Thursday, August 30, 2007

Regarding the letter to 2co

Wow, what an overwhelming response! Thanks for all comments on the blog, mails and posts on different forums. I really appreciate all feedback!

Now, I would like to answer some questions and do a few clarifications regarding my letter. It seems like some people reads things that I didn't write, and other people doesn't read what I wrote but comment anyway. Let me first start with what I'm not saying: I'm not saying that Medison is performing an intentional scam, I'm not saying that 2co is an unserious company, and I'm not doing any doubtful or false claims. I don't believe that the questions is unjustified, but that is of course a subjective thing, I'm not claiming to be any kind of expert or know-it-all in this kind of matters.

A little clarification on why I wrote this letter now, why it might sound a bit harsh might be in place: The reason why I wrote this now is because that money has been withdrawn from buyers cards, without the security and convenience steps that 2co previously has written about. Suddenly, when the shipping notices was sent out without any tracking numbers, the previous requirement from 2co that Medison had to provide this was just thrown out of the window without any valid reason. I feel that the questions about this and the other things stated by 2co needs to be answered for customer safety. How long will 2co keep the money before they release it back if no computer arrives for example?
And the reason for the some what hard words and tones is that many people, including me, has previously been asking these questions without getting any valid answers, or that the validness of the answers drastically has changed after the last weeks event after the shipping notices.
Some people are also asking "Why now, why not wait until the deadline?", "Give them time" etc. My questions to those persons are: What deadline, give them time for what? The questions are still very much important even if some computers arrive, not all orders will be delivered at the same time. And how long time should people be expected to wait? The previous deadline two weeks ago? The new deadline tomorrow? The eight weeks Medison mention on their website? The three months that Valdi wrote in a previous announcement? Or even longer?

And last, I'll try to answer the question why I do this again. I'm interested in technology, I have previously been involved in uncovering big IT-scams here in Sweden, and I'm trying to do the general public a service. Why do someone help an old lady walk over the street? Why do someone try to stop a burglary of an unrelated person? Why do people do other stuff out of pure interest? Why do people write blogs? It's not my intention to get all deep on you, but this is how I feel, and I hope you get the point.

Anyway, let's just hope that 2co at least try to answer the questions, I don't see why they shouldn't our couldn't if they have pure intentions. Then all this wouldn't be an issue. Well, I'm not exactly expecting an answer on question #1, but the rest of them at least ;)


Peter said...

Tommy, keep up the good work!

There might be worse scams happening elsewhere on this planet, but Medison is a Swedish company and 2CO is an American company. Both countries have generally good laws and ethics and this case is indeed very unique and deserves the attention.

Where on this planet is a laptop available for US$150? At 2CO ONLY.

So obviously every employee at 2CO must be keenly aware how their company is currently the world-leader in low cost computing.

That's truly SOMETHING!

But oops...why is that fact so much hidden on their own web site if it's REAL?

It should be on their home page as one of the "Big news" or their "Featured supplier". It isn't!!! Why don't they promote this and try to make more people confident to help stop the rumours from spreading?

My guess...only meaningful reason is they already know it's not real.

So why do they keep taking orders and fool more of their customers?

If they didn't already know the facts and wanted to really know if Medison is real, it would not take much of a due diligence effort to validate it. Medison would have nothing to lose by providing confidential information to 2CO under NDA about the actual manufacturer etc. etc.

What does the US law say about knowing something doesn't exist and keep selling it?

Anonymous said...

Clarification: Medison Ltd. is a British company.

Anonymous said...

Where on this planet is a laptop available for US$150? At 2CO ONLY.

Actually, there are places where you can legitimately get laptops for US$150 or less. eBay, for one example.

Now, getting a NEW laptop, with the specifications that have been promised, on the other hand . . .

Peter said...

Medison being a British company...bah!

So now Medison is British because it's registered at a bogus address in Britain?

Medison's staff is:

1. Valdi Ivancic (the CEO).
2. Some friends of Valdi who have other full time jobs and hope he will strike gold.

The assets of Medison seem to be:

1. A Clevo laptop that was not paid for.
2. Some web pages on the Internet.

Their office buildings are:

1. Valdi's apartment in Jonkoping.

Did I forget anything?

Björn said...

This is no scam, this is only a "spel för gallerierna" I don't know what that are in english, Medison don't have a $150 computer (at least don't one laptop that can gain some profit), they don't have distribution, they don't have any relevant factories, and no contracts with any manufacturer, that's the reason to not say anything because that will make them look like big fools when they later on explains that the "brilliant idea" failed.

They also choose a payment type suitable for a such thing, their objective aren't to deceive anyone, they will withdraw with excuses and failure, they didn't got enough ads, blame the media, too many orders and then problems with distribution and so on.

The only reason Valdi is doing this is later he can claim that he "almost" succeeded with a revolution in the laptop business. Nobody can show a piece of proof that this indeed was a scam and not an unsuccessful genius idea. He will only be remembered as a clumsy businessman rather than a trickster.

Anonymous said...

Peter: Yes, but they're incorporated in Britain, which means that the company is responsible to Britain’s laws, including those for consumer protection.

marketer said...

To Björn,

Valdi will be remembered as a disturbed person with "Storhetsvansinne". No one (with internet access) will ever do business with him again! Which I think is very good!

Anonymous said...

From 2CO forum

2CO Staff
Posted 3 months ago # Hey Mac, is an authorize reseller for vendor's online. As such we have no involvement in the shipping of the product, we handle the payments for our vendors who are actually shipping you the product to you. To find out this information you will need to get a hold of the vendor directly. You will most likely be able to find contact information on their site, although if you are still having trouble you are free to call our Customer Care department and they can assist you getting in contact with them.

