Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Wiki about Medison

There is a new Wiki dedicated to the whole Medison circus. It's not created by me, and it seems to be a good place for those of you that not always like the tone of my voice when posting ;)
The wiki can be found at:

Also, Medison has an entry over at Wikipedia.


Anonymous said...

Tommy, just wanted to say: when plenty of people comment, there are people with different opinions and I think having proper feedback is a great thing.

I'm just guessing, but you seem insulted that you donated your time for free to this blog and yet receive criticism. Keep in mind most of the happy readers simply don't comment.

Just wanted to say that.. Keep the good work (and the wiki looks good too, but isn't a nice source for fresh news).

Anonymous said...

Agreeing with anonymous above.. he's right. Most of us probably like listening to what you say - the way you say it.

We are just quiet :)

Motin said...

That Wiki is a good place to summarize the latest suspicions (recap...) - all we readers could help updating it with Tommy's latest information.

Your blog is the most lively and entertaining newsfeed on the subject!

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

I fully agree with the above comments, and I couldn't have put it as well myself.
Tommy, This blog is great and it's the best source for fresh news about Medison.
The wiki on the other hand is an attempt to summarize the old news in another format. A recap for newcomers and oldtimers alike.
And I should know. I am the one writing the wiki.

Rocketman said...

Hello im from sweden ive been on what we in sweden call sjukbidrag for the past 3 yrs.

Now when u are on Sjukbidrag in sweden what it basicly means is that u have a total of 80% of your normal income.

The reason to why im on sjukbidrag i wount go into detail here, my reason to come forward like this is i dont have much money to move around with.

I have to turn every krona just to make ends meet at times.
So by now u might have guessed yeah i dont have much money.

Infact 150$ is quite allot of money just to get "scamed out of for me.

Now the cheapest laptop around here in sweden is aprox 4500 svkr:- = 651.015 USD
With the specs being: Intel Celeron M 1.73GHz / 1024MB / 120GB / TFT15.4 / DVDRW / Win Vista Home Basic.

Now to me that is more than enough to play around with im no computer nerd looking for the best of the best im just the average joe trying to get by in the world.

Now when i saw this laptop being sold for 150$ i wase thrilled wow perhaps i would be able to finaly be abel to afford one, and for the fact it wasent used/second hand it wase brand spankin new.

I wouldnt have to buy a used one with a dodgy battery no scratches no broken pixels heck i would have 1 yr waranty on it.

So what am i rambling on about?

My point is what a great thing it would be if you could get a new laptop for such a cheap price.
I wouldnt have to save for 8 fucking months turning and twisting every penny,
i have "hoping" that there will be a great deal to be made when i finaly have the money to afford one.
So to Tommy i have one thing to say: Keep up the good work im all behind you.
And like some of the other posters in here most of us who reads your blogs are glad and apritiate the work and effort you put into this blogg.
Just because we dont leave comments about what a great jobb you have done docent mean we dont apritiate what you are doing here :)

Thnx keep up the good work.


Spider Pig said...

I have a theory of what Valdi's trying to run here. What if he never intended to sell any laptops?

Maybe he was only trying to create a page that would get tons of hits and coverage to sell adveritising space. He would get $2 million, or whatever he's charging for ad space, and refund the laptops at the end, still he's making money, not from the laptops but only from the ads.

This might explain why he shut down all ways of communicating with him, and why he's trying to push forward the delivery date, till he gets someone interested in ad space, right?

Just my thoughts, I don't think he's going to deliver.

Spider Pig

Svenskfisk said...

O totally agree with the above comment! Isn't this ovbvious? he starts something that get's extreme puplicity in media and he also does extraordinary things like running for prime-minister in sweden. This being with no intention of selling any computers, but just becoming a celebrity and therefor being able to sell ads (extremely expensive ones too)

In a few weeks he will probably come clear and tell the world that this has been his plan all along, but all the money från purchases has been refunded and the only one being fooled is the ones bying his ad-space...since he does infact NOT have 10-15 mil. visitors a week, but instead maby 1.000-10.000.

This would also explain the taunting name of the computer "celebrity"

Anonymous said...

Everybody here came to comment how much he/she.. ok who am I kidding' ... HE liked this blog.

