Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Press conference confirmed!

Anders Nyman at Cint has confirmed that journalists have been invited to a press conference (by Valdi personally) at 19.00 in Stockholm. Exact location is not public information.


suv4x4 said...

"journalists have been invited to a press conference (by Valdi personally) at 19.00 in Stockholm. Exact location is not public information."

I suspected he might only invite his imaginary journalists to that press conference :( Unfortunately they'll only write about it in their imaginary newspapers :(

Kidding aside, he's supposed to show 1 (one) of the laptops on the conference. If it was me I'd give away at least 5-6 laptops for free to the journalists and show video of our Brazil plants.

Instead they'll show a sample unit they got for free from a Clevo indirect partner. I'm starting to think they want us all to laugh at them. It's some sort of perverse joy for them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it their perverese form of humour.
"medison celebrity" = "yes, I'm not credible" (It's an anagram) Very funny ideed!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked the products they claim to have in their portfolio?
Has a company like Medison done anything for Apple (iMac colour design…)?
Have they received 10 MSEK from Kreativum (Blekinge, Sweden)?
Lime-gruppen etc, what is that?
Have they done anything for the universities that they claim to deliver to?
When I check with Google I do not find anything on Givi Sweden, Intelligentia International etc etc …

Tommy said...

The Apple Store is verifed to never has existed, the color thing is hard to check. Kreativum and the universities has replied that they don't have anything to do with Medison or ever had. Can't fins anything about lime-gruppen, but both the other two companies has once been, but are now liquidated.

Pontus Jeppsson said...

I will be attending the press conference tonight reporting for the swedish magazine/website PC för Alla. So for those of you who know swedish you can check out some time around 20-21.

Here´s our article from earlier today:

Anonymous said...

On their website they say Every time we have a great and commercial idea we either start up a new company or help someone else get going with the concept.

So I guess it's logical nobody has ever heard from them :-)

Anonymous said...

Pontus: too bad the IDG website is said to be down until 22.30... :-/

Anonymous said...

Läste detta på idg:s forum.

De tipsar en journalist att fota serienumret på den dator de visar upp för att sedan kolla upp detta nummer mot clevo och se om den är betald eller om den kommer därifrån.

Borde vi inte ordna en massmailing till de de journalister som ska på presskonferansen idag?