You can contact us by numbers below below.
1.614.921.2450 Main Number
1.877.294.0273 Toll-Free (US and Canada)
0.871.871.8283 United Kingdom

Tree month ago they did not care about the shipping of the product.
More or less the same as now but not what they stated a few weeks ago about Medison.
Also, you can call their Customer Care Department for help getting contact with the Vendor.
Has anybody tried that?

Anonymous said...

How do we know that Valdi is the man behind this ? Could he just be a hired help for someone. My impression of typical swedish scams is that someone that have som money hidden away hire people to perform the scam(bulvaner).
The serbocroation word for "bulvan" is balvan.

Anonymous said...

Who will be making money on this ?
2CO is charging 5% and 0,45US cent.
2CO is making $7,95 for every medsion computer they sell. They can not afford to do much checking of individual orders for that amount.....
2Co would make $2 385 000 on 300000
sold units. Of course they want to keep this going on as long as possible.

Björn said...

Of course this person will be remembered for delusions, but there's always people willing to do business with a such entrepreneur regardless of the number of failures. But they got free publicity out of this and that's their main reason.

The only persons that will make money on this is Valdi and his company, thousands of people know their name and the Medison company will either (a) sell the domain for a reasonable high price or (b) start selling other stuff from their site.

Their monthly fee for advertisement is also ridiculous, 2 million US$ It isn't relevant to their visitor statistics at all, there's many issues that make this look like a real bogus company.

Also, when I listen to the one-month old interview with Valdi, I also got very convinced that he will succeed with his political ambitions, his answers sounds just like the regular "goddag yxskaft" i.e non-meaning answers from any typical politician. :)

Anonymous said...

The intrest for medisons websites are not very god so i can't really se them selling for a profit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, its not like ther's anything interesting there anyway.....

But if they manage to deliver, my guess is that this will change!

Peter said...

>But if they manage to deliver, my
>guess is that this will change!
You mean Valdi delivering a laptop for US$150 to 300,000 people?

Yeah...let's believe it has a chance. Let's also hope Valdi will become prime minister of Sweden and lead the world into a much better world.

Anybody know how good he was as truck driver before he got into the many failed attempts of trying to start his own business?

He might actually have been a great truck driver back earlier in his career.

Anonymous said...

Guys remember: today the second deadline falls, if no laptops are delivered.

Peter said...

Silence...anybody have seen the US$150 laptop in their mail?

Remember, Valdi got one Clevo laptop. Who is the lucky one?

(I hope he don't keep it for himself and hope he also paid for it)

Anonymous said...

Its now past 1800 hours in Sweden, and the business day has ended, Valdi , you and your company are officially f...ed!!!

Anonymous said...

Their offices were already closed.

"Working hours:
Monday - Friday 08.00-16.30 (Mid European Time)"

Peter said...

Knock, knock, knock...dear 2CO...wake up please...

Is someone getting fired?

the guy with the glasses said...

Earlier I told you how this story will end quietly and not with a bang. Now you see what I mean.

The deadline quietly has passed, and nothing.

That's the only thing we could've expected.

I expect now, just as quietly, 2CO to do the refunds and cancel Valdi's account.

Anonymous said...

This is to reiterate that 2Checkout is in continuous contact with Valdi in regards to Medison and their Celebrity laptops. On two occasions, we have met face to face with Valdi to address your concerns and to help solve certain logistical problems. If you have placed an order, be assured that no funds will be taken from your card unless the item has been marked shipped. If your order has been marked shipped, no funds will be released to Medison until you have received your laptop.

2Checkout would like to thank all of you that have been active in our forums in your search for information. We will continue to answer questions that fall outside of our privacy policy in the attempt to keep you as informed as we can.

It is in the best interest and a matter of integrity for to continue to protect it’s customers (you) and it’s vendors (in this case Valdi), in effect, you are all 2Checkout customers.

I would like to thank you all for your patience regarding these matters.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the most of we you will hear from 2CO about this matter, ever. I think they have already decided that there are no Medison Celebrity laptops and that they are simply waiting for the right moment to pull Valdi's account and pay the refunds. Whatever passed between Valdi and 2CO we will never hear, not from 2CO anyway.

Björn said...

Time to get one of these maybe...

"I order one computer from Medison and all I got was this lousy t-shirt..."

If I believe in Santa Claus, then I also should believe in this monkey business... It's not a scam, only a bad idea

Anonymous said...

"I order one computer from Medison and all I got was this lousy t-shirt..."

You gotta admit: it'd be way more subtle and funnier if you just ordered the T-Shirt with printed "Valdi" on it.

They convince your friends this is some sort of famous name in fashion.

Anonymous said...

"You gotta admit: it'd be way more subtle and funnier if you just ordered the T-Shirt with printed "Valdi" on it.

They convince your friends this is some sort of famous name in fashion."

Aren't these available from the Medison Clothing Collection 2006?

Anonymous said...

It's really too bad this turned out this way...I'm low-income and needed a laptop for college. I guess I was hoping it wouldn't turn out "too good to be true."

Peter said...

Do we think 2CO should get away with running their business in this way obviously fooling their customers?

Anonymous said...

--I guess I was hoping it wouldn't turn out "too good to be true."--

You can cancel your order. A laptop you can use for some time to come from Dell would cost you around 600 USD, not much for a laptop if you ask me.

Acer and Asus are also entering very soon the market with sub-$400 or even sub-$300 laptops, so keep an eye on those as well, since they appear to be quite functional for the price.

Anonymous said...

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