OF MY LIFE!!

4 hours later, after abstinence has faded away a bit

Now I'm starting to feel bad for Valdi versus will to attack him, and track his mishaps. Poor guy. He kept trying to create imaginary businesses for years now, and can't support his family. This is sad, right :`(

Anonymous said...

Medison and Reverse Motgrages of Arizona just use the same cheap clip-art, that's all. Neither has an office that looks like that, I promise you.

Bob Shipman said...

Ashame , I had high hopes that this was a good deal, for the urbanites to become tech savy , meaning low income folks.


Bob Shipman said...

MHO, first 500 orders will fill, sucks, I'm 501 damn

Anonymous said...

I am an engineer and as far as I know before you sell something you have to create a so called business case to see if the product you want to sell is going to give some profit.
The next step will be to actually build a prototype and test it.
My question to you guys is: has anybody seen at least one of this laptops working?
And the other question is: what is the roll of the authorities here? Is it legal to sell something that does not exist?