I don't like it, since I'm non-establishment teen in his difficult oh-no-I-have-to-live-my-own-life and my-parents-dont-understand-me problems.

So I hate this blog, and I hate even more that I can't buy an actual laptop for $150, since my pizza delivery job pays so poorly.

Damn you all!

Anonymous said...

"Maybe he was only trying to create a page that would get tons of hits and coverage to sell adveritising space. He would get $2 million, or whatever he's charging for ad space, and refund the laptops at the end, still he's making money, not from the laptops but only from the ads."

-This is not likely at all. _Nothing_ indicates that he planned this to become as big as it is. AND no (sane) company will buy any expensive ads at his site...


Anonymous said...

Rocketman, get off your ass and get a job...

Anonymous said...

"This is not likely at all. _Nothing_ indicates that he planned this to become as big as it is."

How about the 200'000 laptops/month sales projection in his July CV.

Anonymous said...

"How about the 200'000 laptops/month sales projection in his July CV."

-Good point!
Either you put your finger on something important or this is another Valdi thing where "a kitchen is a manufacturing factory" (my guess).
Anyhow, good point (you shocked my Valdi/Medison world a bit)!


Anonymous said...

Ian, stop shocking your Medison world, and start living in the real one.

This story isn't worth fretting over any more.

Thanks Tommy, for covering the story during the early intensive days.

Anonymous said...

My (educated) guess is that this whole hilarious affair is not a 'normal' fraud. There is no deliberate plan to misguide people, there is no scheme to collect a lot of money and run. Valdi Ivancic has become a victim himself of his pathological fantasies.

Look at his "CV", see his claims about businesses he runs or ran, see his plans to stand for election as Prime Minister.

He lives in a fantasy world where he is the brilliant center. It is a fantasy world that he probably believes in himself, at least to some extend. He acts out his grandiose fantasies on the web, in letters and emails, and now even in press conferences.

Normally, these fantasies would hardly be noticed by the outside world and, if noticed, would not be taken seriously.

But with the 'Medison Celebrity $150 Laptop' something went wrong. Greed is a powerful motivational drive. Although too good to be true, people were willing to believe him or at least willing to doubt. And thus this has got completely out of hand.

I must admit that all the bizarre developments made me laugh at times, but Mr. Ivancic is probably more a victim of a mental disorder than a villain.

Ronald R. (retired psychiatrist)

Anonymous said...

To ronald.

Spot on, exactly what i belive. wich leads me to the point where i feel sorry for the lad.

RIP medison celebrety "a mere hope, but ooh so good".

Anonymous said...

Ronald, I don't understand the hard line psychiatry draws between plain old crooks and crooks that cheat because of psychological problem.

Imaginary world or not, he seems smart enough to know what when you sell $150 laptops, you need to have $150 laptops to sell.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with being smart or not, he evidently is a smart guy. Mental illness does not pass over intelligent minds. If the fantasy world is (or was at the beginning) real enough to him, he was not able to know that he was cheating, not only cheating others but also cheating himself. He may start to realize that the real world is very different and he may be trying to find a way out of this mess he created. But it is equally possible that even now he is not aware of what he is actually doing and in his perception of the world it will be the actions by others (like us here) that will eventually cause the failure of his plans.

Ronald R.

Anonymous said...

I am talking about a mental disorder, not about "psychological problems".

Ronald R.

Anonymous said...

I think the "mental disorder" version is rather doubtful. This is not a one-man operation, he had others at the press-conference, etc. Why would they play along with a clearly delusional person?

Anonymous said...

I wish I had seen this press conference.. except of course its in Swedish. But even then, emotions and tones are universal.

Anonymous above makes a good point: why would people play along?

But still.. the cost of parts just doesn't add up to 150. No one is advertising with him.

Ugh! The suspense!!!!!! - Even when you know the ending to stories - good guy wins - you still can't wait to see it happen. (Or in the case the whole thing flops)

Anonymous said...

" Why would they play along with a clearly delusional person?"

Why would people order this $150 laptop that can not possibly exist?

If a person is truly convinced himself, he can be very convincing for others, especially if they are told they can gain themselves. I have seen people spend and loose fortunes trusting the story of patients in a manic phase of their bi-polar disorder.

