Thursday, August 9, 2007

New legal information on Medisons site

Like some people already has noted, Medison has finally published new "Terms of use" on their site. The new terms doesn't give any clarity at all about the questions about shipping, taxes, warranty etc, just some random privacy stuff that can be found all over the net, at 2co's site for example. So just another quick copy/paste job.
Whats interesting is that Valdi, as late as of yesterday, said that they have been working together with a legal council to write new terms and other legal information. What happened with that?


Anthony said...

Where did they steal it from this time?

Anonymous said...


/Kep Tang

Anonymous said...

2CO legal council might also be Medison's (some recycling going on).

Now the strange parts is in how the medison website is described as secure!

Anonymous said...


Caesar said...
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Daniel said...

Medison in Wikipedia:

Anonymous said...


Matt Andrews said...

I'm representing one of the large movie studios. We are planing on making a movie about Medison and it's founder. It will be a mix of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (Know as "Gökboet" to you swedish people), Jurassic Park and pirates of silicon Valley.

Where do we find cantact information so that we can buy the movie rights?

Anonymous said...

I imagine that people who are active commenting this funny situation are technically knowledgeable. I mean they understand computer specifications when you for example say 2GB of RAM or a 1.4 GHz processor, etc.
My point is that we are about 3% of the population that have some kind of understanding about computers.
This kind of scams are directed to the other 97% of people who have no clue, what so ever, about computers.
Think about that and then you see from that perspective, you clearly see where the money is.

Anonymous said...

Valdi may not be a scammer himself.

I've been thinking... None of the Medison people actually seem to have any knowledge on manufacturing notebooks. There must be someone, behind the scenes, who actually knows a thing or two - probably the person responsible for specs and pictures on the website - that supplies all needed info to Valdi.

It may very well be that Valdi trusts this person completely. Valdi may honestly believe that the behind-the-scenes tech-person can pull this off. Maybe it's his uncle or a very close friend. In effect, Valdi is scammed himself. There are quite a few well-known cases where similar things have happened.

Yet, if I were to write a movie script, this wouldn't really be interesting enough. Instead, I would go for a rather more extreme storyline. Valdi isn't scamming or being scammed, but he is forced to behave this way by some trigger-happy mob-like types. Russian mob probably, given Valdi's last name.

I'd give Valdi some interesting prior history with the mob (related to his presidential ambitions), and create some mob Boss who needs a little money and has a particular love of all things notebook-like. Then, just when everything starts to fall down due to international media attention, enter the KGB and a clever plot to infiltrate businesses worldwide with special hardware inside the (now) KGB-subsidized notebooks.

Have Valdi as protagonist, or a journalist, or a techie, or police/FBI, or a private eye; add some serious injuries and a love interest; and there's your B-movie. Maybe even A, the story has enough unique aspects. Just let Valdi talk to the studio boss ;-)

Dear Matt Andrews: if your studio want rights to the story variants above, please leave a message and I'm sure we can work something out.

Just in case the above happens to be true, it wouldn't be very safe to post with my real identity, so I'll just make something up. .. .. Okay, that'll do.

All the best,
-- Jabby

Anonymous said...

"This kind of scams are directed to the other 97% of people who have no clue, what so ever, about computers."

It's not really that way. Medison doesn't pray on the stupid, they're the stupid themselves.

I have no doubt at all that Medison's CEO believes he discovered hot water with his business model, and genuinely believes on August 15-th he'll magically know how to shop thousands of $150 laptops to the people who ordered.

I get your point though.

Anonymous said...

Jabby, congratulations on succeeding making this few times more bizarre than it is (it's a true achievement).

Matt Andrews said...

To Jabby:

Dear Sir or Madam

Out motion picture studio would be very happy to work with you developing your script.

If you by some chance look like the Medison CEO we would like to offer you the lead role in the movie.

This, my friend, is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Our goal is to sell the movie tickets for only $1,5 and make the rest of the money showing commercial breaks ever 5 minutes.

Our partners have great trust in this project and are already lining up outside our office at 1601 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington.

Anonymous said...

I was asking around people that have some understanding about computers.
I showed them the specifications of this "suppose to exist" laptop.
I had only one question: "How much would you pay for this laptop".
The average price that came out was around 300 euros.
This is by no means a valid survey, but it shows that the $150 price is ridiculous.
Number of people asked ~30.

Anonymous said...

Matt, I suppose your company was founded last week and is registered in the UK, and you have a homepage with 100 million visitors every day:D

NBM said...

"Mr Ivancic lays behind several well known innovations like the colors of the iMac"


Anonymous said...

It'll be funny to have Apple refute the iMac color "innovation" claims of Valdi, although.. it's kinda obvious, isn't it folks.

Sad, sad guy.

Anonymous said...

Using the WayBack Machine ( I pulled up Medison's old site from back in 2004 and it claims that Swedish Keys, LLC., as it was known back then, was issued a patent for an invention.

I checked it out on the USPTO website ( and Valdi was granted two patents. You can check it out for yourself. Use the advanced search and enter the string "in/ivancic-valdi".

He may have some credibility after all.

Quote of the day: "A new day, a new million" or "It will be alright" -

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

Yes, the pantent issue has been investigated before. If I remeber it correctly, those are reused patents från the 80's that really doesn't have any real relevance. As I understand it, USPTO doesn't check if the patents are "valid" until someone objects to them?

Anonymous said...

"As I understand it, USPTO doesn't check if the patents are "valid" until someone objects to them?"

The USPTO reportedly does some lazy checks on prior art or similar patents, but judging from the huge mass of patents filed, most are completely clueless or invalidated by prior art.

You'll find the most ridiculous and insane things patented in there. Hell, Steorn, the "free energy from magnets" company that similarly keeps failing to show ANYTHING working, has some patents on impossible magnet devices with the USPTO itself.

Anonymous said...

Valdi and Tommy are the same person, no doubt guys :D

Anonymous said...

Tommy, is this true? Shit now it all makes sense.

Valdi comes out with foolish claims of cheap laptop and his other antics.

The world laughs at him. He creates this blog to aggregate IP-s and identities.

Then announces partners left him because of the newspapers and blogs.

Sues bloggers and journalists.


Anonymous said...

> Tommy, is this true?

Looks just like someone's joke that somebody didn't understand.

Wasn't a funny joke, as for me.

Tommy already did a great job. Please, continue. And thank you.

Tommy TruthSeeker said...

I think it was quite funny actually ;)

Anonymous said...

"Looks just like someone's joke that somebody didn't understand."

The post that says "is it true" is a joke itself.

Anonymous said...

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