Tuesday, August 7, 2007

More fun stuff from medison.se

So, there has been some digging on medison.se, and some fun stuff has been found:

Valdis page he created to the election 2006 in Sweden when he was running for prime minister. Contains some fun stuff like "The campaign will only be a week long since the voting is on Sunday!"

Medison Clothes Shop
"In short Medison will be selling Armani, Dolce&Gabbana, Versace and DKNY among other big fashion clothes brands in the Number One Fashion City in South America." Make sure to visit the link to Medison Clothes Collection 2006...

Update: I forgot this one, quite interesting too: http://medisoncelebrity.com/a4desk.swf


Anonymous said...

hehe look at this :)


Anonymous said...

There's something seriouslmy wrong with this guy.
he has an entire clothesline on his website, every item of clothing has his first name on it.
Maybe he should see a shrink or something.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't post a direct link to this one :)


The Medison designer clothes basically represent a rich collection of generic t-shirts and and shorts ... with "VALDI" written on them (looks pasted on, I may be wrong).

Someone has ego problems.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think it is fun that on his political agenda has a point names "Women" ("Kvinnor"), accompanied by a picture of a tractor .-)


Tommy TruthSeeker said...

There is a direct link to the clothes collection ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ah, too bad, he deleted all the other index pages before I got to see index3.html and index4.html

Anonymous said...

oops, thats not true, they're still there, spelling mistake

Anonymous said...

Tommy Truthseeker, sorry my man, didn't see the clothing link (I'm the anonymous who posted up there).

They really look photoshopped, although it may be, he used one of the merchandise shops such as cafepress.com (they produce automatic mock-ups of the clothes with the client logo, and then print on demand after a purchase).

Either way "clothes line" is quite the overstatement for cheap merchandise with printed logo on them.

Anonymous said...

And an empty folder:

I'd love to work at the webhotell and have a complete list of the files :P

Anyone with a little imagination could probably find more pages.

Anonymous said...

Two quotes from the flash laptop site (about two extra laptop models):

Hollywood Celebrity - With some EXTRA make-up you rule the world.

Star Celebrity - The STAR of the stars. The top of the top.

As they say, you can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

I love how he borrowed the images for http://medison.se/val2006/indexex.html (the tractor and the other completely irrelevant images) from:


Next he will be running for president of the US!

Anonymous said...

One week left to election 2006 he says on the webpage, but the files says that they are from 7 aug 2007.

And about the clothesstore, isn't there websites that let you set up your own clothesshop with your logo/text and then you split the income. Only in the normal case the users don't belive that this means that they sell Armani-clothes.

Anonymous said...

Forget my mumbling about the date in the files on the electionpages.

I made a noob mistake, sorry for that.

Anonymous said...

http://medison.se/applestore/ oh god...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Apple loves their logo being used like that... with *cough* permission.

Johan said...

The pictures of the clothes are indeed from cafepress.com , cf http://www.cafepress.com/kernelslacker/264363

I guess DKNY and D&G must have started using cafepress. This guy is unreal.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who this is?

Valdi seems to drive his somewhat personal "publicity stunt web site" with a lot of half done files on it.

Hopefully he can keep his own family out of the mess. If that picture is of his wife then I think she is pretty but he should delete the photo together with all the other junk files he still have on his unprofessional web site.