I cannot be certain that Mr. Ivancic is mentally disturbed rather than a crook, but it is my best guess from what I have read so far about this affair and about him.

One anonymous wrote that he does not understand "the hard line psychiatry draws between plain old crooks and crooks that cheat because of psychological problem."

First, psychiatry is about illness, not about problems.
Secondly, psychiatry does not draw that hard line. There is not always a clear distinction between almost believing ones phantasy and firmly believing ones phantasy. But some people do (permanently or temporarily) firmly believe, indeed know for sure, what is clearly not for real.

Ronald R.

the guy with the glasses said...

Ronald: "health problem" usually means illness, hence "psychological problem" and "mental illness" are synonymous in the context.

Being overly anal is a poor way to demonstrate knowledge.

A better way is to wear glasses, like I do... I promise instant IQ boost.

Anonymous said...

I personally know a person who is always organizing big international phantom-conferences and other international phantom-events with big important politicians. He always finds people who think they may be real and are willing to support him (at least until they realise there is something odd...). It is amazing to see that he always finds some supporters who -even if doubting themselves- hope that his great ideas might become true. Most of them should know better, but still they try to believe that it is reallity what he is talking about and not mere phantasy.

He -not to let it unmentioned- candidated for the polish senat in much the same way as Mr Ivancic for the minister of state.

Mr Ivancic is a case for a psychiatrist not for a lawyer.


Anonymous said...

Forget about Valdi...I'm starting to feel plain sorry about this guy's insanity.

It's time to talk about 2CO.

Normal humans can see how screwed up this thing is and there is just NO WAY 2CO can not see this as well.






Anonymous said...

2CO definitely are into something they're not telling the public.

No sane company would keep this running for so long, at their own expense.

I personally am slightly scared to do business with them (as a seller) now.

Anonymous said...

Off topic
Who is that candidate for polish senate??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If the ''Medison Celebrity $150 Laptop' is indeed a delusion by a disturbed mind, than I suppose 2CO has been fooled, juts like many others have been.

There is no reason to believe that 2CO will have unjustified gains from this and there is no reason to expect anyone will loose money while dealing with 2CO. But apparently also at 2CO they have not yet figured out whether Medison is real or not.

See this forum at 2CO.

Ronald R.

Anonymous said...

Ronald, 2CO don't care if Medison is real or not. Don't understimate their cognitive abilities: even dogs know already that Medison Celebrity isn't real.

For them it's free publicity "look at us protect both the buyers, and stick to the sellers".

But it went too far.

Chi Hu said...

Hey, mister "anonymous". I'm a dog on the Internet, and I'm offended by your generalizations.

I do believe in Medison, holy master, and believe those that believe shell receive a holy bone, let the Lord have mercy on you, anonymous.

Those believeth, receiveth, so says the holy dog bible psalm 21, verse 49. Those who do not trust Valdi, our Lord, shall be punished for eternity in dog hell and never findeth their holy bone they hid in the backyard.

Yours, Chi.

silvester said...


Anonymous said...

I agree Tommy you are doing a great job. The whole deal sounded interesting even though I don't need a laptop computer (I have two - one very old, one brand new). But it was interesting to follow and I still would like to see how the whole thing plays out.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of several that claim they got charged the US$150 by 2CO.
Anybody actually know the fact? I also would like to ask why 2CO don't comment on the unrealistic quantity of orders Valdi has announced days ago. They should know the exact number.

I wonder if a company like 2CO can legally make money out of scams...for example, could there be some scenario where, let's say, 5% of people exposed to scam don't react and 2CO can keep the money?
It's a bit like when you buy something and the price is low only when you mail in some coupons to get part of the money back. Obviously some percentage of people don't do that.

Anonymous said...

well if what you heard is correct (2CO started charging the earliest buyers), then this scheme would work.

Indeed rebates profit from the people who forget to get their rebate, or don't follow the procedure accurate to the dot.

Anonymous said...

Waiting on some updates here from Medison. I guess there isnt much to tell if he cut of communication with everyone.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it incredible. Some people already feel abstinence effects since there are no Medison news.

Some people aimlessly post that "there are no news", some people think they are cats, dogs, or some other animals. And we have plenty and plenty of conspiracy theories.

Tommy, what has a man done?

Anonymous said...

+1 :)

Anonymous said...

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